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Using Physical Activity and Sport to Teach Personal and Social Responsibility

Using Physical Activity and Sport to Teach Personal and Social Responsibility Author Doris Watson
ISBN-10 9781450404723
Release 2013
Pages 191
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"Using Physical Activity and Sport to Teach Personal and Social Responsibility" provides practical information to help school or community educators use sport and fitness activities to develop character and responsibility in children. This text, based on Don Hellison's model, provides samples of units, lessons, and assessments for nine sports and activities.

Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Through Physical Activity

Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Through Physical Activity Author Donald R. Hellison
ISBN-10 9780736094702
Release 2011
Pages 208
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Rev. ed. of: Teaching responsibility through physical activity, c2003.

Teaching Responsibility Through Physical Activity

Teaching Responsibility Through Physical Activity Author Donald R. Hellison
ISBN-10 0736046011
Release 2003
Pages 165
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In this revised and expanded second edition, you'll -learn about the basic convictions needed for teaching social and personal responsibility to children and youth; -hear from real teachers and kids in real schools and other programs; -acquire new strategies, field-tested in both inner-city and suburban settings; and -gain a better understanding of how to guide children and youth to become their social and personal bests. In Teaching Responsibility Through Physical Activity, Second Edition,Don Hellison guides teachers in using physical activity to foster personal and social responsibility. Hellison's expanded and revised classic provides strategies that have been field-tested in inner-city and suburban settings and will help you guide your students toward greater responsibility. This new edition of Teaching Responsibility Through Physical Activityis focused on teaching in school settings. It includes the following features: -KidQuotes, comments from real kids to motivate you to apply the concepts) -Updated references -“Take-Aways” that summarize each chapter and help you consider your own situation -New chapters on the lesson plan structure -Information on how to integrate responsibility into physical activity lessons -Strategies for specific problems that arise in class -Guidelines for assessment of responsibility PETE instructors and course adopters can use this book to help preservice physical education teachers and recreation leaders develop methods for promoting personal and social responsibility. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a preservice teacher, you'll find that Hellison's popular guide, which includes a foreword by internationally renowned educator Daryl Siedentop, has been taken to an even higher level—one that can help you have a great impact on your students.

Beyond the Boundaries of Physical Education

Beyond the Boundaries of Physical Education Author Anthony Laker
ISBN-10 9781135701277
Release 2002-01-04
Pages 144
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This book sets out to celebrate physical education and sport, and by doing so, encourage the educational establishment to embrace the subject area as a vehicle for the complete development of the individual. In addition, it shows that the benefits of physical activity far outweigh the shallow claims of populous magazines - there are benefits for the individual, the community and for society as a whole. Laker contends that the importance of physical education and sport in many areas of social life has been overlooked at best, and misused at worst. Physical activity has a vast contribution to make, not only as a topic of small talk on a Monday morning, but also to the personal and social development of individuals and possibly to the well-being of the global community as a whole. This book explores the land 'beyond the boundaries of the game.'

Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings 3E

Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings  3E Author Lavay, Barry
ISBN-10 9781450465793
Release 2015-11-19
Pages 296
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Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings, Third Edition, offers creative ways to facilitate appropriate and responsible behaviors as well as to prevent and redirect disruptive behaviors.

Positive Youth Development Through Sport

Positive Youth Development Through Sport Author Nicholas L. Holt
ISBN-10 9781135983109
Release 2007-09-12
Pages 160
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The first Positive Youth Development title to focus on the role of sport, this book brings together high profile contributors from diverse disciplines to critically examine the ways in which sport can be and has been used to promote youth development. Young people are too frequently looked upon as problems waiting to be solved. From the perspective of Positive Youth Development (PYD), young people are understood to embody potential, awaiting development. Involvement with sport provides a developmental context that has been associated with PYD, but negative outcomes can also arise from sport participation and school PE. Sport itself does not lead to PYD; rather, it is the manner in which sport is structured and delivered to children that influences their development. Positive Youth Development Through Sport fills a void in the literature by bringing together experts from diverse disciplines to critically examine the ways in which sport can be and has been used to promote youth development.

