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Unscripted Author Ken Leiker
ISBN-10 9781439188125
Release 2009-11-24
Pages 240
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The fans in their seats are barely able to contain themselves. The buzz of the crowd rises higher and higher until that first Superstar walks onto the stage and into the ring. It doesn't matter where you are in the arena-ringside or high above the floor you know that it's going to be an exciting night. There are signs everywhere, the people in their seats chant for their favorite wrestler. You get caught up in the wave of excitement filling the place. Maybe tonight a title changes hands. This is the WWE anything can happen. You begin to wonder just what is it like to be a WWE Superstar. What do you have to do everyday to make it? What is it like to spend your life with countless numbers of people cheering or even booing you? You look into the ring and wonder. What if you could go behind the stage? What if you could travel with one of the wrestlers? What would it be like to visit a Superstar in their home? Unscripted is an unvarnished, all access look inside the lives of World Wrestling Entertainment's Superstars. From life on the road traveling more than two hundred days a year, to performing in front of hundreds of thousands, the WWE's Superstar's share their incredible story in their own words offering readers an unprecedented glimpse behind the scenes. The Undertaker tells you why he didn't become a professional basketball player. Goldberg tells you why he joined the WWE. The Rock reveals how his own father tried to sabotage his career. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon speak openly and frankly about their relationship. Chris Jericho describes how he keeps it all in perspective. Sean Michaels talks about his revitalized career and how important his family and his faith are. Kurt Angle explains how you can wrestle with a broken neck. Unscripted lifts the curtain on the backstage areas of the shows, the homes and the everyday lives and ordinary events of these extraordinary people. It is a lavishly illustrated tribute to the men and women who climb over the rope day-after-day for the roar of the crowd.

Love Unscripted

Love Unscripted Author Tina Reber
ISBN-10 9781476718682
Release 2013
Pages 579
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When Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Christensen unexpectedly comes into her life, Taryn Mitchell finds herself falling hard, but wonders if their newfound relationship is strong enough to withstand the tabloids, the paparazzi, and jealous fans.


UNSCRIPTED Author M.J. DeMarco
ISBN-10 9780984358182
Release 2017-05-23
Pages 432
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What if Life Wasn't About 50 Years of Wage-Slavery, Paying Bills and then Dying? Tired of sleepwalking through a mediocre life bribed by mindless video-gaming, redemptive weekends, and a scant paycheck from a soul-suffocating job? Welcome to the SCRIPTED club— where membership is neither perceived or consented. The fact is, ever since you’ve been old enough to sit obediently in a classroom, you have been culturally engineered for servitude, unwittingly enslaved into a Machiavellian system where illusionary rules go unchallenged, sanctified traditions go unquestioned, and lifelong dreams go unfulfilled. As a result, your life is hijacked and marginalised into debt, despair, and dependence. Life's death sentence becomes the daily curse of the trivial and mundane. Fun fades. Dreams die. Don't let life's consolation prize become a car and a weekend. Recapture what is yours and make a revolutionary repossession of life-and-liberty through the pursuit of entrepreneurship. A paradigm shift isn't needed—the damn paradigm needs to be thrown-out altogether. The truth is, if you blindly follow conventional wisdom pushed by conventional people living conventional lives, can you expect to be anything but conventional? Rewrite life’s script: ditch the job, give Wall Street the bird, and escape the insanity of trading your life away for a paycheck and an elderly promise called retirement. UNSCRIPT today and start leading life— instead of life leading you.


Unscripted Author Alan Sugar
ISBN-10 9781509803057
Release 2015-09-24
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As the star of the award-winning BBC series The Apprentice, Alan Sugar has won millions of fans who tune in to watch his mix of business wisdom, witty putdowns and ability to cut straight through bullshit. But how did the famously straight-talking entrepreneur end up fronting one of our most successful and long-running shows, and why were some of his biggest challenges during his ten years in television to be found outside the boardroom and off camera? In Unscripted, Alan Sugar reveals all this and more as he embarks on a new and sometimes bewildering career. He describes how he lost patience with some of the luvvies, wafflers and wannabes he encountered along the way, and tells us what he really thought of some of the tasks and candidates he came across during the making of The Apprentice, giving his reaction to the egos and the backbiting as well as the genuine talent that shone through. He explains how he brought on board Nick Hewer, Margaret Mountford and Karren Brady, what became of the winners when the cameras stopped rolling - and how working on the show has inspired him and many others. As with his previous books, What You See Is What You Get and The Way I See It, there is no ghostwriter; this is written by the man himself. And, as ever, it is honest, funny and outspoken - Alan Sugar at his entertaining best.


