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West European Politics in the Age of Globalization

West European Politics in the Age of Globalization Author Hanspeter Kriesi
ISBN-10 0521719909
Release 2008-09-18
Pages 448
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Over the past three decades the effects of globalization and denationalization have created a division between 'winners' and 'losers' in Western Europe. This study examines the transformation of party political systems in six countries (Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK) using opinion surveys, as well as newly collected data on election campaigns. The authors argue that, as a result of structural transformations and the strategic repositioning of political parties, Europe has observed the emergence of a tripolar configuration of political power, comprising the left, the moderate right, and the new populist right. They suggest that, through an emphasis on cultural issues such as mass immigration and resistance to European integration, the traditional focus of political debate - the economy - has been downplayed or reinterpreted in terms of this new political cleavage. This new analysis of Western European politics will interest all students of European politics and political sociology.

West European Politics in the Age of Globalization

West European Politics in the Age of Globalization Author
ISBN-10 0511429649
Release 2008
Pages 428
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Over the past three decades the effects of globalisation and denationalisation have created a division between 'winners' and 'losers' in Western Europe. This study examines the transformation of party political systems in six countries (Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK) using opinion surveys.

The Structure of Political Competition in Western Europe

The Structure of Political Competition in Western Europe Author Zsolt Enyedi
ISBN-10 9781317990482
Release 2013-09-13
Pages 320
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Is European party politics hovering above society? Why do voters pick one party over others? Is it a question of class? Of religion? Of attitudes about taxes or immigration or global warming? Or is it something else entirely? The Structure of Political Competition in Western Europe takes a detailed look at the ways in which Western Europe’s party systems are anchored in social and ideological structures. The book’s first section focuses on the role of social structures - particularly education, class and religion - and analyzes the complex interplay among these factors. The second section addresses the ways that the sociological structures such as class and religion interact with voters’ values. The third section examines the way that these structures and values shape the space of political competition among parties. The conclusion integrates the findings of the empirical articles, putting them into broader comparative perspective, discussing whether relatively predictable structures have been overwhelmed by media-driven spectacles, political personalities and focus on short-term economic performance. This volume will appeal to scholars and graduate students in Europe and those from North America, Asia and other regions who study European politics, political parties, cleavages and political behaviour. This book was published as a special issue of West European Politics.

Political Conflict in Western Europe

Political Conflict in Western Europe Author Hanspeter Kriesi
ISBN-10 9781107024380
Release 2012-07-26
Pages 349
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Analyzes the effects of globalization on the restructuring of politics in Western Europe over the past three decades.

Democracy in the Age of Globalization and Mediatization

Democracy in the Age of Globalization and Mediatization Author Hanspeter Kriesi
ISBN-10 9781137299864
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 250
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This book provides a comprehensive overview over the models of contemporary democracy, its social, cultural, economic and political prerequisites, empirically existing varieties, and the two major challenges – globalization and mediatization – confronting established democracies today. As the boundaries of the national political communities increasingly dissolve, democracy as we know it is put into question. Similarly, as the role of the media in politics increases, the way established democracies function is being transformed. The book covers the transformation of established democracies, democracy's global expansion into new countries, as well as its spread into supranational polities such as the European Union. It confronts head on democracy's constantly changing nature; its diversity of institutions and practices; its repeated need to respond to exogenous challenges and, most importantly, its perpetually unsatisfactory quest to make 'real-existing democracy' conform better to 'potentially ideal democracy.'

Protesting Culture and Economics in Western Europe

Protesting Culture and Economics in Western Europe Author Swen Hutter
ISBN-10 0816691185
Release 2014
Pages 220
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In this far-reaching work, Swen Hutter demonstrates the usefulness of studying both electoral politics and protest politics to better understand the impacts of globalization. Hutter integrates research on cleavage politics and populist parties in Western Europe with research on social movements. He shows how major new cleavages restructured protest politics over a thirty-year period, from the 1970s through the 1990s. This major study brings back the concept of cleavages to social movement studies and connects the field with contemporary research on populism, electoral behavior, and party politics. Hutter's work extends the landmark 1995 New Social Movements in Western Europe, the book that spurred the recognition that a broad empirical frame is valuable for understanding powerful social movements. This new book shows that it is also beneficial to include the study of political parties and protest politics. While making extensive use of public opinion, protest event, and election campaigning data, Hutter skillfully employs contemporary data from six West European societies--Austria, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland--to account for responses to protest events and political issues across countries. Protesting Culture and Economics in Western Europe makes productive empirical, methodological, and theoretical contributions to the study of social movements and comparative politics. Empirically, it employs a new approach, along with new data, to explain changes in European politics over several decades. Methodologically, it makes rigorous yet creative use of diverse datasets in innovative ways, particularly across national borders. And theoretically, it makes a strong claim for considering the distinctive politics of protest across various issue domains as it investigates the asymmetrical politics of protest from left and right.