Advances in Sport Psychology

Advances in Sport Psychology Author Thelma S. Horn
ISBN-10 0736057358
Release 2008
Pages 499
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The updated third edition of Advances in Sport Psychologyoffers a view of the latest research in the field of sport psychology. The text is written by 34 of the field's most prolific researchers and scholars, including Maureen Weiss, Shane Murphy, and Albert Carron. These contributors extend the boundaries that have defined the field and provide a clear direction for future research. This third edition has been completely revised to reflect the advances that have occurred in the field within the past several years. The text provides readers with a complete picture of current research and emerging topics in sport psychology while challenging researchers to examine the factors that keep this discipline growing. Advances in Sport Psychology, Third Edition, provides a fresh look at sport psychology with these features: -Four new chapters on qualitative research methods, achievement goal theories, self-confidence, and family and peer influences -Significant revisions of the second-edition chapters, along with more concise overviews of individual topics -An analysis and synthesis of the state of knowledge for each topic and a discussion of future research directions The text focuses on the most important and active areas of current research, which recognize the merging of individual and socioenvironmental factors in making sense of sport performance and behavior. Each chapter includes a definition of terms, an explanation of the chapter's scope, and an outline of the sections. The author then provides a review of the available research and theory on the chapter's main topic, analyzes the state of knowledge in the area, and devotes significant space to future research directions. The book is divided into four parts. Part Ioffers a comprehensive introduction to the field, including definitions, history, and research paradigms and methodologies. Part IIexplores individual characteristics that affect sport participants' behavior, including self-perceptions, attributional patterns and perceptions of control, motivational orientations, and achievement goal perspectives. Part IIIexplores socioenvironmental factors that affect sport participants' behaviors. Part IVdelves into the research and theory concerning intervention techniques used for enhancing performance and modifying athletes' behaviors, including imagery and mental rehearsal, attentional processes, goal setting, and flow and peak performance. Advances in Sport Psychology, Third Edition, offers a new and thorough understanding of where sport psychology has been, where it is now, and where it is headed. This text will help students prepare and conduct their own research, and it will be a great reference for professionals who want to stay on the cutting-edge of the field.

Administration and Management of Physical Education and Athletic Programs

Administration and Management of Physical Education and Athletic Programs Author Clayne R. Jensen
ISBN-10 UVA:X004706375
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 414
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"This text continues to be the foremost guide for effective planning, organizing, and managing every facet of programs in physical education and athletics. The Fourth Edition features an abundance of up-to-date information for the twenty-first century administrator on such topics as: curriculum standards and trends; state-of-the-art building security; legal liability and risk management; facilities planning and construction; Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Title IX legislation; and management/leadership styles and theories." "The authors stress the importance of determining one's own personal management philosophy. They emphasize the increasing importance of computers and other technology in program planning and evaluation, budgeting, scheduling, public relations, office management, intramurals, and other applications. The book provides expanded and updated treatments of human-resource management, policies and procedures, eligibility issues and drug testing, events planning, fitness testing, and instruction for disabled students." "Helpful Web sites appear at the end of each chapter to facilitate further research and study. The appendices provide a comprehensive list of professional organizations and periodicals, a detailed facility-planning checklist, physical education curriculum evaluation criteria, the AAHPER code of ethics, and the Society of State Directors of HPER position statements on extra-class programs and interscholastic athletics."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Adapted Physical Education and Sport 6E

Adapted Physical Education and Sport  6E Author Winnick, Joseph
ISBN-10 9781492531654
Release 2016-08-30
Pages 648
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The sixth edition of Adapted Physical Education and Sport details current inclusion practices, helps develop in developing IEPs consistent with legislation, enhances sport participation, and includes a web resource with 26 video clips for administering the new Brockport Physical Fitness Test.

Student Learning in Physical Education

Student Learning in Physical Education Author Stephen J. Silverman
ISBN-10 073604275X
Release 2003
Pages 352
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This volume provides up-to-date research on the physical education curriculum, teaching and teacher-training, and shows physical educators how to apply this knowledge to their day-to-day practices.

