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On Violence

On Violence Author Hannah Arendt
ISBN-10 0547543085
Release 1970-03-11
Pages 120
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An analysis of the nature, causes, and significance of violence in the second half of the twentieth century. Arendt also reexamines the relationship between war, politics, violence, and power. “Incisive, deeply probing, written with clarity and grace, it provides an ideal framework for understanding the turbulence of our times”(Nation). Index.


Violence Author Slavoj Zizek
ISBN-10 9781847653239
Release 2010-12-09
Pages 224
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Zizek argues that the physical violence we see is often generated by the systemic violence that sustains our political and economic systems. With the help of eminent philosophers like Marx, Engel and Lacan, as well as frequent references to popular culture, he examines the real causes of violent outbreaks like those seen in Israel and Palestine and in terrorist acts around the world. Ultimately, he warns, doing nothing is often the most violent course of action we can take.

On Media Violence

On Media Violence Author W. James Potter
ISBN-10 0761916393
Release 1999
Pages 304
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This definitive examination of a contemporary social issue asks questions such as: How much media violence is there? What are the meanings conveyed in the way violence is portrayed? What effect does it have on viewers? Divided into four parts, the book reviews research on media violence; re-examines existing theories of media violence; considers methodological tools used to assess media, and introduces the concept of Lineation Theory, a perspective and new theoretical approach explaining media violence.

What is to be done about violence against women

What is to be done about violence against women Author Elizabeth Wilson
ISBN-10 UOM:39015013526150
Release 1983-04-28
Pages 256
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What is to be done about violence against women has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from What is to be done about violence against women also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full What is to be done about violence against women book for free.

Violence in Republican Rome

Violence in Republican Rome Author Andrew William Lintott
ISBN-10 0198152825
Release 1999
Pages 240
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This book examines the roots of violence in Roman Republican law and society and the growth of violence in city war and the power of armies. It discusses political conflict, violence, military insurrection, and authoritarian government of the Republic.

Gun Violence

Gun Violence Author Philip J. Cook
ISBN-10 9780195153842
Release 2002
Pages 258
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"The first effort to make a comprehensive estimate of the price the nation pays for criminal shootings, gun accidents, and suicides committed with guns."--New York Times "Progress begins on social problems when it becomes possible to measure them. In that spirit come Professors Cook and Ludwig with this exceptional contribution."--Daniel Patrick Moynihan


Violence Author Cath Senker
ISBN-10 9780237537210
Release 2009
Pages 46
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This series brings alive a range of modern-day issues - many of them highly controversial - and aims to stimulate debate and discussion. Firsthand quotes from young people and figures in authority present often opposing views, and offer a global perspective on a wide variety of questions relating to each topic.


Violence Author Tobe Levin
ISBN-10 9789042024038
Release 2008-01
Pages 248
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“One afternoon, a patient who had been in three times weekly ... psychotherapy ... left my office after her session, drove down to the train tracks half a mile from my office, and sat down facing an oncoming train.” This tragic event opens the essay by psychoanalyst Susanne Chassay who explores the relationship between private and political terrorism. Her viewpoint complements analyses of violence – that 'mercurial gestalt' – by other contributors to this collection derived from a 2003 Cultures of Violence conference held at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, organized by the Inter-disciplinary Net. From fields as diverse as philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, political science, literary criticism, and forensics, authors consider, for instance, hostility to European minorities; military training and torture; the 'endemic violence' aesthetically recorded by Haitian novelists; child abuse in film; female genital mutilation in fiction; or the massacre of Koreans during the 1923 Japanese earthquake. Violence in contact zones in Northern Ireland or in the memory of South African museum directors trying to comply with Truth and Reconciliation Commission mandates is also an object of scrutiny here. Finally, that vexed, primordial issue of violence – nature or nurture? – is probed.

