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Waterfowl Identification

Waterfowl Identification Author Richard LeMaster
ISBN-10 9781461752103
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 76
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Instructions for identifying 40 species of ducks, geese and swans.

Waterfowl Identification

Waterfowl Identification Author Richard LeMaster
ISBN-10 0811729826
Release 1996
Pages 75
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Instructions for identifying 40 species of ducks, geese and swans.

Ducks at a Distance

Ducks at a Distance Author Bob Hines
ISBN-10 1546683089
Release 2017-05-14
Pages 82
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Ducks at a Distance: A Waterfowl Identification Guide By Bob Hines

Guide to Ducks and Geese

Guide to Ducks and Geese Author Chuck Hagner
ISBN-10 9780811743037
Release 2006-08-04
Pages 116
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An easy-to-use introduction and ID guide. Includes all North American ducks and geese. With a "What to Look For" list for each species.

The Great Gallery of Ducks and Other Waterfowl

The Great Gallery of Ducks and Other Waterfowl Author Richard LeMaster
ISBN-10 0811707067
Release 1995-03-01
Pages 340
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LeMaster's classic illustrated reference. Habits, behavior, and appearance of 27 species of ducks and waterfowl.

Waterfowl of eastern North America

Waterfowl of eastern North America Author Chris G. Earley
ISBN-10 UOM:49015003069961
Release 2005-04-02
Pages 158
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A well-illustrated field guide to the ducks, geese and shorebirds of Eastern North America. Includes well organized species comparison pages, male-female, seasonal and immature plumage, distinctive markings. Appropriate for novice or experienced birders.


Wildfowl Author Steve Madge
ISBN-10 9781408138953
Release 2010-09-30
Pages 298
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A summary of information on 154 species of duck, geese and swans of the world intended as an identification manual for the wildfowl enthusiast that goes beyond a regional basis and is light enough to be used as a handy reference book in the field. The text not only clarifies identification techniques but fully discusses problematic plumages in detail as well as providing a summary on world distribution and status complemented by clear distribution maps.


Waterfowl Author Richard LeMaster
ISBN-10 0809254727
Release 1983
Pages 186
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Waterfowl has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Waterfowl also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Waterfowl book for free.

Why Ducks Do that

Why Ducks Do that Author Chuck Petrie
ISBN-10 1595430504
Release 2006
Pages 95
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Why Ducks Do That answers many of the common, and some not-so-common, questions about the waterfowl species that share our world. The insightful text of Chuck Petrie is paired with beautiful color photos by the nation's leading wildlife photographers, making this book a delightful read for anyone who ponders the life of birds.

The Ultimate Guide to Calling and Decoying Waterfowl

The Ultimate Guide to Calling and Decoying Waterfowl Author Monte Burch
ISBN-10 158574591X
Release 2002-09-01
Pages 320
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No waterfowl hunter can afford to be without this complete, up-to-date guidebook.

A Ducks Unlimited Guide to Hunting Diving Ducks Sea Ducks

A Ducks Unlimited Guide to Hunting Diving Ducks   Sea Ducks Author Gary Kramer
ISBN-10 1932052100
Release 2003
Pages 208
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Hunting diving ducks (and sea ducks) is considered by many to be the most challenging form of waterfowling. In most cases, duck hunters must brave big rough water and freezing temperatures in pursuit of hardy, fast-flying birds that can elude even the best wingshooters. Yet the sport continues to draw legions of avid waterfowlers anxious to test their mettle against the elements and the birds. This is the first how-to guide devoted exclusively to hunting diving ducks such as canvasbacks, redheads, and greater and lesser scaup, and sea ducks such as bufflehead, scoters, and eider. Like its companion volume, A Ducks Unlimited Guide to Hunting Dabblers, this new book will prove an invaluable resource for both novice and veteran waterfowlers. No other book has ever offered as much complete and in-depth information on how to hunt these big-water ducks, including: · Methods for hunting divers over decoys in rivers, big lakes, reservoirs, and ocean coastal areas. · Tactics for pass-shooting and hunting in layout boats and shore blinds. · Boats and other specialized equipment needed to pursue diving ducks. · Tactics for hunting early and late in the season. · How to scout and locate the best hunting spots. · And much, much more.

Fly Fisherman s Guide to Saltwater Prey

Fly Fisherman s Guide to Saltwater Prey Author Ph. J. D Adams
ISBN-10 9780811742887
Release 2007-12-13
Pages 224
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The saltwater angler's identification guide to entomology and fly patterns with over 450 color photos of prey and flies. Over 150 species and 200 fly patterns for crabs, shrimp, baitfish, and prey fish. Learn what saltwater gamefish eat and why and how to fish flies to mimic live saltwater prey.

