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What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Treating Eating and Weight Issues

What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Treating Eating and Weight Issues Author Karen R. Koenig
ISBN-10 9780393708967
Release 2008-09-17
Pages 256
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Therapists often encounter clients with mild to moderate eating and weight issues, less severe than anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating disorder. They emerge as minor themes that lurk behind major presenting problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, and marital discord; and therapists who aren't looking for them may miss opportunities. Koenig’s book is written for practitioners who lack expertise in this area, and provides clinical strategies and therapeutic techniques to explore clients’ feelings about food and their bodies to get at the root of these issues. It includes descriptions of how food and weight problems surface in conjunction with psychological and medical conditions, as well as how they create difficulties in various life stages and situations. Packed with insights and practical tips, this unique book teaches clinicians how to help clients make peace with food and the scale and balance nutrition and exercise in a healthy lifestyle.


ISBN-10 1683730291
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Regardless of your client's diagnosis or presenting problems, they're likely to be concerned about their weight. And that impacts treatment.Noted expert on eating and weight disorders, Edward Abramson, PhD, has created the definitive guide to help you approach weight issues and questions clients will have. Easy to read and highly practical, you'll be able to give your clients sound advice and develop realistic plans to manage their weight and feel good about their bodies. How to turn the whys of eating into treatment strategiesDiets, drugs and surgeries -- what you must knowSimple environmental changes that decrease eatingTools to assess and improve body imageTips to make exercise easier (and enjoyable!).

Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders Author Marcia Herrin
ISBN-10 9781135201821
Release 2013-03-05
Pages 350
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Marcia Herrin and Maria Larkin have collaborated on the second edition of Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders, infusing research-based approaches and their own clinically-refined tools for managing food and weight-related issues. New to this edition is a section on nutrition counseling interventions derived from cognitive behavioral therapy-enhanced, dialectical behavioral therapy, family-based treatment, and motivational interviewing techniques. Readers will appreciate the state of the art nutrition and weight assessment guidelines, the practical clinical techniques for managing bingeing, purging, excessive exercise, and weight restoration as well as the unique food planning approach developed by the authors. As a comprehensive overview of food and weight-related treatments, this book is an indispensible resource for nutrition counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, and primary care providers.

Beyond a Shadow of a Diet

Beyond a Shadow of a Diet Author Judith Matz
ISBN-10 9781135941246
Release 2004-06-01
Pages 424
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Beyond a Shadow of a Diet provides concrete steps for establishing a normal relationship with food and methods for understanding and treating the psychological aspects of compulsive eating.

The Treatment of Eating Disorders

The Treatment of Eating Disorders Author Carlos M. Grilo
ISBN-10 9781462509126
Release 2012-08-22
Pages 606
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Eminently practical and authoritative, this comprehensive clinical handbook brings together leading international experts on eating disorders to describe the most effective treatments and how to implement them. Coverage encompasses psychosocial, family-based, medical, and nutritional therapies for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and other eating disorders and disturbances. Especially noteworthy are "mini-manuals" that present the nuts and bolts of 11 of the treatment approaches, complete with reproducible handouts and forms. The volume also provides an overview of assessment, treatment planning, and medical management issues. Special topics include psychiatric comorbidities, involuntary treatment, support for caregivers, childhood eating disorders, and new directions in treatment research and evaluation.

Starting Monday

Starting Monday Author Karen R. Koenig
ISBN-10 9780936077796
Release 2013-10-21
Pages 280
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Starting Monday is based on the simple premise that when our behaviors don’t align with our expressed intentions, we’ve got a conflict going on, often outside of our awareness. The book helps readers dig deeply into their psyches to figure out what mistaken beliefs and needless fears are holding them back from achieving their health and fitness goals. The polarized feelings for disregulated eaters to identify and resolve fall within these 7 key areas: 1) create lasting change, 2) making conscious choices, 3) feel deserving, 4) how to comfort themselves, 5) know what's enough, 6) manage intimacy, and 7) developing a healthy identity. Starting Monday first helps readers unearth their mixed feelings in these seven areas, then teaches them how to change their beliefs and behaviors to resolve them. Using humor, plain talk, examples from her clinical experience, reflection exercises, case studies, and homework, Koenig lets troubled eaters know that their yo-yo patterns of eating and self care are due to conflicts. She shies away from easy answers and, instead, provides hope and concrete actions to developing a permanent, positive relationship with food.

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Weight Management

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Weight Management Author Michele Laliberte
ISBN-10 9781572246256
Release 2009
Pages 198
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When anxious feelings spiral out of control, they can drain your energy and prevent you from living the life you want. If you're ready to stop letting your anxiety have the upper hand, The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety can help. This workbook offers a step-by-step program you can use, on your own or with a therapist, to end anxiety and get back to living a rich and productive life. With this book, you'll develop a personal plan using techniques from rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), powerful treatment methods proven to be even more effective in the long term than anxiety medication. You'll learn to recognize your anxiety triggers, develop skills to stop anxious thoughts before they get out of control, and stop needless fears from coming back. The powerful tools in this book will help you: Silence the irrational thoughts that trigger anxiety. Create a personal plan to overcome excessive fears and worries. Stop expecting perfection from yourself and start feeling confident. Calm yourself when panic takes hold. Defeat depression and other conditions that often occur with anxiety. Build self-esteem. Track your symptoms and maintain your progress.

