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Understanding housing policy third edition

Understanding housing policy  third edition Author Brian Lund
ISBN-10 9781447330455
Release 2017-04-26
Pages 368
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Focusing on principles and theory and their application in the process of constructing housing policy, with boxed examples and case studies throughout, this fully revised 3rd edition addresses the range of socio-economic factors that have influenced UK housing policy in recent years.

Federal Government and Urban Housing The Third Edition

Federal Government and Urban Housing  The  Third Edition Author R. Allen Hays
ISBN-10 9781438441689
Release 2012-04-02
Pages 349
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A comprehensive history of U.S. housing policy that illuminates the political struggles that have accompanied the nation’s effort to assist those citizens who are in desperate need of decent, affordable housing.

The Federal Government and Urban Housing Third Edition

The Federal Government and Urban Housing  Third Edition Author R. Allen Hays
ISBN-10 9781438441665
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 339
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Since its initial publication, The Federal Government and Urban Housing has become a standard reference on the history of housing policy in the United States. It remains a unique contribution, going beyond simply describing current housing policy to situate it firmly within a broader political context. Specifically, the book examines American housing policy in the context of the ideological crosscurrents that have shaped virtually all areas of domestic policy. In this newly revised and expanded third edition, R. Allen Hays has comprehensively updated the original material and added chapters covering the important developments in housing policy that have taken place since the publication of the second edition in 1995. Spanning more than eighty years, from the Great Depression to the first two years of the Obama administration, the book argues that while our nation’s policy makers have learned a great deal about how to create and implement successful housing programs, the United States, as a country, has yet to summon the political will to address the urgent housing needs of its many citizens who are unable to afford decent housing on their own.

Understanding the Policy Process Second Edition

Understanding the Policy Process  Second Edition Author Hudson, John
ISBN-10 9781847422682
Release 2009-03-26
Pages 336
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The heart of the Beveridge welfare state is under severe pressure, as forces such as globalisation and technical progress call into question established beliefs about what governments can and should do. This title draws on the latest social science research to explain how and why such policy change occurs.

Understanding Housing Defects

Understanding Housing Defects Author Duncan Marshall
ISBN-10 9780728205567
Release 2009
Pages 345
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This third edition of Understanding Housing Defects provides a concise, coherent and comprehensive introduction to the causes, investigation and diagnosis of defects in domestic buildings. Each chapter covers a specific building element and includes a brief introduction setting out construction principles and the evolution of current practice. The chapters then go on to look at the identification, cause and diagnosis of common (and sometimes not so common) defects. The text has been revised and extended with new sections on boundary walls, chimneys and basements. The Services chapter has been replaced with three new, more substantial chapters on heating and plumbing, electrical installations and drainage. This book is a must have for all those students and practitioners who require a broad understanding of housing defects. Building surveyors, architects, estate agents and anyone involved in property, construction and housing will benefit hugely from this highly informative full colour text.

The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy

The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy Author Joel Blau
ISBN-10 9780195385267
Release 2010
Pages 516
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The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy reinvented the standard social welfare policy text to speak to students in a vital new way. As we enter a new political era, the third edition deploys its distinctive model of how policies develop to include an analysis of the social policy initiatives of the Obama administration. With more graphics, updated charts, sidebars to highlight main points, and definitions of all of the major policy terms, this third edition is the text that best explains the evolution of U.S. social policy from a conservative to a more progressive era. The book begins by discussing how social problems are constructed. After an analysis of social welfare policy, its purposes, and functions, a unique policy model bolsters the text's overarching progressive narrative. Through this model, students learn how five key social forces-ideology, politics, history, economics, and social movements-interact both to create and to change the social welfare system. By applying this model to five critical social welfare policy issues-income security, employment, housing, health, and food-the text demonstrates to students that every kind of social work practice embodies a social welfare policy. The model is also telling in identifying the triggers of social change and the effects of race, class, and gender. By applying the policy model to the latest developments in social welfare, the chapter-long case studies in this third edition equip students with knowledge about social welfare policy and the tools for comparative analysis. With this knowledge, students begin to understand that both the whole and the parts of the social welfare system affect what they actually do as social workers. The Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy, Third Edition captures the fluidity and change inherent in social policy like no other textbook. Its approach remains the most invigorating, forward-thinking one available. Highlights from this edition include: * The most recent information on the Obama administration's policy initiatives * Revised data in text, charts, and graphs show how government policies are proving the points made throughout the chapters * Exhaustive statistics are included about every major social program's budget, benefits, and participants * Key words section at the end of each chapter explains basic policy terminology * Sidebars, graphics, and study questions highlight the main points and ensure that every student understands the fundamental concepts in social welfare policy * Content and writing style are appropriate to both bachelor's- and master's-level programs

Social Policy

Social Policy Author Paul Spicker
ISBN-10 9781447316107
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 384
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The second edition of this leading international text introduces students to the concepts and methods of social policy.