Unscripted Author Samantha Elphick
ISBN-10 9781467062343
Release 2011-12-09
Pages 448
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Following UNbridled and UNtamed, the final in this trilogy explodes to a dramatic conclusion in the authors native Australia. The stories collide to a tumultuous ending, showing how one suicide can change the lives of so many. UNscripteds protagonist Mike Bradley returns to Byron Bay and finds his girlfriend has left him. His shadowy past, coupled with his shock, ignites a journey to hell as a heroin addict. After a brutal beating, a famous retired doctor becomes the catalyst for Mikes dramatic recovery. Mike lives with Doc and his family for three years until tragedy strikes, jolting Mike back to reality. Mike leaves in search of his true love. He takes a train ride on the Indian Pacific across the rugged outback to Sydney. There, he reunites with his best friend Burton Phillips and ruthless polo patron Jack Keating. Mike finds himself enmeshed in the rich and famous world of polo. The Hunter Valley in Scone becomes the backdrop as the story lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding polo in a shocking manner, resulting in a massacre. As the country prepares for the Australian Open, competition and greed gain power, contributing to a senseless death. For more information on the trilogy series please go to:


Unscripted Author Natalie Aaron
ISBN-10 9781426897184
Release 2013-07-15
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As a producer on a reality dating show, Abby Edwards knows that true love is a myth. Her career and her friends are all she needs. Right? When her screenwriter ex makes a hit movie based on their relationship, Abby's faults are projected on screens across the country. Suddenly the fact that her job depends on orchestrating hot tub hook-ups doesn't seem so impressive. Her friends rally to help. Zoë thinks she needs to meet a guy. Stephanie suggests an attitude adjustment. Nancy wants her to get in touch with her inner Goddess. Abby knows they mean well, but she prefers to focus on her work. Unfortunately, she's already embarrassed herself in front of her new boss, Will Harper, who she would find totally crush-worthy if he weren't so irritating. Abby's about to be reminded that life doesn't follow a script—and good things happen when you least expect it... 97,000 words


Unscripted Author Jayne Denker
ISBN-10 9781601830845
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 304
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One of Hollywood's hardest working women is about to discover there's a lot more drama behind the camera than in front of it. . . Faith "Freakin'" Sinclair probably shouldn't have called her boss a perv. . .or grabbed his "privates." But as creator of the hit dramedy Modern Women, she'd had enough of his sexist insults. Now she's untouchable in the industry—not in a good way. The only way to redeem herself is to convince Alex, the wildly popular, wildly demanding former star of her show, to come back. But there's one obstacle in her way—one very handsome, broad-shouldered obstacle. . . Professor Mason Mitchell is head of the theater department where Alex is studying "real" acting. The only way he'll let Faith anywhere near Alex is if she agrees to co-teach a class. It's an offer she can't refuse—and as it turns out, the professor just might end up teaching Faith that there's more to life than work—and that real-life love scenes are way more fun than fake ones. . .. "Irreverent, unpredictable, and just what I needed."—FicWishes 96,000 Words


Unscripted Author Ernie Johnson Jr.
ISBN-10 9781493406999
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 224
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Ernie Johnson Jr. has been in the game a long time. With one of the most recognized voices in sports broadcasting, he is a tireless perfectionist when it comes to preparing and delivering his commentary. Yet he knows that some of sports' greatest triumphs--and life's greatest rewards--come from those unscripted moments you never anticipated. In this heartfelt, gripping autobiography, the three-time Sports Emmy Award-winner and popular host of TNT's Inside the NBA provides a remarkably candid look at his life both on and off the screen. From his relationship with his sportscaster father to his own rise to the top of sports broadcasting, from battling cancer to raising six children with his wife, Cheryl, including a special needs child adopted from Romania, Ernie has taken the important lessons he learned from his father and passed them on to his own children. This is the untold story, the one Ernie has lived after the lights are turned off and the cameras stop rolling. Sports fans, cancer survivors, fathers and sons, adoptive parents, those whose lives have been touched by a person with special needs, anyone who loves stories about handling life's surprises with grace--Unscripted is for all of these.


Unscripted Author Amy Kaye
ISBN-10 0843953152
Release 2004
Pages 179
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Unscripted follows the trials and tribulations of one teen's quest to make it on Broadway, navigate love with a teen star, and reconcile with her half-sister—all under the scrutiny of a reality television show.

Unscripted Love

Unscripted Love Author Farah Andrea Smith
ISBN-10 9781491873625
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 106
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Love. A word we all hear all the time. It's become as popular as saying "good morning." Yet, have you ever wondered how such a simple four letter word, could have such a strong impact and so many different interpretations and meanings? It seems so easy and effortless to love material things, but when we apply the same concept to loving people or "being in love" with someone, the word love begins to get distorted and takes on a whole new form. So let's take a journey through "Unscripted Love" where you will discover what true love should look and feel like, embrace forgiveness, and experience emotional healing as you draw near to the heart of God. "Your beauty is flawless, there is none that compares to you. As the rain dews from the heavens, and refreshes the earth, so does the radiance of your presence, as it emanates light upon even the very darkest of places. You are resilient. You are strong. You have been crushed but never broken, for You know what it's like to experience Unscripted Love."


