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Unmasking Identities

Unmasking Identities Author Janna Marie Jackson
ISBN-10 9780739162163
Release 2007-08-13
Pages 212
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Based on a qualitative research study of gay and lesbian teachers, Unmasking Identities explores how gay and lesbian teachers bring together their identities in a climate where the two have historically been pitted against each other.

LGBT Q Teachers Civil Partnership and Same Sex Marriage

LGBT Q Teachers  Civil Partnership and Same Sex Marriage Author Aoife Neary
ISBN-10 9781317289005
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 226
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The introduction of legislative structures for same-sex relationships provides a new lens for grappling with the politics of sexuality in schools and society. The emergence of civil partnership and same-sex marriage in Ireland brings to the fore international debates around public intimacy, religion in the public sphere, secularism and the politics of sexuality equality. Building on queer, feminist and affect theory in innovative ways, this book offers insight into the everyday negotiations of LGBT-Q teachers as they operate between and across the intersecting fields of education, religion and LGBT-Q politics. Neary illustrates the complexity of negotiating personal and professional identities for LGBT-Q teachers.

Passing Out

Passing Out Author Kelby Harrison
ISBN-10 9781317083528
Release 2016-05-13
Pages 248
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Passing/Out adopts an inter-generational, inter-disciplinary, and inter-subjective approach to the closeting and revelation of sexual identity, exploring questions of embodiment, ethics and identity in relation to 'passing' or being 'out'. Presenting the latest theoretical and empirical work from scholars working across a range of disciplines including sociology, cultural and media studies, philosophy, gender studies, literary studies and history, this book discusses the nature and history of sexual identity and the manner in which identity functions within social relationships. In recognition of the transformative impact of queer theory upon the study of sexuality and identity, Passing/Out constructs a dialogue between the work of scholars whose intellectual careers began prior to the advent of queer theory and those whose work has been more immediately and directly shaped by this approach, with a view to breaking new ground in the field of identity. Shedding light on the meaning of 'passing' and 'outing' in relation to identity, this volume will be of interest to social scientists and scholars of the humanities working on questions of sexuality, identity, embodiment and ethics.

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom Author Paula Cowan
ISBN-10 9781441136930
Release 2012-02-16
Pages 200
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Paula Cowan and Henry Maitles provide a thorough exploration of current debates and controversies relating to teaching controversial issues in primary and secondary schools. They also investigate the changing nature of this type of learning experience and explore its contribution to the curriculum, particularly history and citizenship education. Topics covered include:- What is the 'right' age to discuss controversial issues?- The Citizenship Agenda- Discussing Iraq with school students- Teaching the Holocaust in the multicultural classroom- IslamophobiaInternational case studies provide fresh insights and valuable student and teacher feedback into the teaching of what many perceive as sensitive and difficult areas. Reflective questions and activities encourage readers to really engage with the issues and annotated further reading suggestions provide links to useful resources. The supporting companion website provides more detailed additional information along with practical teaching resources for those looking to explore controversial issues in their own classroom.Essential reading for beginning teachers and teachers of citizenship and history, and education studies students exploring the teaching of controversial issues in the classroom.

Feminist and Queer Legal Theory

Feminist and Queer Legal Theory Author Martha Albertson Fineman
ISBN-10 9781317135739
Release 2016-04-15
Pages 504
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Feminist and Queer Legal Theory: Intimate Encounters, Uncomfortable Conversations is a groundbreaking collection that brings together leading scholars in contemporary legal theory. The volume explores, at times contentiously, convergences and departures among a variety of feminist and queer political projects. These explorations - foregrounded by legal issues such as marriage equality, sexual harassment, workers' rights, and privacy - re-draw and re-imagine the alliances and antagonisms constituting feminist and queer theory. The essays cross a spectrum of disciplinary matrixes, including jurisprudence, political philosophy, literary theory, critical race theory, women's studies, and gay and lesbian studies. The authors occupy a variety of political positions vis-à-vis questions of identity, rights, the state, cultural normalization, and economic liberalism. The richness and vitality of feminist and queer theory, as well as their relevance to matters central to the law and politics of our time, are on full display in this volume.