Teaching Children Responsible Behavior

Teaching Children Responsible Behavior Author Sandy Hagenbach
ISBN-10 9780736084314
Release 2010-11
Pages 188
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"Teaching Children Responsible Behavior: A Complete Toolkit "helps you teach children that choices and actions have consequences. Through stories, worksheets, activities, and posters, elementary students learn how to show respect, meet challenges, and be good teammates. Included are sample block plans and guidance on creating a positive environment.

Youth Leadership in Sport and Physical Education

Youth Leadership in Sport and Physical Education Author D. Hellison
ISBN-10 9780230101326
Release 2009-10-26
Pages 197
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This book responds to the needs of urban youth by describing youth development principles in physical activity programs. These programs are built on urban kids' assets and promise rather than their deficits. Included are ways of transferring skills from specific programs to everyday settings.

Instructional Models in Physical Education

Instructional Models in Physical Education Author Michael Metzler
ISBN-10 9781351818841
Release 2017-06-30
Pages 464
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Ensures that physical educators are fully armed with a comprehensive plan for incorporating instructional models in their teaching! Instructional Models for Physical Education has two primary goals for its readers. The first is to familiarize them with the notion of model-based instruction for physical education, including the components and dimensions that determine a model's pattern of teaching and how to select the most effective model for student learning in a particular unit. The second goal is to describe each of the instructional models in such a way to give readers enough information to use any of the models with confidence and good results. The book includes everything readers will need for planning, implementing, and assessing when teaching with instructional models. It will help readers incorporate research-based practices in their lessons, adapt activities to include students of varying abilities, and teach to standards. Models tied to NASPE standards! The author has revised the third edition to show how using the instructional models can help teachers meet specific NASPE standards. The book demonstrates the connection of NASPE standards with the models and clarifies that connection for students. In addition, a table in each of the model chapters shows explicitly how the model aligns with NASPE standards.

Accessing the General Physical Education Curriculum for Students with Sensory Deficits

Accessing the General Physical Education Curriculum for Students with Sensory Deficits Author Roseanna Davidson
ISBN-10 1594545510
Release 2006
Pages 115
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Students in a regular physical education program typically learn skills through observation and practice. Teachers and specialists working with students who are sensory impaired with multiple disabilities face unique challenges. Because such students make up a small percentage of the population, physical education texts on adaptation, instructional strategies and activities for groups give only minimal information about working with them. This new book explores the issues of the physical education curricula for sensory handicapped children. Typically, these curricula are based on old techniques that have been used since time immemorial. Rather than examine how teachers utilise obsolete curricula, this important book examines how they effect the students.

Sports Coaching E Book

Sports Coaching E Book Author John Lyle
ISBN-10 9781455725229
Release 2010-06-29
Pages 288
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Sports Coaching: Professionalisation and Practice is a comprehensive evidence-based textbook of sports coaching theory and practice. The book is edited by leading academics in sports coaching studies and authored by a world-renowned team of experts in sports coaching research. It deals with all aspects of coaching behaviour and practice, including coaches’ decision making, coaching pedagogy, and the development of expertise. Each of the chapters provides an up-to-date position statement on coaching themes, and makes explicit reference to the professionalisation of coaching. Written in an accessible style, and identifying critical ideas and issues, the book will complement and challenge both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes, and will be an invaluable source of ideas for researchers and academics. Multicontributed chapters follow uniform structure to increase clarity and accessiblity of text 'Snapshots' of critical ideas and issues presented as models or diagrams to facilitate students' understanding Case examples and scenarios illustrate key concepts in each chapter Latest research and current literature summarised for each thematic topic.

Ethics in Sport 3rd Edition

Ethics in Sport 3rd Edition Author Morgan, William J.
ISBN-10 9781492556763
Pages 408
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Ethics in Sport, Third Edition, offers 32 essays by well-known authors. These essays explore the roots of the ethical and moral dilemmas so prevalent in sport culture today. Nearly half the essays are new to this edition.

The Essentials of Teaching Health Education

The Essentials of Teaching Health Education Author Benes, Sarah
ISBN-10 9781492507635
Release 2016-01-15
Pages 320
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The Essentials of Teaching Health Education presents a skills-based approach to teaching K-12 health education—one that will prepare your students for success in school and beyond. You’ll learn practical approaches to putting the contents in action and rely on an array of teaching and assessment strategies.