Ducks Geese and Swans of North America

Ducks  Geese  and Swans of North America Author Guy Baldassarre
ISBN-10 9781421408088
Release 2014-10-16
Pages 1088
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Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America has been hailed as a classic since the first edition was published in 1942. A must-have for professional biologists, birders, waterfowl hunters, decoy collectors, and wildlife managers, this fully revised and updated edition provides definitive information on the continent’s forty-six species. Maps of both winter and breeding ranges are presented with stunning images by top waterfowl photographers and the acclaimed original artwork of Robert W. (Bob) Hines. Originally authored by F. H. Kortright and later revised by Frank Bellrose, this latest edition, which has been meticulously updated by renowned waterfowl biologist Guy Baldassarre, continues the legacy of esteemed authors. Each species account contains in-depth sections on: • identification• distribution• migration behavior• habitat• population status• breeding biology• rearing of young• recruitment and survival• food habits and feeding ecology • molts and plumages• conservation and management To facilitate identification, the species accounts also include detailed illustrations of wings. An appendix contains comparative illustrations of ducklings, goslings, and cygnets. This edition of Ducks, Geese, and Swans consists of two volumes, printed in full color, and packaged in a slipcase, along with a CD containing references and additional maps. -- H. Dale Hall, CEO, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Handbook of Waterfowl Identification

Handbook of Waterfowl Identification Author Frank S. Todd
ISBN-10 0916251845
Release 1997-06
Pages 104
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Full-color illustrations and informative text combine to identify waterfowl found throughout the world. This field guide depicts virtually all duck, goose, and swan species and races. Range maps for all species are provided, as well as an appendix listing weights, clutch sizes, incubation and flegling periods.

Ducks Geese of Minnesota Field Guide

Ducks   Geese of Minnesota Field Guide Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 1591931339
Release 2007
Pages 256
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Whether you're in the duck blind or simply want to know what's swimming past your dock, you'll appreciate this addition to your field guide collection. It features color photos and identification tips for all 59 species of ducks, geese, swans and other water birds found in Minnesota. A quick-compare section shows in-flight and on-the-water silhouettes for fast, side-by-side comparison, while flight photos and flock patters are especially useful for hunters. Easy waterfowl identification and fascinating facts are right at your fingertips!

Duck Hunting Made Simple

Duck Hunting Made Simple Author Scott Dawson
ISBN-10 1514130130
Release 2015-02-04
Pages 88
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LEARN:: How to Successfully Hunt Ducks Even If You Have No Duck Hunting ExperienceDo you want to hunt ducks but are frustrated with your lack of success? We have all been there. We have spent hundreds of dollars on hunting supplies and hours driving, setting up decoys but then having ducks fly by without even taking a 2nd look. That is the experience of many duck hunters. Whether you are new to duck hunting or you have been duck hunting without much success, "Duck Hunting Made Simple" can get you bagging more ducks. We would all like to shoot more ducks. The trick is to know how to setup decoys, when to hunt, how to scout and how to get permission to hunt private land. "Duck Hunting Made Simple" can help you do this. TAKE ACTION:: Focus on These 21 Simple Steps and Get Duck Hunting ResultsIt's easy to learn the basics of effective duck hunting. The hard part is finding all of the resources in one place to do this. As you know, the Internet is full of books and videos that talk about duck hunting. The problem? Most don't talk about the specific actions or provide illustrated decoy setup instructions needed to achieve duck hunting success. In the book, "Duck Hunting Made Simple", you'll get a twenty one-step plan for achieving your duck hunting goals. Unlike other titles, this book will teach you step-by-step on how to effectively hunt ducks with no step missed. DOWNLOAD:: Duck Hunting Made Simple -- 21 Steps to Duck Hunting Success"Duck Hunting Made Simple" contains step by step instructions for your duck hunting success. You will learn how to: * Types of Decoys* Clothing* How to Get Cheap Decoys* Shotguns* Time of Day to Hunt* Number of Decoys* Blind Placement and Concealment* Hunting Without a Blind* Duck Calling* Decoy Movement* And many more duck hunting topics...Duck hunting doesn't have to be difficult. You can achieve duck hunting success by following the techniques of successful hunters. And "Duck Hunting Made Simple" can help you do this. Would You Like To Learn More?Buy and start having duck hunting success.


Gamekeeping Author David Hudson
ISBN-10 190405773X
Release 2006
Pages 210
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Provides information on the history of gamekeeping and details the main responsibilities of the modern gamekeeper, including habitat management, predator control, and shooting management.