Understanding Construction Drawings for Housing and Small Buildings

Understanding Construction Drawings for Housing and Small Buildings Author Tom Stephenson
ISBN-10 0176531556
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 480
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Understanding Construction Drawings for Housing and Small Buildings, Third Edition is the only Canadian textbook on the market designed to help students learn to read the construction drawings used to communicate information about buildings. Included with the text are five sets of fully detailed construction drawings from different companies. These drawings cover both metric and imperial units of measurement and cover various perspectives and layouts, providing students with hands-on visuals for their learning. This text references the most up-to-date National Building Code of Canada and has been updated with additional content and information pertaining to sustainable building practices, energy efficiency, building information modelling (BIM) and three-dimensional (3D) images, engineered flooring systems, and more. Understanding Construction Drawings for Housing and Small Buildings provides students in the building trades with straightforward, step-by-step guidance to master the skill of reading and understanding construction drawings, opening the door for numerous career choices not only on construction sites but also in other industries related to housing.

Land Use and Society Third Edition

Land Use and Society  Third Edition Author Rutherford H. Platt
ISBN-10 9781610914550
Release 2014-07-08
Pages 320
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The intersection between geography and law is a critical yet often overlooked element of land-use decisions, with a widespread impact on how societies use the land, water, and biodiversity around them. Land Use and Society, Third Edition is a clear and compelling guide to the role of law in shaping patterns of land use and environmental management. Originally published in 1996 and revised in 2004, this third edition has been updated with data from the 2010 U.S. Census and revised with the input of academics and professors to address the changing issues in land use, policy, and law today. Land Use and Society, Third Edition retains the historical approach of the original text while providing a more concise and topical survey of the evolution of urban land use regulation, from Europe in the Middle Ages through the present day United States. Rutherford Platt examines the “nuts and bolts” of land use decision-making in the present day and analyzes key players, including private landowners, local and national governments, and the courts. This third edition is enhanced by a discussion of the current trends and issues in land use, from urban renewal and demographic shifts in cities to the growing influence of local governance in land use management. Land Use and Society, Third Edition is a vital resource for any student seeking to understand the intersection between law, politics, and the natural world. While Platt examines specific rules, doctrines, and practices from an American context, an understanding of the role of law in shaping land use decisions will prove vital for students, policymakers, and land use managers around the world.

The Urban Informal Sector

The Urban Informal Sector Author Ray Bromley
ISBN-10 9781483161488
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 175
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The Urban Informal Sector is a collection of papers presented at a multi-disciplinary conference on ""The urban informal sector in the Third World,"" organized by the Developing Areas Study Group of the Institute of British Geographers in London on March 19, 1977. Contributors offer critical perspectives on the urban informal sector, with emphasis on employment and housing policies. Topics covered range from general reviews and national case studies to detailed studies of particular occupations in individual cities. This book is comprised of 12 chapters and begins by reviewing the relevance of dualist models of economic activities and enterprises, as applied to Third World countries, concentrating on the origins, diffusion, and deficiencies of the formal/informal dualist classification. Subsequent chapters explore the informal sector debate in studies of Third World poverty and employment; the nature of informal-formal sector relationships; the structure of the labor markets in the ""organized"" and ""unorganized"" sectors of urban economies in South India; and the problem of urban poverty, its relation to employment, and rising spatial inequalities in Brazil. Capitalist and petty commodity production in Nigeria is also discussed, along with John Turner's views on housing policy. The final chapter looks at the competition between the informal and formal sectors in the retail industry in Santiago, Chile. This monograph will be of interest to social and economic policymakers.

Housing Affordability and Housing Policy in Urban China

Housing Affordability and Housing Policy in Urban China Author Zan Yang
ISBN-10 9783642540448
Release 2014-01-25
Pages 134
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This book provides a comprehensive analysis of housing affordability under the economic reforms and social transformations in urban China. It also offers an overall review of the current government measures on the housing market and affordable housing policies in China. By introducing a dynamic affordability approach and residual income approach, the book allows us to capture the size of the affordability gap more accurately, to better identify policy targets, and to assess the effectiveness of current public policy. The unique database on urban household surveys and regional information on affordable housing projects serve to strengthen the analysis. The book offers theoretical and empirical insights for in-depth affordability studies and helps readers to understand the social impacts of market reforms and the role of government on the Chinese housing market.

Housing Policy Debate

Housing Policy Debate Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32435076821495
Release 2010
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Housing Policy Debate has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Housing Policy Debate also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Housing Policy Debate book for free.

