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Wang Gungwu

Wang Gungwu Author Yongnian Zheng
ISBN-10 9789814436632
Release 2013
Pages 426
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The volume is organised into three parts. The first section highlights the writings of Wang in the field of higher education. There are 24 selected articles in this collection, many of which were previously published in prominent journals. Several essays originated as keynote speeches at conferences. Spanning over a period of more than three decades from 1971 (when he was with the Australian National University) to 2008 (when he was with the East Asian Institute), Wang shares in the essays his perspectives on a broad range of topics --

The East Asian Institute

The East Asian Institute Author
ISBN-10 9789814725736
Release 2016
Pages 103
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The East Asian Institute has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The East Asian Institute also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The East Asian Institute book for free.

China and the New International Order

China and the New International Order Author Wang Gungwu
ISBN-10 9781134069125
Release 2008-01-30
Pages 336
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This book explores China's place in the ‘new international order’, from both the international perspective and from the perspective within China. It discusses how far the new international order, as outlined by George Bush in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the liberation of Kuwait in the Gulf War, with its notions of ‘international order’, as viewed by the United States, and with the United States seeing itself as the single dominant power, applies to China. The contributors offer the implications, both positive and negative, of China's growing economic power, and the possibility that China will increase its military power. They also examine the idea that the Chinese leadership is being carried along itself by events in China, which it does not fully control, and that other growing forces within China, such as nationalism, increasing social grievances, structural instability, and rivalry between the centre and the regions potentially work against China's growing strength in the international arena. Considering traditional Chinese notions of ‘international’ power, where the world is seen as sino-centric, with neighbouring countries subservient to China in varying degrees, the book argues that this represents a fundamentally different view of the international order, one where the equal sovereignty of every state does not apply, where there is an acknowledged hierarchy of power, and where domestic and international issues are highly interdependent.

Memorial Volume On Abdus Salam s 90th Birthday

Memorial Volume On Abdus Salam s 90th Birthday Author Brink Lars
ISBN-10 9789813144880
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 544
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In honor of one of the most prolific and exciting scientists of the second half of the last century, a memorial meeting was organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies at Nanyang Technological University for Professor Abdus Salam's 90th Birthday in January 2016. Salam believed that "scientific thought is the common heritage of all mankind" and that the developing world should play its part, not merely by importing technology but by being the arbiter of its own scientific destiny. That belief saw him rise from humble beginnings in a village in Pakistan to become one of the world's most original and influential particle physicists, culminating in the 1979 Nobel Prize (shared with Glashow and Weinberg) for contributions to electroweak unification, which forms an integral part of the Standard Model. The book collected the papers presented at this memorable event which saw many distinguished scientists participating as speakers to reflect on Prof Salam's great passion for the science and achievements.

Asian Thought on China s Changing International Relations

Asian Thought on China s Changing International Relations Author Emilian Kavalski
ISBN-10 9781137299338
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 254
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At the end of the Cold War, commentators were pondering how far Western ideas would spread; today, the debate seems to be how far Chinese ideas will reach. This volume examines Chinese international relations thought and practices, identifying the extent to which China's rise has provoked fresh geo-strategic and intellectual shifts within Asia.

The Accidental Asian

The Accidental Asian Author Eric Liu
ISBN-10 9780307428103
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 224
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Beyond black and white, native and alien, lies a vast and fertile field of human experience. It is here that Eric Liu, former speechwriter for President Clinton and noted political commentator, invites us to explore. In these compellingly candid essays, Liu reflects on his life as a second-generation Chinese American and reveals the shifting frames of ethnic identity. Finding himself unable to read a Chinese memorial book about his father's life, he looks critically at the cost of his own assimilation. But he casts an equally questioning eye on the effort to sustain vast racial categories like “Asian American.” And as he surveys the rising anxiety about China's influence, Liu illuminates the space that Asians have always occupied in the American imagination. Reminiscent of the work of James Baldwin and its unwavering honesty, The Accidental Asian introduces a powerful and elegant voice into the discussion of what it means to be an American. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Another China Cycle