Muslim Europe Or Euro Islam

Muslim Europe Or Euro Islam Author Nezar AlSayyad
ISBN-10 0739103393
Release 2002
Pages 204
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Five centuries after the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain, Europe is once again becoming a land of Islam. At the beginning of a new millennium, and in an era marked as one of globalization, Europe continues to wrestle with the issue of national identity, especially in the context of its Muslim citizens. Muslim Europe or Euro-Islam brings together distinguished scholars from Europe, the United States, and the Middle East in a dynamic discussion about the Muslim populations living in Europe and about Europe's role in framing Islam today. Working at the knotty intersection of cultural identity, the politics of nations and nationalisms, and religious persuasions, this is an invaluable anthology of scholarship that reveals the multifaceted natures of both Europe and Islam.

The Transformation of Employment Relations in Europe

The Transformation of Employment Relations in Europe Author Jim Arrowsmith
ISBN-10 9781135010058
Release 2013-09-11
Pages 232
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Since the 1980s, the process of European economic integration, within a wider context of globalization, has accelerated employment change and placed a new premium on ‘flexible’ forms of work organization. The institutions of employment relations, specifically those concerning collective bargaining between employers and trade unions, have had to adapt accordingly. The Transformation of Employment Relations focuses not just on recent change, but charts the strategic choices that have influenced employment relations and examines these key developments in a comparative perspective. A historical and cross-national analysis of the most important and controversial ‘issues’ explores the motivation of the actors, the implementation of change, and its evolution in a diverse European context. The book highlights the policies and the role played by different institutional and social actors (employers, management, trade unions, professional associations and governments) and assesses the extent to which these policies and roles have had significant effects on outcomes. This comparative analysis of the transformation of work and employment regulation, within the context of a quarter-century timeframe, has not been undertaken in any other book. But this is no comparative handbook in which changes are largely described on a country-by-country basis, but instead, The Transformation of Employment Relations is rather focused thematically. As Europe copes with a serious economic crisis, understanding of the dynamics of work transformation has never been more important.

Global History

Global History Author Mark Willner
ISBN-10 0764160036
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 704
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(back cover) Volume Two: The Industrial Revolution to the Age of Globalization From 1826 to the present day An Age of Revolution, continued from the political, scientific, and philosophical revolutions of the eighteenth century (1826�1914): The Industrial Revolution; Political Change and Global Nationalism in Africa, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia; Imperialism A Half Century of Crisis and Achievement (1900�1945): World War I; The Rise of Totalitarianism in Russia, Italy, and Germany; World War II; The United Nations and Postwar Western Europe; The Holocaust The 20th Century (1945-2000): The Cold War and its aftermath; the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe; Modern Western Europe; the End of Imperialism; Newly Emerging Nations in Asia and Africa; Political, Economic, and Social Changes in Latin America and the Caribbean The 21st Century: Political Developments; Global Economic Issues; Global Environmental and Social Issues; The Impact of Science and Technology; Global Cultural Patterns Hundreds of maps, charts, and illustrations

Global Inequality

Global Inequality Author Branko Milanovic
ISBN-10 9780674969766
Release 2016-04-11
Pages 311
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Branko Milanovic presents a bold account of the dynamics that drive inequality on a global scale. Using vast data sets, he explains the forces that make inequality rise and fall within and among nations over time. He reveals who has been helped by globalization, who has been hurt, andwhat policies might tilt the balance toward economic justice.