Unscripted Author Jeff Iorg
ISBN-10 1596694084
Release 2014-05-05
Pages 189
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Christ was clear: as you go, you are to make disciples. Imagine what the world might be like if you practiced those simple words: as you go. Unscripted empowers you to shake off stale evangelism techniques and programs and embrace a way of life that connects you with the spiritual power needed to effectively witness and where meaningful relationships are built through which your witness can flow. Imagine the possibilities of what Christ wants to do when you live Unscripted.


UNSCRIPTED Author Lesley Andrus
ISBN-10 9781452522371
Release 2014-10-20
Pages 122
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Having lived through the death of her husband, a young mother and her two sons move to a small mountain town where she becomes a Hospice volunteer. She learns things about caring for a dying family member that she wished she had known when she was going through the process. UNSCRIPTED- Experiences of a Hospice Volunteer, the Joy in the Journey, and Thoughts on End of Life Care gives a new way to look at death, dying--and living.

A Life Unscripted

A Life Unscripted Author Mary Inez Ramirez
ISBN-10 9780595329687
Release 2004-12
Pages 180
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This is the life story of a remarkable woman who has not only learned life's difficult lessons, but understands that life is sweeter because of them. Whereas others may harbor despair over life's challenges, Mary Inez writes about these difficulties in a way that inspires the reader and leaves powerful feelings about life. She honestly shares life's crises and shows how, through faith, any circumstance in life can be worthwhile.

The Second City Unscripted

The Second City Unscripted Author Mike Thomas
ISBN-10 9780810128446
Release 2012-06-30
Pages 272
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Since its modest beginning in 1959, The Second City in Chicago has become a world-renowned bastion of hilarity. A training ground for many of today’s top comedic talents—including Alan Arkin, Dan Aykroyd, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Bill Murray, and Amy Sedaris— it was an early blueprint for improv-based sketch revues in North America and abroad. Its immeasurable influence also extends to television, film, and the Broadway stage. Mike Thomas interviewed scores of key figures who have contributed to Second City’s vast legacy —its stars as well as those who worked and continue to work behind the scenes—to create this entertaining and informative oral history. The story is equal parts legendary highlights, gossip, and insight into how the theater’s brand of comedy was and is created. Unprecedented in scope and rife with colorful tales well told, The Second City Unscripted is an essential account of this iconic show business institution.

Ruby Unscripted

Ruby Unscripted Author Cindy Martinusen Coloma
ISBN-10 9781418577667
Release 2009-05-04
Pages 272
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Ruby's finding out that life is all about improv . . . Small-town girl Ruby Madden has moved to Marin County, California; home of high-dollar homes and green living. The girls wear shoes that cost more than her entire paycheck at the Underground Coffeehouse & Theater, and the students are well-traveled and full of life experiences that Ruby can only dream of. All the stresses of adjusting to her new life have put a strain on her ability to trust God. Yet when mysterious and eye-catching Kaden invites Ruby to join the school's film group, the puzzle pieces start to fit. Her love of art finds perfect expression and the film friends seem to really get her. When a major Hollywood director hosts an amateur film contest, Ruby and her friends are stoked. But Ruby's old life is tugging her backward and her frantic balancing act throws her new life totally off track. To top things off, Ruby makes a mistake that could cost her the chance of a lifetime. Life would be so much easier if Ruby just had a script to follow with a happy ending guaranteed. But what's the fun in that?

The Grizzwells Unscripted

The Grizzwells  Unscripted Author Bill Schorr
ISBN-10 9781449451844
Release 2013-12-24
Pages 50
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For Gunther Grizzwell, holding down a day job is no simple feat. It takes dedication (to complete his daily naps), fortitude (to tolerate his irksome porcupine sidekick Pierpoint), and tenacity (to never stop searching for his next snack). In this e-book only collection of Grizzwells comics, Gunther and Pierpoint are the VIPs of the forest. Whether discussing the merits of daytime television, the latest confusing fashion trends, or their all-time favorite meals, every day at their woodland office is guaranteed to be comical, zany, and entirely unproductive. Clever and sharply drawn, The Grizzwells is a funny and unpredictable spin on the traditional family comic strip—with bite. Created by award-winning artist Bill Schorr, it has been in syndication nationally for more than twenty years.

My Life Unscripted

My Life Unscripted Author Tricia Goyer
ISBN-10 9781418555122
Release 2007-09-09
Pages 224
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Using the metaphor of screenwriting, My Life, Unscripted explores relationships in every teenage girl's life-with herself, her friends and enemies, her parents, guys, and with God. Real-life scripts, screenwriting terms, and timely topics, make this an interesting read for teen girls as they delve into their own inner struggles and outward relationships. They'll also learn the importance of "scripting" their own responses BEFORE challenging life-situations arise so they are able to think about, pray about, and consider how to face these situations before the scene begins. By contrasting real-life with TV or movies, teens will understand they don't have to get caught up in the drama.