Beyond a Shadow of a Diet

Beyond a Shadow of a Diet Author Judith Matz
ISBN-10 9781136183560
Release 2014-04-03
Pages 352
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Beyond a Shadow of a Diet is the most comprehensive book available for professionals working with clients who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder, Compulsive Eating or Emotional Overeating. The authors present research revealing that food restrictions in the pursuit of weight loss actually trigger and sustain overeating. Next, they offer step-by-step guidelines to help clients end the diet mentality and learn an internally-based approach known as attuned eating. Divided into three sections–The Problem, The Treatment and The Solution–this engaging book contains chapters filled with compelling case examples, visualizations and other exercises so that therapists can deepen their knowledge and skills as they help clients gain freedom from preoccupation with food and weight. In addition to addressing the symptoms, dynamics and treatment of eating problems, Beyond a Shadow of a Diet presents a holistic framework that goes well beyond the clinical setting. This invaluable resource includes topics such as the clinician’s own attitudes toward dieting and weight; cultural, ethical and social justice issues; the neuroscience of mindfulness; weight stigma; and promoting wellness for children of all sizes. Drawing from the Health At Every Size paradigm–and the wealth of research examining the relationship between dieting, weight and health–Beyond a Shadow of a Diet offers both therapists and their clients a positive, evidence-based model to making peace with food, their bodies and themselves.

Mindfulness and Acceptance for Treating Eating Disorders and Weight Concerns

Mindfulness and Acceptance for Treating Eating Disorders and Weight Concerns Author Ann F. Haynos
ISBN-10 9781626252714
Release 2016-08-01
Pages 256
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Disordered eating, negative body image, and problems with weight have become an epidemic—and research shows that traditional treatments are not always effective. This professional resource offers proven-effective interventions using mindfulness and acceptance for treating clients with disordered eating, body image, or weight issues—and for whom other treatments have failed. Millions of people in the United States suffer from eating disorders, and dissatisfaction with weight and body type—even in individuals whose weight is considered normal—is similarly widespread. In addition, more than half of Americans could benefit from healthy weight loss. Unfortunately, not all people with eating disorders or weight concerns respond to traditional therapeutic interventions; many continue to suffer significant symptoms even after treatment. What these clients need is an integrated therapeutic approach that will prove effective in the long run—like the scientifically backed methods in this much-needed clinical guide. Edited by Ann F. Hayos, Jason Lillis, Evan M. Forman, and Meghan L. Butryn; and with contributors including Kay Segal, Debra Safer, and Hugo Alberts; Mindfulness and Acceptance for Treating Eating Disorders and Weight Concerns is the first professional resource to incorporate a variety of proven-effective acceptance- and mindfulness-based approaches—such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)—into the treatment of persistent disordered eating, body image issues, and weight problems. With these evidence-based interventions, you’ll be ready to help your clients move beyond their problems with disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, and weight management once and for all.

Treatment of Eating Disorders

Treatment of Eating Disorders Author Margo Maine
ISBN-10 0123756693
Release 2010-09-08
Pages 526
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Eating disorders (EDs) affect at least 11 million people in the United States each year and spread across age, race, ethnicity and socio-economic class. While professional literature on the subject has grown a great deal in the past 30 years, it tends to be exclusively research-based and lacking expert clinical commentary on treatment. This volume focuses on just such commentary, with chapters authored by both expert clinicians and researchers. Core issues such as assessment and diagnosis, the correlation between EDs and weight and nutrition, and medical/psychiatric management are discussed, as are the underrepresented issues of treatment differences based on gender and culture, the applications of neuroscience, EDNOS, comorbid psychiatric disorders and the impact of psychiatric medications. This volume uniquely bridges the gap between theoretical findings and actual practice, borrowing a bench-to-bedside approach from medical research. Includes real-world clinical findings that will improve the level of care readers can provide, consolidated in one place Underrepresented issues such as gender, culture, EDNOS and comorbidity are covered in full Represents outstanding scholarship, with each chapter written by an expert in the topic area

Drawing from Within

Drawing from Within Author Lisa Hinz
ISBN-10 1846425433
Release 2006-07-15
Pages 192
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Drawing from Within is an introductory guide for those wanting to explore the use of art with clients with eating disorders. Art therapy is a particularly effective therapeutic intervention for this group, as it allows them to express uncomfortable thoughts and feelings through artistic media rather than having to explain them verbally. Lisa D. Hinz outlines the areas around which the therapist can design effective treatment programmes, covering family influences, body image, self-acceptance, problem solving and spirituality. Each area is discussed in a separate chapter and is accompanied by suggestions for exercises, with advice on materials to use and how to implement them. Case examples show how a therapy programme can be tailored to the individual client and photographs of client artwork illustrate the text throughout. Practical and accessible to practitioners at all levels of experience, this book gives new hope to therapists and other mental health professionals who want to explore the potential of using art with clients with eating disorders.