Another China Cycle Author Gungwu Wang
ISBN-10 9814508918
Release 2014
Pages 264
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The essays in this volume take the 1990s after the 1989 Tiananmen tragedy as its baseline. They consist of ways of looking at China's developmental path during the two decades before and after the turn of the 21st century. This book traces the choices that three generations of Chinese leaders from Deng Xiaoping to Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao, have made to rebuild China and consolidate the reforms introduced in the late 1970s. It also examines how Chinese leaders are trying to restore China's position in the region; how they are re-connecting with the country's history and re-defining the kind of nation it wants, and also how they hope to establish what they consider to be China's rightful place in the international order.


Renewal Author Gungwu Wang
ISBN-10 9629965364
Release 2013
Pages 159
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"Will the rise of China change the international system built by the industrial and constitutional democracies of the West of the past centuries? Should China be content with the maintenance of that system: one of competing nation-states of absolute sovereignty and relative power? Does the Confucian past contain a moral vision that may connect with universal human values of the modern world? And will the rising China become an engine for a renewed Chinese civilization that contributes to the equity in the international system? Pondering these fundamental questions, historian Prof. Wang Gungwu probes into the Chinese perception of its place in world history, and traces the unique features that propel China onto its modern global transformation. He depicts the travails of renewal that China has to face and betters our understanding of China's position in today's interconnected world. This collection of Prof. Wang Gungwu's thoughts is a must-read for us to contemplate China's root and routes along its modernization trajectory."--Publisher's website.

Wang Gungwu

Wang Gungwu Author Gungwu Wang
ISBN-10 9789814311533
Release 2010
Pages 261
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This book of interviews with Professor Wang Gungwu, published to felicitate him on his 80th birthday in 2010, seeks to convey to a general audience something of the life, times and thoughts of a leading historian, Southeast Asianist, Sinologist and public intellectual. The interviews flesh out Professor Wangs views on being Chinese in Malaya; his experience of living and working in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia; the Vietnam War; Hong Kong and its return to China; the rise of China; Taiwans, Japans and Indias place in the emerging scheme of things; and on the United States in an age of terrorism and war. The book includes an interview with his wife, Mrs Margaret Wang, on their life together for half a century. Two interviews by scholars on Professor Wangs work are also included, as are his curriculum vitae and a select bibliography of his works. What comes across in this book is how Professor Wang was buffeted by feral times and hostile worlds but responded to them as a left-liberal humanist who refused to cut ideological corners. This book records his response to tumultuous times on hindsight, but with a keen sense of having lived through the times of which he speaks.

Diasporic Chinese Ventures

Diasporic Chinese Ventures Author GREGOR BENTON
ISBN-10 9781134323579
Release 2004-07-31
Pages 256
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This collection of essays by and about Wang Gungwu brings together some of Wang's most recent and representative writing about the ethnic Chinese outside China giving the reader a deeper understanding of his views on migration, identity, nationalism and culture, all key issues in modern Asia's transformation. The book collects interviews, speeches and essays that illustrate the development and direction of Wang's scholarship on ethnic and diasporic Chinese.

Anglo Chinese Encounters Since 1800

Anglo Chinese Encounters Since 1800 Author Wang Gungwu
ISBN-10 0521534135
Release 2003-04-07
Pages 202
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A penetrating and sophisticated 2003 account of the relationship between China and imperial Britain.

Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery

Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery Author Bonnie An Henderson
ISBN-10 9783319246666
Release 2016-01-11
Pages 188
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This book, in a concise format, explains how to perform manual small incision cataract surgery. The procedure is broken down into the chief elements and described in a step by step manner. Besides the description of the procedure, the book covers indications, necessary supplies, preparation, complication management, and postoperative care. The authors are experts from around the world, and the book will be of value both for surgeons new to this technique and for experienced surgeons who need a review of the procedure. While phacoemulsification surgery has now become the standard of care, understanding how to perform manual extracapsular cataract extractions competently is crucial when faced with complications during phacoemulsification surgery, when operating in a region of the world without access to phacoemulsification or femtosecond lasers, or when a manual approach may be a better choice for the patient.

