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A War of Peoples 1914 1919

A War of Peoples 1914 1919 Author Adrian Gregory
ISBN-10 9780199542581
Release 2014-05
Pages 224
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This new perspective on the First World War offers a concise narrative of the war in its global context, from the first military actions in July 1914 to the signing of the peace treaty by Germany in July 1919, and explores how our understanding of the war has changed over time.

Peoples War

Peoples  War Author Tom Wintringham
ISBN-10 IND:32000011279652
Release 1942
Pages 96
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Peoples War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Peoples War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Peoples War book for free.

People s War

People s War Author Anthea Jeffery
ISBN-10 1868423573
Release 2009
Pages 634
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Fifteen years have passed since South Africans were being shot or hacked or burned to death in political conflict; and the memory of the trauma has faded. Some 20,500 people were nevertheless killed between 1984 and 1994. The conventional wisdom is that they died at the hands of a state-backed Third Force, but the more accurate explanation is that they died as a result of the people's war the ANC unleashed. As the people's war accelerated from September 1984, intimidation and political killings rapidly accelerated. At the same time, a remarkably effective propaganda campaign put the blame for violence on the National Party government and its alleged Inkatha surrogate. Sympathy for the ANC soared, while its rivals suffered crippling losses in credibility and support. By 1993 the ANC was able to dominate the negotiating process, as well as to control the (undefeated) South African police and army and bend them to its will. By mid-1994 it had trounced its rivals and taken over government. Since 1994, many books have been written on South Africa's political transition, but none deals adequately with the people's war. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission should have covered this, but largely overlooked it. This book shows the extraordinary success of people's war in giving the ANC a virtual monopoly on power. It also shows, in part at least, the great cost at which this was achieved. Apart from the killings, the terror, and the destruction that marked the period from 1984 to 1994, the people's war set in motion forces that cannot easily be reversed. For violence cannot be turned off "like a tap" as the ANC suggested, and neither can anarchy easily be converted into order.

Which People s War

Which People s War Author Sonya O. Rose
ISBN-10 9780199273171
Release 2004
Pages 328
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Which People's War? examines how national belonging, or British national identity, was envisaged in the public culture of the World War II home front. Using materials from newspapers, magazines, films, novels, diaries, letters, and all sorts of public documents, it explores such questions as: who was included as 'British' and what did it mean to be British? How did the British describe themselves as a singular people, and what were the consequences of those depictions? It also examines the several meanings of citizenship elaborated in various discussions concerning the British nation at war. This investigation of the powerful constructions of national identity and understandings of citizenship circulating in Britain during the Second World War exposes their multiple and contradictory consequences at the time. It reveals the fragility of any singular conception of 'Britishness' even during a war that involved the total mobilization of the country's citizenry and cost 400,000 British civilian lives.

People s War

People s War Author Noel Rae
ISBN-10 9780762777204
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 624
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This is the story of one of history's great events, the Revolutionary War, told almost entirely in the words of the soldiers and sailors who fought it and the civilians who endured it. Drawing on thousands of original sources---diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers, pension applications---the author has culled the most colorful and vivid passages and then woven them into a vibrant, eye-witness narrative that takes the reader from the peaceful days before the Stamp Act, through all the major events of the war, and ends with farewell accounts of what happened in later life to the people we have come to know along the way. Some of these, like Franklin, Washington, Adams and George III, are familiar figures, but most were ordinary people, little known to history, but here briefly emerging from obscurity to tell of what they did in those exciting and important times: a farm boy who ran away to sea at the age of twelve, a New England shoemaker who kept volunteering for further service to the dismay of his wife who wanted him home, a professor of divinity at Yale who took up his musket when the British raided New Haven, a pretty young widow who was roughed up when her plantation was raided by Tory ruffians and a cross-eyed termagant who gunned two such villains when they invaded her log-cabin, a German student of poetry dragooned into a Hessian regiment, a Quaker housewife trying to hold things together in British-occupied Philadelphia, an Indian warrior who seems to have relished his part in the Cherry Valley Massacre, a slave who escaped to the British after witnessing his mother being flogged, an aristocratic French officer enamored with the cause of liberty, a genial Englishman shocked at the baseness of the rebels---these are but a few of the people whose collective voices, drawn from all sides of the conflict, bring the Revolution to life in a way that is as unique as it is entertaining. It is also history at its most authoritative, for who better qualified to tell what happened than the people who were there?

