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Understanding the Constructions of Identities by Young New Europeans

Understanding the Constructions of Identities by Young New Europeans Author Alistair Ross
ISBN-10 9781134595099
Release 2014-07-17
Pages 234
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How do young people construct their identities in the complexity of their own country, belonging to the European Union, and being part of global society? This book is based on a unique empirical study of a thousand young people, aged between eleven and nineteen, from fifteen European countries. Covering East European states that joined the EU between 2004 and 2008, and the candidate states of Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland and Croatia, the complex interwoven narratives of young Europeans present an intricate and intriguing analysis of how identities are constructed. Alistair Ross offers a significant original contribution to the literature on identities, providing a wealth of cross-national data and a wide range of significant theoretical possibilities across a group of related disciplinary areas. Fluid narratives of the self are shown to constitute a rich pattern that varies and modifies as it is seen through the different lenses of national culture, European institutions, and of outsiders. Themes explored include: the construction of identity the ability to express multiple identities agency and liminality what being a European might mean an emerging sense of contemporary nationalism and patriotism. This book explains how young people frame their identities, drawing on discourses of culture and society and constructing them through interchanges with friends, family and the media. It will be of interest to academics and researchers in the fields of political sociology, education, European studies, and ethnicity and identity studies.

Alevis in Europe

Alevis in Europe Author Tözün Issa
ISBN-10 9781317182658
Release 2016-07-22
Pages 252
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The Alevis are a significant minority in Turkey, and now also in the countries of Western Europe. Over the past century, many of them have migrated from rural enclaves on the Anatolian plateau to the great cities of Istanbul and Ankara, and from there to the countries of the European Union. This book asks who are they? How do they construct their identities – now and in the past; in Turkey and in Europe? A range of scholars, writing from sociological, historical, socio-psychological and political perspectives, present analysis and research that shows the Alevi communities grouping and regrouping, defining and redefining – sometimes as an ethnic minority, sometimes as religious groups, sometimes around a political philosophy - contingently responding to circumstances of the Turkish Republic’s political position and to the immigration policies of Western Europe. Contributors consider Alevi roots and cultural practices in their villages of origin; the changes in identity following the migration to the gecekondu shanty towns surrounding the cities of Turkey; the changes consequent on their second diaspora to Germany, the UK, Sweden and other European countries; and the implications of European citizenship for their identity. This collection offers a new and significant contribution to the study of migration and minorities in the wider European context.

The Palgrave Handbook of Global Citizenship and Education

The Palgrave Handbook of Global Citizenship and Education Author Ian Davies
ISBN-10 9781137597335
Release 2018-01-11
Pages 658
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This Handbook is a much needed international reference work, written by leading writers in the field of global citizenship and education. It is based on the most recent research and practice from across the world, with the 'Geographically-Based Overviews' section providing summaries of global citizenship and education provided for Southern Africa, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Latin America, and East and South East Asia. The Handbook discusses, in the 'Key Ideologies' section, the philosophies that influence the meaning of global citizenship and education, including neo-liberalism and global capitalism; nationalism and internationalism; and issues of post-colonialism, indigeneity, and transnationalism. Next, the 'Key Concepts' section explores the ideas that underpin debates about global citizenship and education, with particular attention paid to issues of justice, equity, diversity, identity, and sustainable development. With these key concepts in place, the 'Principal Perspectives and Contexts' section turns to exploring global citizenship and education from a wide variety of viewpoints, including economic, political, cultural, moral, environmental, spiritual and religious, as well as taking into consideration issues of ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and social class. Finally, the 'Key Issues in the Teaching of Global Citizenship' section discusses how education can be provided through school subjects and study abroad programmes, as well as through other means including social media and online assessment, and political activism. This Handbook will be vital reading for academics, postgraduates and advanced undergraduates in the fields of sociology and education, particularly those with an interest in comparative studies.

