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Why Evolution Works and Creationism Fails

Why Evolution Works  and Creationism Fails Author Matt Young
ISBN-10 0813548640
Release 2009-05-15
Pages 224
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Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) is an impassioned argument in favor of science—primarily the theory of evolution—and against creationism. Why impassioned? Should not scientists be dispassionate in their work? “Perhaps,” write the authors, “but it is impossible to remain neutral when our most successful scientific theories are under attack, for religious and other reasons, by laypeople and even some scientists who willfully distort scientific findings and use them for their own purposes.” Focusing on what other books omit, how science works and how pseudoscience works, Matt Young and Paul K. Strode demonstrate the futility of “scientific” creationism. They debunk the notion of intelligent design and other arguments that show evolution could not have produced life in its present form. Concluding with a frank discussion of science and religion, Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) argues that science by no means excludes religion, though it ought tocast doubt on certain religious claims that are contrary to known scientific fact.

The Three Failures of Creationism

The Three Failures of Creationism Author Walter M. Fitch
ISBN-10 9780520270534
Release 2012-02-04
Pages 177
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“This thoughtful book is a sophisticated baloney detector for digesting the offal that creationists try to pass off as steak. The late Walter Fitch demonstrates that the logic and language of science depart from the delusions of creationism.”--Tim M. Berra, author of /i/Charles Darwin: The Concise Story of an Extraordinary Man //i/and /i/Evolution and the Myth of Creationism//i/ "Half a century ago, the structure and logic of science was taught in science departments, but these tasks are now relegated to departments of history and philosophy of science, where scientists seldom tread. This book shows us why scientists need to learn logic from scientists, and how they can. Walter Fitch's examples range from astronomy to DNA, and he manages to show at every turn how the assumptions of anti-evolutionists and other foes of science defeat themselves. This book should be part of every science curriculum, read by all students--and their professors. Fitch has left us a masterpiece."—Kevin Padian, University of California, Berkeley “Walter Fitch makes a strong case: Creationism violates the evidence from scientific investigations, misrepresents the interpretation of primary religious documents, utterly fails as a logical presentation, and does so in blasts of unjustified rhetoric."—Richard E. Dickerson, University of California, Los Angeles “Into this concise book late Walter Fitch poured his commitment to explaining evolution and his conviction that an understanding of logic and of scientific methods would lead the reader to see the strengths of evolutionary biology and the deficiencies of creationism.”—Joe Felsenstein, University of Washington

Why Intelligent Design Fails

Why Intelligent Design Fails Author Matt Young
ISBN-10 0813538726
Release 2006
Pages 238
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Is Darwinian evolution established fact, or a dogma ready to be overtaken by intelligent design? This is the debate raging in courtrooms and classrooms across the country. Why Intelligent Design Fails assembles a team of physicists, biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and archaeologists to examine intelligent design from a scientific perspective. They consistently find grandiose claims without merit. Contributors take intelligent design's two most famous claims - irreducible complexity and information-based arguments - and show that neither challenges Darwinian evolution. They also discuss thermodynamics and self-organization, the ways human design is actually identified in fields such as forensic archaeology, how research in machine intelligence indicates that intelligence itself is the product of chance and necessity, and cosmological fine tuning arguments. Intelligent design turns out to be a scientific mistake, but a mistake whose details highlight the amazing power of Darwinian thinking and the wonders of a complex world without design.

Science Evolution and Creationism

Science  Evolution  and Creationism Author Committee on Revising Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences
ISBN-10 0309105862
Release 2007-12-28
Pages 88
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How did life evolve on Earth? The answer to this question can help us understand our past and prepare for our future. Although evolution provides credible and reliable answers, polls show that many people turn away from science, seeking other explanations with which they are more comfortable. In the book Science, Evolution, and Creationism, a group of experts assembled by the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine explain the fundamental methods of science, document the overwhelming evidence in support of biological evolution, and evaluate the alternative perspectives offered by advocates of various kinds of creationism, including "intelligent design." The book explores the many fascinating inquiries being pursued that put the science of evolution to work in preventing and treating human disease, developing new agricultural products, and fostering industrial innovations. The book also presents the scientific and legal reasons for not teaching creationist ideas in public school science classes. Mindful of school board battles and recent court decisions, Science, Evolution, and Creationism shows that science and religion should be viewed as different ways of understanding the world rather than as frameworks that are in conflict with each other and that the evidence for evolution can be fully compatible with religious faith. For educators, students, teachers, community leaders, legislators, policy makers, and parents who seek to understand the basis of evolutionary science, this publication will be an essential resource.