Hidden Sexualities of South African Teachers

Hidden Sexualities of South African Teachers Author Thabo Msibi
ISBN-10 9781317512554
Release 2018-01-17
Pages 170
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South Africa remains a global leader in the legislative protection of individuals who engage in same-sex relations, and is the only country in Africa where the rights of these individuals are explicitly recognized and protected by the constitution. Yet South Africa’s identities are still contested and evolving, particularly for same-sex desiring teachers – many are forced to locate their sexualities privately for fear of being ostracized, bullied or losing their jobs, resulting in the miseducation of young people in schools. This volume reveals the various ways in which black South African male teachers construct their sexual and professional identities, how they accommodate structural dictates while simultaneously resisting them, and the effect this has on students. Presenting the day-to-day experiences of eight same-sex desiring teachers within repressive contexts, this volume challenges the Western origins and assumptions of queer theory, particularly its inability to confront communal forms of social organizing and its focus on individual agency. It asks for more socially responsive theorizing that takes into account the role played by location, race, class, gender and sexual identification within South African and international contexts.

Letters from the Closet

Letters from the Closet Author Amy Hollingsworth
ISBN-10 9781451666786
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 256
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An honest and poignant look into the deeply intimate yet platonic relationship between a gay English teacher and his young female protégée—each seeking connection and acceptance—as reflected by the decade of letters they exchanged. It was an improbable relationship from the start—a high school English teacher, still in the closet, and his best student. From the confines—and protection—of his closet, Amy’s teacher wrote these letters, letters that were read, cherished, answered, and then locked away for years. Now Amy looks back at the decade of intimate letters that preceded her teacher’s untimely death, collects the shards left by their clumsy, sometimes violent attempts to unmask each other, and counts again the cost of knowing and being known. Every writer needs a room of his own, but for some people, at certain times, and in certain circumstances, the best you can do is a closet. Timely and relevant, this is a love story of the most contemporary kind, a rare glimpse into an intimate relationship between teacher and student—a relationship whose effects are still being felt decades later. It’s raw and honest and moving, a poignant commentary on the values that unite us all.

The Right to Be Out

The Right to Be Out Author
ISBN-10 1452915318
Release 2010
Pages 300
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The Right to Be Out has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Right to Be Out also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Right to Be Out book for free.

Handbook of Feminist Family Studies

Handbook of Feminist Family Studies Author Sally A. Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781412960823
Release 2009-04-14
Pages 403
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The Handbook of Feminist Family Studies presents the important theories, methodologies, and practices in feminist family studies. The editors showcase feminist family scholarship, providing both a retrospective and a prospective overview of the field and creating a scholarly forum for interpretation and dissemination of feminist work.

Men s Friendships

Men s Friendships Author Peter M. Nardi
ISBN-10 9780803937741
Release 1992-02-26
Pages 246
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As definitions of masculinity change, how friendships are organized by men is also affected. However, interactions among and between men are not only shaped by gender. This volume offers an analysis of the differences within the genders and the social forces that shape the ways in which friendship is organized. Through different perspectives, the contributors show that a greater variation exists within rather than between the genders. They focus on the diversity in men's friendships and how men develop and maintain friendships with both men and women. Chapters focus on philosophical and historical questions; illustrate the strong connection between social structure and men's friendships; and consider cultural

Unheard Voices

Unheard Voices Author Ronni L. Sanlo
ISBN-10 0897896408
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 148
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Lesbian and gay educators work with the fear that if their sexual orientations are discovered, they will suffer harassment, rejection, and job termination. Sixteen educators courageously open their hearts and share their stories, becoming the voices for this silent population and offering recommendations for change to administrators, school boards, parents, teachers, and students.

Becoming Gay

Becoming Gay Author Richard A. Isay
ISBN-10 0805053158
Release 1997-06-15
Pages 210
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Drawing on his own odyssey from denial to acceptance and the experiences of his patients, a psychiatrist discusses the psychological evolution of gay men from private feelings to open expression of one's gay identity. Reprint.