Born Digital

Born Digital Author John Palfrey
ISBN-10 9780465053926
Release 2016-07-12
Pages 352
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Born Digital has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Born Digital also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Born Digital book for free.

Changing Values and Identities in the Post Communist World

Changing Values and Identities in the Post Communist World Author Nadezhda Lebedeva
ISBN-10 9783319726168
Release 2018-04-04
Pages 434
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This book offers a comparative analysis of value and identity changes in several post-Soviet countries. In light of the tremendous economic, social and political changes in former communist states, the authors compare the values, attitudes and identities of different generations and cultural groups. Based on extensive empirical data, using quantitative and qualitative methods to study complex social identities, this book examines how intergenerational value and identity changes are linked to socio-economic and political development. Topics include the rise of nationalist sentiments, identity formation of ethnic and religious groups and minorities, youth identity formation and intergenerational value conflicts.

Rethinking Practice Research and Education

Rethinking Practice  Research and Education Author Kevin J. Flint
ISBN-10 9781441193049
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 304
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Rethinking Practice, Research and Education brings together philosophy with traditional methodological discourse, and opens a space for critical thinking in social and educational research. Drawing on the work of Heidegger, Derrida, Foucault and their descendants, this engaging critical examination of practice applies a deconstructive reading to the practices of research. Where is justice in the practice of research? How do paradigms for the production of knowledge shape what is given in the practice of research? What are the key issues involved in developing an ethos for the practice of research in the light of society's complex relationship with essential forms of technology? Each of these dimensions are explored, drawing on the traditions of research and their interplay with researchers' responsibilities to work towards justice in research. A must-read for researchers, bringing the language of philosophy to the current debate about the impact of social and educational research in practice.

Comparative and International Education

Comparative and International Education Author David Phillips
ISBN-10 9781441174543
Release 2014-03-13
Pages 240
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This revised and updated second edition of Comparative and International Education: An Introduction to Theory, Method and Practice provides a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the key themes, definitions and approaches in this important field. It covers the history, theory, and methods of comparative and international education, as well as the relationship with education and national development, and outlines what we can learn from comparative studies. Clear explanations are complemented with examples of real research in the field including work on policy borrowing, learner-centred pedagogy and university internationalization.

Education for Citizenship in Europe

Education for Citizenship in Europe Author Avril Keating
ISBN-10 9781137019578
Release 2014-04-23
Pages 233
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This book examines the evolving relationship between the nation-state, citizenship and the education of citizens, exploring the impact European integration had on national policies towards educating its citizens and citizenship.

European Identity

European Identity Author Inés María Gómez Chacón
ISBN-10 8474858798
Release 2003
Pages 337
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This book on European Identity aims to «promote reflection on the mutual relationship between educational processes and European cons truction». It attempts to get down to what this means at the everyday level, the notion of European Identity for all citizens, specially in the educational fi eld, and identify elements for the promotion and anchorage of this concept. To this end the authors have contemplated articulating the topic around the axis «individual - group - society», and the content has been distributed in two blocks: europe read from an educational perpective, and European Identity, new challenges for the school.

Europe Space for transcultural existence

Europe Space for transcultural existence  Author Martin Tamcke
ISBN-10 9783863950620
Release 2013
Pages 291
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Europe Space for transcultural existence has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Europe Space for transcultural existence also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Europe Space for transcultural existence book for free.

Childhood and Nation

Childhood and Nation Author Zsuzsanna Millei
ISBN-10 9781137477835
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 265
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Childhood and Nation explores the historical and manifold current relations between nation and childhood. Millei and Imre bring together an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars to address many pressing questions of today. The analytical incisions created by nation and childhood bring answers to the following questions: How do national agendas related to economic, social and political problems exploit children and tighten their regulation? How do representations of nations take advantage of ideals of childhood? Why do nations look to children and search for those characteristics of childhood that help them solve environmental and humanitarian issues? The book offers a fresh look at the theme of nation and childhood by offering multiple methodologies from fields including education, policy studies, political science, sociology, anthropology, literature, and psychology.