Gender Violence

Gender Violence Author Laura L. O'Toole
ISBN-10 0814780415
Release 1997-03-01
Pages 526
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Though violence against women has received increasing attention from scholars and the general public alike, much of the literature on the subject is scattered in monographs, journals, and books focusing on specific forms of gender violence. In their path-breaking anthology Gender Violence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, editors Laura L. O'Toole and Jessica Schiffman have brought together central articles and authors to construct a remarkably broad understanding of the gender-related manifestations of violence Gender Violence is composed of three sections--one examining the roots of male violence and victimization of women, another exploring forms of sexual coercion and violence, and a third offering a number of perspectives on promoting nonviolence in the context of gender relations. Chapters consider topics including sexual harassment, rape, children and gender violence, battering in intimate relationships, and pornography. The list of contributors includes such diverse and well known scholars as Friedrich Engels, bell hooks, Diana Scully, Harry Brod, and Linda Gordon, and poets such as Audre Lorde and Margaret Randall. The book also contains a number of original pieces with novel approaches to subjects such as domestic violence and its effects on children. With its interdisciplinary perspective and wide-ranging subject matter, Gender Violence is an excellent primary text as well as an invaluable reference for scholars in the field of women and violence.

Violence and the Family

Violence and the Family Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105019287080
Release 1996
Pages 142
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Violence and the Family has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Violence and the Family also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Violence and the Family book for free.

Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women Author Claire M. Renzetti
ISBN-10 0742530558
Release 2005
Pages 297
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This is an edited volume of 12 articles previously published in Social Problems that may be considered among the most influential in the development of the sociological study of violence against women.

Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women Author Walter S. DeKeseredy
ISBN-10 9781442603998
Release 2011
Pages 178
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In Violence Against Women, award-winning author Walter S. DeKeseredy offers a passionate but well-documented sociological overview of a sobering problem. He starts by outlining the scope of the challenge and debunks current attempts to label intimate violence as gender neutral. He then lays bare the structural practices that sustain this violence, leading to a discussion of long- and short-term policies to address the issue. DeKeseredy includes an examination of male complicity and demonstrates how boys and men can change their roles. Throughout, he responds to myths that dismiss threats to women's health and safety and provides an impassioned call to action for women, men, and policymakers.

A Typology of Domestic Violence

A Typology of Domestic Violence Author Michael P. Johnson
ISBN-10 9781555537418
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 168
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Reassesses thirty years of domestic violence research and demonstrates three forms of partner violence, distinctive in their origins, effects, and treatments

Violence in America

Violence in America Author Ted Robert Gurr
ISBN-10 0803932308
Release 1979
Pages 528
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This third edition is a completely new book with the 12 chapters of this volume written specifically for it. The volume focuses on the issues that generate group violence. The contributors, four of whom contributed to the first edition, assess their views about the historical precedents and international parallels of American violence. There is a wealth of new evidence and theories that deepen our understanding about the sources of recurring conflict and the tenuous nature of consensus in American society.

Abused Men

Abused Men Author Philip W. Cook
ISBN-10 9780313356186
Release 2009
Pages 233
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An award-winning investigative journalist provides a disturbing new look at an underreported type of domestic violence—the abuse of men. * The latest research figures and up-to-date surveys on the prevalence of intimate partner violence against men * Personal interviews and cases drawn from media coverage of politicians and other public figures * A selected bibliography

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Author Holly Cefrey
ISBN-10 9781404217942
Release 2008-08
Pages 64
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Describes domestic violence in the United States, including the different types of domestic abuse, why abuse occurs, and social and legal ways to battle domestic violence.

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence Author Mark Juergensmeyer
ISBN-10 9780199759996
Release 2013-02-14
Pages 653
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Violence has always played a part in the religious imagination, from symbols and myths to legendary battles, from colossal wars to the theater of terrorism. The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence surveys intersections between religion and violence throughout history and around the world. The forty original essays in this volume include overviews of major religious traditions, showing how violence is justified within the literary and theological foundations of the tradition, how it is used symbolically and in ritual practice, and how social acts of violence and warfare have been justified by religious ideas. The essays also examine patterns and themes relating to religious violence, such as sacrifice and martyrdom, which are explored in cross-disciplinary or regional analyses; and offer major analytic approaches, from literary to social scientific studies. The contributors to this volume—-innovative thinkers who are forging new directions in theory and analysis related to religion and violence—-provide novel insights into this important field of studies. By mapping out the whole field of religion and violence, The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence will prove an authoritative source for students and scholars for years to come.