Making Weight

Making Weight Author Arnold Andersen
ISBN-10 093607759X
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 256
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The negative body-image epidemic that affects millions of women is also a hidden problem for millions of men. In spite of a decade-long emphasis on health and fitness - or perhaps because of it - more men are suffering from a variety of eating disorders and self-abusive behaviors. Using vignettes from their patients, the authors present a new program to help men overcome these problems. They offer ways to enhance self-image, facts about why diets fail, information about the dangers of using steroids, and a section for women who want to help the men in their life.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders Author Christopher G. Fairburn
ISBN-10 1606237675
Release 2008-04-21
Pages 324
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This book provides the first comprehensive guide to the practice of "enhanced" cognitive behavior therapy (CBT-E), the latest version of the leading empirically supported treatment for eating disorders. Written with the practitioner in mind, the book demonstrates how this transdiagnostic approach can be used with the full range of eating disorders seen in clinical practice. Christopher Fairburn and colleagues describe in detail how to tailor CBT-E to the needs of individual patients, and how to adapt it for adolescents and patients who require hospitalization. Also addressed are frequently encountered co-occurring disorders and how to manage them. Reproducible appendices feature the Eating Disorder Examination interview and questionnaire.

Night Eating Syndrome

Night Eating Syndrome Author Jennifer D. Lundgren
ISBN-10 9781462506408
Release 2012-08-20
Pages 299
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In one indispensable volume, this book combines a complete overview of night eating syndrome (NES) with evidence-based treatment guidelines and clinical tools. Experts in the field review the biological underpinnings of NES and its common comorbidities; explain how the basic science can inform clinical practice; and discuss issues in assessment and diagnosis. Vivid case examples are featured. Of special utility for clinicians, the book includes a manual for delivering an empirically supported cognitive-behavioral treatment protocol. Reproducible client forms can be photocopied from the book or downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating

Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating Author Karen R. Koenig
ISBN-10 9781442266636
Release 2017-01-12
Pages 260
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This book offers a new paradigm for doctors and health care providers treating patients with eating and weight concerns that replaces a failed, moralistic focus on weight and weight-loss with one of fostering health, well-being, self-efficacy, and effective self-care.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Author Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick
ISBN-10 1552979768
Release 2004
Pages 201
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Revised and updated. In a society where people have access to healthy, nutritious food, why do so many -- especially girls and young women - develop eating disorders that can lead to illness, psychological anguish, organ damage and death? This revised and updated edition of Eating Disorders provides expert advice on the causes, effects and treatment of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and a host of less familiar eating disorders. The authoritative text is non-technical and accessible. Topics include: Early warning signs Genetic predisposition Feeding disorders of infancy and early childhood Complicating factors such as pregnancy, diabetes and substance abuse The recovery process Updated medical and psychological treatment options Practical tips on how family and friends can help. The book is organized into the following chapters: Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa Other Eating Disorders Factors That Complicate Eating Disorders Understanding Eating Disorders Medical Treatment Medications That May Help Psychological Treatment The Road to Recovery. Supplemented by case studies and personal insights from men and women recovering from these conditions, Eating Disorders is an intelligent, sensitive guide to a complex and disturbingly common problem.


Bulimia Author Barbara G. Bauer
ISBN-10 0915202565
Release 1986-01-01
Pages 210
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This book was written for practitioners working with bulimic clients and for clients themselves. Bulimia is presented as a multidimensional problem requiring a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment. An introductory chapter presents six treatment sessions with a bulimic client which provide an overview of the experiences and attitudes of the bulimic client. Chapter 1 calls bulimia an epidemic of the 1980s, defines bulimia, examines causes, and presents another 6-session case. Chapter 2 focuses on medical aspects of bulimia, again using case examples to illustrate points. In chapter 3, the role of individual differences is explored. Chapter 4 concentrates on the fanatical pursuit of thinness. Chapter 5 looks at dieting and depression and chapter 6 examines personality dynamics of bulimics. Chapters 7 and 8 look at early and later stages of treatment, respectively. Physical exercise as a component of treatment is explained in chapter 9 and chapter 10 focuses on group therapy. Family issues in therapy are addressed in chapter 11 which looks at family characteristics of enmeshed families and suggests family interventions. Recovery issues are considered in chapter 12. Chapter 13 focuses on the dietitian's role in the team treatment of bulimia and discusses issues of nutrition and health. Chapter 14 focuses on technical aspects of bulimia. References are included. Both a content and a name index are provided. (NB)