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Vergaberecht in der Unternehmenspraxis

Vergaberecht in der Unternehmenspraxis Author Beatrice Fabry
ISBN-10 9783834992444
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 202
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Die erfahrenen Rechtsanwälte und Partner der Kanzlei Menold Bezler führen Unternehmen in die Grundlagen des Vergaberechts sowie das Vergabeverfahren von Angebotsphase über Angebotsprüfung bis hin zur Zuschlagserteilung ein.

Planning for Big Data

Planning for Big Data Author Edd Dumbill
ISBN-10 9781449329648
Release 2012-03-12
Pages 83
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In an age where everything is measurable, understanding big data is an essential. From creating new data-driven products through to increasing operational efficiency, big data has the potential to make your organization both more competitive and more innovative. As this emerging field transitions from the bleeding edge to enterprise infrastructure, it's vital to understand not only the technologies involved, but the organizational and cultural demands of being data-driven. Written by O'Reilly Radar's experts on big data, this anthology describes: The broad industry changes heralded by the big data era What big data is, what it means to your business, and how to start solving data problems The software that makes up the Hadoop big data stack, and the major enterprise vendors' Hadoop solutions The landscape of NoSQL databases and their relative merits How visualization plays an important part in data work

From strategic planning to strategic management

From strategic planning to strategic management Author H. Igor Ansoff
ISBN-10 UOM:39015004015965
Release 1976
Pages 257
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From strategic planning to strategic management has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from From strategic planning to strategic management also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full From strategic planning to strategic management book for free.

Talent Management

Talent Management Author E. Blass
ISBN-10 9780230233522
Release 2009-01-30
Pages 315
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Talent management is 'the hot topic' for HR managers and chief executives in organizations today. Based on over two years of research, this book draws out key ideas to draw on in the future. It presents case studies of public, private and multinational organizations, as well as commentary on defining and developing talent.

Pricing and Revenue Optimization

Pricing and Revenue Optimization Author Robert Phillips
ISBN-10 9780804781640
Release 2005-08-05
Pages 368
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This is the first comprehensive introduction to the concepts, theories, and applications of pricing and revenue optimization. From the initial success of "yield management" in the commercial airline industry down to more recent successes of markdown management and dynamic pricing, the application of mathematical analysis to optimize pricing has become increasingly important across many different industries. But, since pricing and revenue optimization has involved the use of sophisticated mathematical techniques, the topic has remained largely inaccessible to students and the typical manager. With methods proven in the MBA courses taught by the author at Columbia and Stanford Business Schools, this book presents the basic concepts of pricing and revenue optimization in a form accessible to MBA students, MS students, and advanced undergraduates. In addition, managers will find the practical approach to the issue of pricing and revenue optimization invaluable. Solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises are available to instructors who are using this book in their courses. For access to the solutions manual, please contact [email protected]

New Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility

New Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility Author Linda O'Riordan
ISBN-10 9783658067946
Release 2015-04-14
Pages 640
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Providing a timely contribution to the ongoing questions surrounding topics which are by definition subject to varying stakeholder interpretations, this book addresses “the missing link” between theoretical CSR concepts and everyday management practice. It acts as a guide to awaken managers to the advantages of adopting a CSR “mindset” when developing sustainable business strategies. The book consists of three parts: 1) A theoretical realm which establishes the key concepts and rationale for the adoption of a sustainable CSR approach, 2) A practical realm which addresses putting CSR and sustainability into business practice, 3) An educational realm which proposes how to incorporate the concepts into teaching and training.

Current Issues in International Entrepreneurship

Current Issues in International Entrepreneurship Author Hamid Etemad
ISBN-10 9781781953426
Release 2013-11-29
Pages 384
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The editors and contributors to this volume show how conventional theories of entrepreneurship and business do not fully address the challenges inherent in achieving and sustaining global competitiveness. Over the course of 11 research-based chapters,

A Guide to Third Generation Coaching

A Guide to Third Generation Coaching Author Reinhard Stelter
ISBN-10 9789400771864
Release 2013-08-24
Pages 250
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Third generation coaching proposes a form of dialogue where coach and coachee are focused on creating space for reflection through collaborative practices and less concerned with fabricating quick solutions. Aspiring to achieve moments of symmetry between coach and coachee, where their dialogue is driven by a strong emphasis on meaning-making, values, aspirations and identity issues. Coach and coachee meet as fellow-humans in a genuine dialogue. Marking a new trend in coaching, based on the acknowledgement of changes in society, learning and knowledge production, as well as leadership, while distinguishing itself from the existing models (pop coaching, GROW model, etc.). Third generation coaching is based on a fresh analysis of our society – a society that is characterized by diversification, identity challenges, abolition of the monopoly of knowledge, lifelong learning, and the necessity for self-reflection. Providing quality material to guide ambitious practitioners and high level coaching education programs, in an accessible format. A Guide to Third Generation Coaching advocates a revisited and innovative approach to coaching and coaching psychology, advantageous for learners and practitioners alike, by supporting the reader as a reflective practitioner. ”In this insightful book Reinhard Stelter takes coaching to a new level. With its new perspective, it will make an outstanding contribution to the field.” Prof Stephen Palmer, Centre for Coaching, London, UK, President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) “This book is a wonderful contribution to further theoretical understanding and evidence-based practice within Coaching and Coaching Psychology. Reinhard provides us with a look at the foundations contributing to this field, the benefit of his experience and learning, and the evolution of thinking to our current state. Whether you are a coach, coaching psychologist, leader, manager or student, you will find this an excellent resource to expand your thinking, reflection, exploration, and learning on your journey.” Diane Brennan, MBA, MCC, Past-President International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2008 “A thoughtful and wide ranging journey through the philosophy of coaching. Professor Stelter brings positive psychology, dialogue, and narrative approaches together into a model of coaching designed to meet the needs of clients in today’s world.” Dr. Michael Cavanagh, MClinPsy, PhD, Deputy Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, School of Psychology, The University of Sydney