The Chinese Overseas

The Chinese Overseas Author Gungwu Wang
ISBN-10 0674044819
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 160
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The Chinese overseas now number 25 to 30 million, yet the 2,000-year history of Chinese attempts to venture abroad and the underlying values affecting that migration have never before been presented in a broad overview. Despite centuries of prohibition against leaving the land and traveling and settling overseas, the earthbound Chinese--first traders, then peasants and workers--eventually found new sources of livelihood abroad. The practice of sojourning, being always temporarily away from home, was the answer the Chinese overseas found to deal with imperial and orthodox concerns. Today their challenge is to find an alternative to either returning or assimilating by seeking a new kind of autonomy in a world that will come to acknowledge the ideal of multicultural states. In pursuing this story, international scholar Wang Gungwu uncovers some major themes of global history: the coming together of Asian and European civilizations, the ambiguities of ethnicity and diasporic consciousness, and the tension between maintaining one's culture and assimilation.

China and Southeast Asia

China and Southeast Asia Author Gungwu Wang
ISBN-10 9810238983
Release 1999
Pages 79
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All this is not surprising, even understandable. But the danger of exaggeration to the point where efforts to predict what China and the Chinese will do become merely alarmist, and the predictions become self-fulfilling, has to be guarded against.

The Eurasian Core and Its Edges

The Eurasian Core and Its Edges Author Ooi Kee Beng
ISBN-10 9789814519854
Release 2014-12-09
Pages 254
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With China’s transformation into a republic after two millennia as an empire as the starting point, Ooi Kee Beng prompts renowned historian Wang Gungwu through a series of interviews to discuss China, Europe, Southeast Asia and India. What emerges is an exciting and original World History that is neither Eurocentric nor Sinocentric. If anything, it is an appreciation of the dominant role that Central Asia played in the history of most of mankind over the last several thousand years. The irrepressible power of the Eurasian core over the centuries explains much of the development of civilizations founded at the fringes — at its edges to the west, the east and the south. Most significantly, what is recognized as The Global Age today, is seen as the latest result of these conflicts between core and edge leading at the Atlantic fringe to human mastery of the sea — in military and mercantile terms. In effect, human history, which had for centuries been configured by continental dynamics, has only quite recently established a new dimension to counteract these. In summary, Wang Gungwu argues convincingly that “The Global is Maritime”.

Don t Leave Home

Don t Leave Home Author Gungwu Wang
ISBN-10 9812102426
Release 2001
Pages 314
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More than 25 million Chinese left their homeland from the middle of the 19th century to the early 20th century to settle abroad together with their families and descendants. This book describes this massive wave of migration and the smaller ones that occurred in the last three decades of the 20th century. The migrations of recent decades have, however, been different in two respects: they have involved Chinese not only from greater China itself (Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland) but also from Southeast Asia and elsewhere; they have involved those of high educational level. The author looks at these different migrations mainly from the perspective of those who settled in Southeast Asia, but also includes the experiences of those Chinese who have made their home in other parts of Asia, Australasia and North America. This book is both a collection of personal experiences from the Chinese Diaspora and a study of those Chinese who emigrated from the motherland to settle abroad over the past 30 years. Don't Leave Home: Migration and the Chinese is part of a four-book collection by Wang Gungwu, the pre-eminent authority on China and the Chinese diaspora.

The Responsive Global Organization

The Responsive Global Organization Author Torben Juul Andersen
ISBN-10 9781787148321
Release 2017-09
Pages 256
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This book outlines the contours of the dynamic adaptive multinational corporation based on contemporary research insights from global strategy and international business. It considers the role of corporate leadership and frontline engagement to advance responsive innovation dealing with emergent risks and opportunities in turbulent global markets.