Sexing the Teacher

Sexing the Teacher Author Sheila Cavanagh
ISBN-10 9780774840859
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 240
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Sexing the Teacher is a provocative study of public and professional responses to female teacher sex scandals in Canada, the United States and Britain. Sheila Cavanagh examines the moral and professional panic over sexual transgressions in the educational milieu by analyzing several sensationalized legal cases, including Mary Kay Letourneau, Amy Gehring, and Heather Ingram.

Explorations in Diversity Examining Privilege and Oppression in a Multicultural Society

Explorations in Diversity  Examining Privilege and Oppression in a Multicultural Society Author Sharon K. Anderson
ISBN-10 9781111792626
Release 2010-05-05
Pages 320
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This unique text features personal accounts from mental health professionals, professors and students facing issues of privilege and oppression in our diverse society. In this collection of articles, writers discuss discoveries and experiences about their own privileges and oppression, and ultimately, the compassion they have developed for individuals confronted with discrimination. Each essay inspires readers to reflect on their encounters with privilege and oppression, while discussion questions at the end of each story provide them with an opportunity to process these issues on a personal level. By studying these revealing stories of insight and understanding, readers learn how to recognize, examine, and come to terms with their own privileges and discrimination -- allowing them to become stronger, more acute, and more effective practitioners of the helping professions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Affirmative Counseling with LGBTQI People

Affirmative Counseling with LGBTQI  People Author Misty M. Ginicola
ISBN-10 9781119375531
Release 2017-02-08
Pages 389
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This current and comprehensive handbook will guide educators, students, and clinicians in developing the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to work effectively with LGBTQI+ populations. Twenty-five chapters written by experts in the field provide direction for working with clients in an authentic, ethical, and affirmative manner that is tailored to their individual strengths, needs, and identity. The book is divided into four sections, which explore the science behind gender and affectional orientation; developmental issues across the life span and treatment issues; the specialized needs of nine distinct populations; and the intersectionality of ethnicity and overlapping identities, the role of religion, and counselor advocacy. To further a deeper understanding of the content, each chapter contains an "Awareness of Attitudes and Beliefs Self-Check," a case narrative relating to the material covered, questions for discussion, and a list of online resources. The book concludes with an extensive glossary of terms, both preferred and problematic, which counselors working with these communities should understand and use appropriately.

School s Out

School s Out Author Catherine Connell
ISBN-10 9780520959804
Release 2014-11-24
Pages 272
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How do gay and lesbian teachers negotiate their professional and sexual identities at work, given that these identities are constructed as mutually exclusive, even as mutually opposed? Using interviews and other ethnographic materials from Texas and California, School’s Out explores how teachers struggle to create a classroom persona that balances who they are and what’s expected of them in a climate of pervasive homophobia. Catherine Connell’s examination of the tension between the rhetoric of gay pride and the professional ethic of discretion insightfully connects and considers complicating factors, from local law and politics to gender privilege. She also describes how racialized discourses of homophobia thwart challenges to sexual injustices in schools. Written with ethnographic verve, School’s Out is essential reading for specialists and students of queer studies, gender studies, and educational politics.

Explorations in Diversity

Explorations in Diversity Author Sharon K. Anderson
ISBN-10 9780190617066
Release 2017-12-11
Pages 320
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Every person comes to know and understand their life from their own perspective. As a result, it is often difficult and sometimes unbelievable to realize that others, whom one may or may not know, might also experience daily life in a vastly different way. Explorations in Diversity offers readers the opportunity to step into the lives of diverse others and experience their lives through their eyes. Some readers may find themselves struggling to comprehend or even believe the experiences this text's authors share, or where they fit within each narrative. However, each account in this text ultimately aims to open minds, hearts, and mouths in ways that push each of us toward a better understanding of our own privileged statuses so that we can use who we are, what we say, and what we do to make our society more accepting and inclusive of all our diverse representations.