Sourcing in China

Sourcing in China Author G. Nassimbeni
ISBN-10 9780230625525
Release 2006-06-06
Pages 242
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This book highlights the inducements, advantages and obstacles faced by enterprises in the development of a sourcing channel in China. A taxonomy of the sourcing typologies is proposed and a normative model is described choice. The book examines the paths leading to an effective sourcing channel and International Purchasing Office in China.

Innovations Through Information Technology

Innovations Through Information Technology Author Information Resources Management Association. International Conference
ISBN-10 1591402611
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 1458
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Innovations Through Information Technology aims to provide a collection of unique perspectives on the issues surrounding the management of information technology in organizations around the world and the ways in which these issues are addressed. This valuable book is a compilation of features including the latest research in the area of IT utilization and management, in addition to being a valuable source in support of teaching and research agendas.

Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility

Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility Author Samuel O. Idowu
ISBN-10 9783319105369
Release 2015-02-03
Pages 603
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This book is a concise and authoritative reference work and dictionary in the field of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, business ethics and corporate governance. It provides reliable definitions to more than 600 terms and concepts for researchers and professionals alike. By its definitions the dictionary helps users to understand the meanings of commonly used terms in CSR, and the roles and functions of CSR-related international organizations. Furthermore, it helps to identify keynotes on international guidelines, codes and principles relevant to CSR. The role of CSR in the business world has developed from a fig leaf marketing front into an important and indispensable aspect of corporate behavior over the past years. Sustainable strategies are valued, desired and deployed more and more by relevant players in business, politics, and societies all over the world. Both research and corporate practice therefore see CSR as a guiding principle for business success.

International Investment Law

International Investment Law Author Marc Bungenberg
ISBN-10 1849463638
Release 2014-11-30
Pages 2000
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International investment law is a subject of growing importance and complexity. Anyone interested in international investment law will appreciate the comprehensive, thoughtful and detailed exploration of this area which this distinguished group of German scholars have provided.

Science and Culture in Europe

Science and Culture in Europe Author Jean Marc Lévy-Leblond
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105015990414
Release 1993
Pages 220
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Science and Culture in Europe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Science and Culture in Europe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Science and Culture in Europe book for free.

Information Systems Education

Information Systems Education Author R. A. Buckingham
ISBN-10 0521312345
Release 1987-03-12
Pages 270
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The major part of this book consists of a curriculum for those who intend to follow a professional career in information systems design. This is a comprehensive revision of a curriculum initially prepared by IFIP and published in 1974. The new curriculum is much broader in scope and takes account of the immense changes in the technology available, in the variety of systems being developed and in the role of the systems designer. The material can be readily adapted by designers of courses to meet their own specific requirements. The second part of the book comprises papers from a number of international contributors on the practical aspects of implementing such a curriculum in different parts of the world.


Talent Author Carole Tansley
ISBN-10 OCLC:699248964
Release 2008
Pages 72
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Talent has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Talent also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Talent book for free.

Creating Shareholder Value

Creating Shareholder Value Author Alfred Rappaport
ISBN-10 0684844109
Release 1997-12-01
Pages 224
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In this substantially revised and updated edition of his 1986 business classic, Creating Shareholder Value, Alfred Rappaport provides managers and investors with the practical tools needed to generate superior returns. The ultimate test of corporate strategy, the only reliable measure, is whether it creates economic value for shareholders. After a decade of downsizings frequently blamed on shareholder value decision making, this book presents a new and indepth assessment of the rationale for shareholder value. Further, Rappaport presents provocative new insights on shareholder value applications to: (1) business planning, (2) performance evaluation, (3) executive compensation, (4) mergers and acquisitions, (5) interpreting stock market signals, and (6) organizational implementation. Readers will be particularly interested in Rappaport's answers to three management performance evaluation questions: (1) What is the most appropriate measure of performance? (2) What is the most appropriate target level of performance? and (3) How should rewards be linked to performance? The recent acquisition of Duracell International by Gillette is analyzed in detail, enabling the reader to understand the critical information needed when assessing the risks and rewards of a merger from both sides of the negotiating table. The shareholder value approach presented here has been widely embraced by publicly traded as well as privately held companies worldwide. Brilliant and incisive, this is the one book that should be required reading for managers and investors who want to stay on the cutting edge of success in a highly competitive global economy.