Egalitarian Politics in the Age of Globalization

Egalitarian Politics in the Age of Globalization Author Craig N. Murphy
ISBN-10 9780230524033
Release 2016-01-11
Pages 248
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In recent years women's movements and democracy movements appear to have been more successful in promoting social equality than labour movements or development movements. Wage gaps between men and women have narrowed. New democracies have flourished. Yet, gaps between the rich and poor remain. Do differences in organization and strategy account for the differences in outcomes? Through in-depth studies of the United States, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, Africa, China, and north- and southeast Asia the contributors to this volume provide some thought-provoking answers.

Africa in the Age of Globalisation

Africa in the Age of Globalisation Author Assoc Prof Edward Shizha
ISBN-10 9781472436696
Release 2015-04-28
Pages 272
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This is a collection of bold and visionary scholarship that reveals an insightful exposition of re-visioning African development from African perspectives. It provides an interdisciplinary conceptual base that can effectively guide the planning and implementing of programs for socio-economic development in Africa. The book provides up-to-date scholarly research on continental trends on various subjects and concerns of paramount importance to globalisation and development in Africa (politics, democracy, education, gender, technology, global relationships and the role of non-governmental organisations).

Generations and Globalization

Generations and Globalization Author Jennifer Cole
ISBN-10 9780253218704
Release 2007
Pages 226
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A glimpse into how globalization shapes and is shaped by family life around the world

Japan in the Age of Globalization

Japan in the Age of Globalization Author Carin Holroyd
ISBN-10 9781136706240
Release 2012-06-12
Pages 232
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The multiple and diverse forces of globalization have, indeed, affected Japan significantly over the past decades. But so, it must be said, has Japan influenced a variety of critical global developments - globalization is not a one-way street, particularly for a nation as economically influential and technologically advanced as Japan. The chapters in this collection examine the impact of globalization on Japan and the impact of Japan on the forces of globalization from the various disciplinary perspectives of business, the economy, politics, technology, culture and society. They also explain the manner in which the nation has responded to the economic and cultural liberalization that has been such a profound force for change around the globe. This comprehensive collected works brings the latest research to bear on this important subject and provides evidence of the long history of global influences on Japan – and Japanese impacts on the rest of the world. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of globalization, Japanese Studies, and Asian Studies.

Gendering the State in the Age of Globalization

Gendering the State in the Age of Globalization Author Melissa Haussman
ISBN-10 0742540170
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 386
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Gendering the State is a ground-breaking collection of studies that examines the efforts of women in countries all over the world to frame public policy debates on nationally critical issues in gendered terms. This is the latest volume in the Research Network on Gender and the State (RNGS) collaborative studies. Using the RNGS model of women's movement and women's policy actor strategies to influence public policy debates and state response, the book looks at data gathered from ten European countries (including Finland and Sweden), plus Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States from the 1990s to today. The overall study is grouped into three distinct patterns of state change: state downsizing particularly in social policy areas (Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, the United States, and Spain); expansion of state activities into previously less-regulated areas (Austria, France, Germany, and Sweden); and transformation often constitutionally based of representative structures (Australia, Belgium, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom). Examination of these patterns reveals the impact of the changes in state structures and national priorities on the effectiveness and ability of women's movement actors in achieving their goals."

Ethics of Liberation

Ethics of Liberation Author Enriqué Dussel
ISBN-10 9780822352129
Release 2013-02-08
Pages 715
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Available in English for the first time, a masterwork by Enrique Dussel, one of the world's foremost philosophers, and a cornerstone of the philosophy of liberation, which he helped to found and develop.

Citizen Politics

Citizen Politics Author Russell J. Dalton
ISBN-10 9781483321431
Release 2013-05-20
Pages 360
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Now, more than ever, people drive the democratic process. What people think of their government and its leaders, how (or whether) they vote, and what they do or say about a host of political issues greatly affect the further strengthening or erosion of democracy and democratic ideals. This fully updated new sixth edition of Citizen Politics: Public Opinion and Political Parties in Advanced Industrial Democracies, by Russell J. Dalton, continues to offer the only truly comparative study of political attitudes and behavior in the United States, Great Britain, France, and Germany. In addition to its comprehensive, thematic examination of political values, political activity, voting, and public images of government within a cross-national context, Citizen Politics explores new forms of political activity, such as Internet-based activism and new forms of political consumerism. All chapters have been updated with the latest research and empirical evidence. Further, Dalton includes new discussions of citizen sophistication and its implications for democratic citizenship.