Creation and Evolution

Creation and Evolution Author Alan Hayward
ISBN-10 9781597520614
Release 2005-01-26
Pages 240
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Even non-Christian scientists are attacking the traditional evolutionary theory still taught in many schools as fact. In 'Creation and Evolution' British physicist Dr. Alan Hayward draws evidence solely from these non-Christian researchers to discredit gradual evolution and Darwin's mechanism of natural selection. Hayward also examines in detail young earth theories, flood geology, and geological testimony to an ancient earth. In the end he suggests a surprising interpretation of Genesis that argues for both a historical Adam and creation over eons of time. Bowing neither to theistic evolution nor scientific creationism, Hayward writes from the perspective of a Christian physicist committed both to a high view of Scripture and to rigorous honesty with scientific data.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel Author Robert T. Pennock
ISBN-10 9780262264051
Release 2000-02-28
Pages 452
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In Tower of Babel, philosopher Robert Pennock compares the views of the new creationists with those of the old and reveals the insubstantiality of their arguments. One of Pennock's major innovations is to turn from biological evolution to the less-charged subject of linguistic evolution, which has strong theoretical parallels with biological evolution both in content and in the sort of evidence scientists use to draw conclusions about origins Several chapters deal with the work of Phillip Johnson, a highly influential leader of the new creationists. Pennock explains how science uses naturalism and discusses the relationship between factual and moral issues in the creationism-evolution controversy. The book also includes a discussion of Darwin's own shift from creationist to evolutionist and an extended argument for keeping private religious beliefs separate from public scientific knowledge.

Evolutionary Creation

Evolutionary Creation Author Denis O. Lamoureux
ISBN-10 9780718842840
Release 2014-12-25
Pages 514
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In this provocative book, evolutionist and evangelical Christian Denis O. Lamoureux proposes an approach to origins that moves beyond the 'evolution-versus-creation' debate. Arguing for an intimate relationship between the "Book of God's Words" and the "Book of God's Works", he presents evolutionary creation - a position that asserts that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created the universe and life through an ordained and sustained evolutionary process. This view of origins affirms intelligent design and the belief that beauty, complexity and functionality in nature reflect the mind of God. Lamoureux also challenges the popular Christian assumption that the Holy Spirit revealed scientific and historical facts in the opening chapters of the Bible. He contends that 'Scripture features an ancient understanding of origins that functions as vessel to deliver inerrant and infallible messages of faith'. Lamoureux shares his personal story and his struggle in coming to terms with evolution and Christianity. Like many, he lost his boyhood faith at university in classes on evolutionary biology. After graduation, he experienced a born-again conversion and then embraced belief in a literal six-day creation. Graduate school training at the doctoral level in both theology and biology led him to the conclusion that God created the world through evolution. Lamoureux closes with the two most important issues in the origins controversy - the pastoral and pedagogical implications. How should churches approach this volatile topic? And what should Christians teach their children about origins?

Evidence and Evolution

Evidence and Evolution Author Elliott Sober
ISBN-10 9781139470117
Release 2008-03-27
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How should the concept of evidence be understood? And how does the concept of evidence apply to the controversy about creationism as well as to work in evolutionary biology about natural selection and common ancestry? In this rich and wide-ranging book, Elliott Sober investigates general questions about probability and evidence and shows how the answers he develops to those questions apply to the specifics of evolutionary biology. Drawing on a set of fascinating examples, he analyzes whether claims about intelligent design are untestable; whether they are discredited by the fact that many adaptations are imperfect; how evidence bears on whether present species trace back to common ancestors; how hypotheses about natural selection can be tested, and many other issues. His book will interest all readers who want to understand philosophical questions about evidence and evolution, as they arise both in Darwin's work and in contemporary biological research.