Understanding Community

Understanding Community Author Peter Somerville
ISBN-10 9781847423924
Release 2011
Pages 289
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This topical text provides students with a clear understanding of policy and theory in relation to community. By examining areas of government policy this book explores the difficulties that communities face, discusses new concepts and investigates what 'community' might mean in today's diverse British society.

Housing Policy at a Crossroads

Housing Policy at a Crossroads Author John C. Weicher
ISBN-10 9780844743370
Release 2012-12-16
Pages 350
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Since Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, American housing policy has focused on building homes for the poor. But seventy-five years of federal housing projects have not significantly ameliorated crime, decreased unemployment, or improved health; recent reforms have failed to revitalize low-income neighborhoods or stimulate the economy. To be successful in the twenty-first century, American housing policy must stop reinventing failed programs. Housing Policy at a Crossroads: The Why, How, and Who of Assistance Programs provides a comprehensive survey of past low-income housing programs, including public and subsidized housing, tax credits for developers, and block grants for state and local governments. John C. Weicher's comparative analysis of these programs yields several key conclusions: Affordability, not quality, is the most pressing challenge for housing policy today; of all the housing programs, vouchers have provided the most choice for the poor at the lowest cost to the taxpayer; because vouchers are much less expensive than public or subsidized housing, future subsidized projects would be an inefficient use of resources; vouchers should be offered only to the poorest members of society, ensuring that aid is available to those who need it most. At once a history of housing policy, a guide to issues confronting policymakers, and a case for vouchers as the cheapest, most effective solution, Housing Policy at a Crossroads is a timely warning that reinventing failed building programs would be a very costly wrong turn for America.

Understanding Terrorism

Understanding Terrorism Author Gus Martin
ISBN-10 9781412970594
Release 2010
Pages 540
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As in previous editions, Understanding Terrorism, Third Edition offers a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive exploration of contemporary terrorism that helps readers develop the knowledge and skills they need to critically assess terrorism in general and terrorist incidents in particular. The Third Edition offers new, updated theories and cases, offers a consolidated discussion of ideological terrorism, and new photographs, updated tables, enhanced graphics and a new two-color design. Key Features: - A "one-stop shop" for understanding terrorism, emphasizing contextual analysis and multiple perspectives - New or expanded case studies and profiles, covering such topics as the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, women as terrorists, events in Zimbabwe, the Palestinian movement and other religious terrorism, the death of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, Hezbollah, FARC (including the Betancourt operation), recent narco-terrorist events in Mexico, and terrorist profiles of Leila Khaled and Abu Nidal - Includes "Opening Viewpoints" at the beginning of each chapter with relevant examples to introduce readers to the themes and theories in the discussion that follows - Updated throughout with new Chapter Perspectives, Cases in Point, photos, literature references, recommended readings, web exercises, and recommended web pages - Ends each chapter with "Discussion Boxes" that provide controversial information, along critical thinking questions to stimulate classroom discussions - Outstanding Ancillaries, with an updated Student study site including study tools, links to online video resources, SAGE journal articles, and more. Click on 'Links and Resources' (top left hand corner) to see more. Understanding Terrorism is a core resource for undergraduate students of terrorism.

Handbook of Infant Mental Health Third Edition

Handbook of Infant Mental Health  Third Edition Author Charles H. Zeanah
ISBN-10 9781606233740
Release 2011-06-27
Pages 622
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Widely regarded as the standard reference in the field, this handbook offers a comprehensive analysis of developmental, clinical, and social aspects of mental health from birth to the preschool years. Leading authorities explore models of development; biological, family, and sociocultural risk and protective factors; and frequently encountered disorders and disabilities. Evidence-based approaches to assessment and treatment are presented, with an emphasis on ways to support strong parent–child relationships. The volume reviews the well-documented benefits of early intervention and prevention and describes applications in mental health, primary care, childcare, and child welfare settings. The chapter on psychopharmacology has been updated for the paperback edition.

Political Issues in Ireland Today

Political Issues in Ireland Today Author Neil Collins
ISBN-10 0719065712
Release 2004-11-27
Pages 214
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The third edition of Political Issues in Ireland Today addresses the most important current topics in Irish politics. It fills a major gap in the academic literature on Irish politics, providing students with a comprehensive introduction to the issues dominating debates in both parts of Ireland. The recent emergence of emigration, environmental risk and technological changes to the political agenda is examined along with Ireland's economic performance, the peace process and the policy areas of health, housing and industrial relations. Readers will find this book a valuable resource for keeping up-to-date with the important policy debates in Ireland and for evaluating the impact of major social changes.