A People s War

A People s War Author Jeffrey R. Smith
ISBN-10 076183642X
Release 2007
Pages 213
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This project explores the manner in which one form of political legitimacy came to overtake another, the enfranchisement of the Volk at the expense of monarchy during World War I Germany. The project begins with the "festive year" 1913, when the Wilhelmine regime celebrated the centennial of the Wars of Liberation as well as Kaiser Wilhelm II's Silver Jubilee. In these ceremonies the monarchy attempted to legitimize itself before the German public, but failed to achieve broad, popular participation. The study then shifts to the nationalist demonstrations of July-August 1914, their problematic relationship to the police, and the regime that ultimately came to fear these aggressive and spontaneous patriotic displays. Not only does the kaiser never engage the crowds, but he emerges as a distant and shadowy figure when juxtaposed to these vibrant throngs. The project then investigates the persistent translation of the war from an official to a popular version beginning in August 1914, which the government was unable to shape, direct, or control. These popular manifestations of the war included the interactions of rumors and crowds, celebrations of new wartime heroes independent of the kaiser, and new forms of popular mobilization that contributed to the ultimate collapse of the Wilhelmine monarchy in November 1918.

Autopsy on people s war

Autopsy on people s war Author Chalmers A. Johnson
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105000118898
Release 1973
Pages 118
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Autopsy on people s war has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Autopsy on people s war also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Autopsy on people s war book for free.

People s War People s Army

People s War  People s Army Author Vo Nguyen Giap
ISBN-10 0898753716
Release 2001-06-01
Pages 232
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Vo Nguyen Giap, Southeast Asia's most successful Communist general, Minister of Defense and Commander in Chief of North Vietnam's army, shares with Premier Khrushchev a conviction that the future holds many "just wars of national liberation." This volume stresses the climate of Asia, Africa, and Latin American, torn today by anticolonial, economic, and political upheavals. It is General Giap's purpose in this book, originally published in 1962, to guide these struggles to the desired "socialist" victory. The speeches and essays that comprise this key document provide not only the tactical doctrine for effective insurgency operations, but also the political guidelines for enlisting the people in the insurgents' side.

A People s History of the Second World War

A People s History of the Second World War Author Donny Gluckstein
ISBN-10 0745328024
Release 2012-06-15
Pages 256
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A People's History of the Second World War unearths the fascinating history of the war as fought "from below." Until now, the vast majority of historical accounts have focused on the regular armies of the allied powers. Donny Gluckstein shows that an important part of the fighting involved people's militias struggling against not just fascism, but also colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism itself. Gluckstein argues that despite this radical element, which was fighting on the ground, the allied governments were more interested in creating a new order to suit their interests. He shows how various anti-fascist resistance movements in Poland, Greece, Italy, and elsewhere were betrayed by the Allies despite playing a decisive part in defeating the Nazis. This book will fundamentally challenge our understanding of the Second World War – both about the people who fought it and the reasons for which it was fought.

A People s History of the Civil War

A People s History of the Civil War Author David Williams
ISBN-10 9781595587473
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 594
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Bottom-up history at its very best, A People’s History of the Civil War "does for the Civil War period what Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States did for the study of American history in general" (Library Journal). Widely praised upon its initial release, it was described as "meticulously researched and persuasively argued" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Historian David Williams has written the first account of the American Civil War though the eyes of ordinary people—foot soldiers, slaves, women, prisoners of war, draft resisters, Native Americans, and others. Richly illustrated with little-known anecdotes and first-hand testimony, this pathbreaking narrative moves beyond presidents and generals to tell a new and powerful story about America’s most destructive conflict. A People’s History of the Civil War is "readable social history" that "sheds fascinating light" (Publishers Weekly) on this crucial period. In so doing it recovers the long-overlooked perspectives and forgotten voices of one of the defining chapters of American history.