Undeniable Author Bill Nye
ISBN-10 9781250007131
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 320
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Revealing the mechanics of evolutionary theory, the scientist, engineer and inventor presents a compelling argument for the scientific unviability of creationism and insists that creationism's place in the science classroom is harmful not only to our children, but to the future of the greater world as well.

Defending Evolution in the Classroom

Defending Evolution in the Classroom Author Brian J. Alters
ISBN-10 0763711187
Release 2001
Pages 261
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This handbook explains why so many students reject evolution and helps science instructors better understand students' Creationist beliefs.

Mere Creation

Mere Creation Author William A. Dembski
ISBN-10 0830815155
Release 1998-09-28
Pages 475
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In this book a team of expert academics trained in mathematics, engineering, philosophy, physical anthropology, physics, astrophysics, biology and more investigate the prospects for intelligent design. Edited by William Dembski.

Evolution or Creation

Evolution or Creation Author Albert Debenedictis
ISBN-10 9781493168859
Release 2014-04-02
Pages 778
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This book is designed to share the research on the origins of the universe and the origins of life with those who are truly interested in making their decisions regarding origins as well as those who are simply curious about opposing views.

From Genesis to Genetics

From Genesis to Genetics Author John A. Moore
ISBN-10 9780520240667
Release 2003-09-15
Pages 239
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"A marvelous and insightful review of the creationism/evolution controversy by an individual who has contributed immeasurably to the public understanding of science."—Lee Hood, author of The Code of Codes: Scientific and Social Issues in the Human Genome Project "I know of no book that explains the evolution/creation controversy in such a comprehensive manner, and yet in a style that will be understood by high school students. It demarcates those areas of thought that belong to faith-supported religion on the one hand, and reason-supported science on the other without denigrating either."—Richard E. Dickerson, UCLA "There are few scientists as knowledgeable and clear about how science works, and as thoughtful about the creation and evolution controversy as John A. Moore. A product of Moore's wisdom and his over 60 years experience as a brilliant and productive scholar, From Genesis to Genetics will bring understanding to both citizens and scientists who are grappling with the contentious issues of science and religion, evolution and creationism."—Eugenie C. Scott, Executive Director, National Center for Science Education

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism Author Aron Ra
ISBN-10 9781634310796
Release 2016-10-01
Pages 440
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Religious fundamentalists and biblical literalists present any number of arguments that attempt to disprove evolution. Those with a sympathetic ear often fail to critically examine these creationist claims, leading to an ill-informed public and, perhaps more troubling, ill-advised public policy. As Aron Ra makes clear, however, every single argument deployed by creationists in their attacks on evolution is founded on fundamental scientific, religious, and historical falsehoods–all of them. Among their most popular claims is that evolution is a religion, that there are no transitional species, that there are no beneficial mutations, and that supposedly sacred scripture is the infallible word of God. Yet, as the evidence and data plainly show, each of these claims is demonstrably and unequivocally false. There is simply no truth to creationism whatsoever, and the entire enterprise rests on a foundation of falsehoods. This book explains and exposes the worst of these lies, and should be read by all who honestly care about following the evidence no matter where it might lead in pursuit of the truth.

Icons of Evolution

Icons of Evolution Author Jonathan Wells
ISBN-10 9781596985339
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 338
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Everything you were taught about evolution is wrong.

Confronting creationism

Confronting creationism Author Australian Institute of Biology
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105033005179
Release 1987-01
Pages 157
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Confronting creationism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Confronting creationism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Confronting creationism book for free.

Chronology of the Evolution creationism Controversy

Chronology of the Evolution creationism Controversy Author Randy Moore
ISBN-10 9780313362873
Release 2010
Pages 454
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Chronicles the conflict between science-based and faith-based views of evolution and creation over three thousand years.