Identity Processes and Dynamics in Multi ethnic Europe

Identity Processes and Dynamics in Multi ethnic Europe Author Charles Westin
ISBN-10 9789089640468
Release 2010
Pages 375
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JosT Bastos is an associate professor of anthropology at the New University of Lisbon. --

Equalities and Education in Europe

Equalities and Education in Europe Author Alistair Ross
ISBN-10 9781443837040
Release 2012-01-17
Pages 170
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This book is about inequities in education in Europe. The authors have worked together on an analysis of educational inequalities in Europe, which they draw on through the book: they suggest that the countries of Europe, through the European Union, are beginning to address issues of educational disadvantage on a systematic, continent-wide basis. Because of this policy concern, this book is timely in the way that it addresses social and education inequities on the scale of Europe. This is not simply an account of practices and policies. The authors’ analysis of individual country and European Union policy documents will be of practical and theoretical use to the policy community and the community of practitioners who are concerned with inequities in society, and in education in particular. The authors want to do more than simply add to the literature and theory: they aspire to make an impact on how education can contribute to positively improving the lives of disadvantaged groups. While some suggest that education is doomed to simply reproduce existing social patterns and replicate social inequities, the authors believe that educational policies have the potential to challenge inequalities, and to transform lives.

Culture and Identity in a Muslim Society

Culture and Identity in a Muslim Society Author Gary S. Gregg
ISBN-10 0198042353
Release 2007-02-15
Pages 384
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In the last fifteen years, psychologists have rediscovered culture and its influence on emotion, thought, and self. Many researchers have come to the conclusion that the world's cultures can be ranked according to the degree to which they are individualist or collectivist, with Western cultures falling at the individualist end and non-Western cultures at the collectivist end. These scholars argue that while individualist cultures give rise to "independent" selves, leading Westerners to think and act autonomously, collectivist cultures foster "interdependent" selves, leading non-Westerners, embedded in social-relationships, to think and act relationally. Culture and Identity in a Muslim Society presents an alternative to the individualist- collectivist approach to identity. Unlike most psychological and anthropological studies of culture and self, Gary Gregg's work directly investigates individuals, using "study of lives"-style interviews with young adults living in villages and small towns in southern Morocco. Analyzing these young adults' life-narratives, Gregg builds a theory of culture and identity that differs from prevailing psychological and anthropological models in important respects. In contrast to modernist theories of identity as unified, the life-narratives show individuals to articulate a small set of shifting identities. In contrast to post-modern theories that claim people have a kaleidoscopic multiplicity of fluid identities, the narratives show that the identities are integrated by repeated use of culturally-specific self-symbols, metaphors, and story-plots. Most importantly, the life-narratives show these young Moroccans' self-representations to be pervasively shaped by the volatile cultural struggle between Western-style "modernity" and authentic Muslim "tradition." Offering a new approach to the study of identity, the volume will be of interest to cross-cultural psychologists, anthropologists, scholars of Middle-East societies, and researchers specializing in the study of lives.

New Faces in a Changing America

New Faces in a Changing America Author Loretta I. Winters
ISBN-10 0761923004
Release 2003
Pages 407
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This volume considers the growing multiracial population of America, examining the multiracial experience, its history, and the political issues and consequences surrounding biracial and multiracial identity.

Rediscovering Europe

Rediscovering Europe Author Mark Leonard
ISBN-10 9781898309543
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 68
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Rediscovering Europe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Rediscovering Europe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Rediscovering Europe book for free.

Identity in Crossroad Civilisations

Identity in Crossroad Civilisations Author Erich Kolig
ISBN-10 9789089641274
Release 2009
Pages 259
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Deze bundel gaat over de vorming van identiteit door het samenspel van etniciteit, nationalisme en de effecten van globalisering. De essays in Crossroad Civilisations: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Globalism in Asia maken de gelaagdheid en de complexiteit hiervan duidelijk.