God s Almost Chosen Peoples

God s Almost Chosen Peoples Author George C. Rable
ISBN-10 0807899313
Release 2010-11-29
Pages 586
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Throughout the Civil War, soldiers and civilians on both sides of the conflict saw the hand of God in the terrible events of the day, but the standard narratives of the period pay scant attention to religion. Now, in God's Almost Chosen Peoples, Lincoln Prize-winning historian George C. Rable offers a groundbreaking account of how Americans of all political and religious persuasions used faith to interpret the course of the war. Examining a wide range of published and unpublished documents--including sermons, official statements from various churches, denominational papers and periodicals, and letters, diaries, and newspaper articles--Rable illuminates the broad role of religion during the Civil War, giving attention to often-neglected groups such as Mormons, Catholics, blacks, and people from the Trans-Mississippi region. The book underscores religion's presence in the everyday lives of Americans north and south struggling to understand the meaning of the conflict, from the tragedy of individual death to victory and defeat in battle and even the ultimate outcome of the war. Rable shows that themes of providence, sin, and judgment pervaded both public and private writings about the conflict. Perhaps most important, this volume--the only comprehensive religious history of the war--highlights the resilience of religious faith in the face of political and military storms the likes of which Americans had never before endured.

Military Art of People s War

Military Art of People s War Author Vo Nguyen Giap
ISBN-10 9780853451938
Release 1970-08
Pages 342
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This collection includes the major writings of General Giap, who, on the evidence of his record as well as his theoretical work, has long been recognized as one of the military geniuses of modern times. The book includes writings from the 1940s to the end of the 1960s.

A People s History of World War II

A People s History of World War II Author Marc Favreau
ISBN-10 9781595581662
Release 2011
Pages 276
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Presents interviews, photographs, letters, oral histories, stories, eyewitness accounts, and excerpts from historical writings from different perspectives on a wide variety of topics related to the Second World War.

Other People s Wars

Other People s Wars Author Nicky Hager
ISBN-10 1877517690
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 439
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The 'war on terror' in Afghanistan and beyond has been the longest foreign war in New Zealand history, yet most New Zealanders know almost nothing about their country's part in it. For ten years, nearly everything controversial or potentially unpopular was kept secret, and obscured by a steady flow of military public relations stories. Based on thousands of leaked New Zealand military and intelligence documents, extensive interviews with military and intelligence officers and eye-witness accounts from the soldiers on the ground, Nicky Hager tells the story of these years. New Zealand was far more involved than the public realised in this crucial period of world history. He tells how the military and bureaucracy used the war on terror to pursue private agendas, even when this meant misleading and ignoring the decisions of the elected government.

The People s War

The People s War Author Robert W. Thurston
ISBN-10 0252026004
Release 2000
Pages 275
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The People's War lifts the Stalinist veil of secrecy to probe an almost untold side of World War II: the experiences of the Soviet people themselves. Going beyond dry and faceless military accounts of the eastern front of the "Great Patriotic War" and the Soviet state's one-dimensional "heroic People," this volume explores how ordinary citizens responded to the war, Stalinist leadership, and Nazi invasion.Drawing on a wealth of archival and recently published material, contributors detail the calculated destruction of a Jewish town by the Germans and present a chilling picture of life in occupied Minsk. They look at the cultural developments of the war as well as the wartime experience of intellectuals, for whom the period was a time of relative freedom. They discuss women's myriad roles in combat and other spheres of activity. They also reassess the behavior and morale of ordinary Red Army troops and offer new conclusions about early crushing defeats at the hands of the Germans - defeats that were officially explained as cowardice on the part of high officers.A frank investigation of civilian life behind the front lines, The People's War provides a detailed, balanced picture of the Stalinist USSR by describing not only the command structure and repressive power of the state but also how people reacted to them, cooperated with or opposed them, and adapted or ignored central policy in their own ways. By putting the Soviet people back in their war, this volume helps restore the range and complexity of human experience to one of history's most savage periods.

The People s War

The People s War Author Angus Calder
ISBN-10 9781448103102
Release 2012-07-31
Pages 672
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The Second World War was, for Britain, a 'total war'; no section of society remained untouched by military conscription, air raids, the shipping crisis and the war economy. In this comprehensive and engrossing narrative Angus Calder presents not only the great events and leading figures but also the oddities and banalities of daily life on the Home Front, and in particular the parts played by ordinary people: air raid wardens and Home Guards, factory workers and farmers, housewives and pacifists. Above all this revisionist and important work reveals how, in those six years, the British people came closer to discarding their social conventions than at any time since Cromwell's republic. Winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys prize in 1970, The People’s War draws on oral testimony and a mass of neglected social documentation to question the popularised image of national unity in the fight for victory.

On Protracted War

On Protracted War Author Mao Tse-Tung
ISBN-10 0898751799
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 124
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Eleven years before the founding of the People's Republic of China, and ten months into the Japanese invasion of China, Mao's discussion of protracted war provides fascinating historical insights through an original source document discussing the "War of Resistance".