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Why Evolution Works and Creationism Fails

Why Evolution Works  and Creationism Fails Author Matt Young
ISBN-10 0813548640
Release 2009-05-15
Pages 224
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Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) is an impassioned argument in favor of science—primarily the theory of evolution—and against creationism. Why impassioned? Should not scientists be dispassionate in their work? “Perhaps,” write the authors, “but it is impossible to remain neutral when our most successful scientific theories are under attack, for religious and other reasons, by laypeople and even some scientists who willfully distort scientific findings and use them for their own purposes.” Focusing on what other books omit, how science works and how pseudoscience works, Matt Young and Paul K. Strode demonstrate the futility of “scientific” creationism. They debunk the notion of intelligent design and other arguments that show evolution could not have produced life in its present form. Concluding with a frank discussion of science and religion, Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) argues that science by no means excludes religion, though it ought tocast doubt on certain religious claims that are contrary to known scientific fact.

Evolution or Creation

Evolution or Creation Author Albert DeBenedictis
ISBN-10 9781493168859
Release 2014-04-02
Pages 698
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This book is designed to share the research on the origins of the universe and the origins of life with those who are truly interested in making their decisions regarding origins as well as those who are simply curious about opposing views.

Chronology of the Evolution creationism Controversy

Chronology of the Evolution creationism Controversy Author Randy Moore
ISBN-10 9780313362873
Release 2010
Pages 454
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Chronicles the conflict between science-based and faith-based views of evolution and creation over three thousand years.

Evolution and Religion in American Education

Evolution and Religion in American Education Author David E. Long
ISBN-10 940071808X
Release 2011-08-03
Pages 190
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Evolution and Religion in American Education shines a light into one of America’s dark educational corners, exposing the regressive pedagogy that can invade science classrooms when school boards and state overseers take their eyes off the ball. It sets out to examine the development of college students’ attitudes towards biological evolution through their lives. The fascinating insights provided by interviewing students about their world views adds up to a compelling case for additional scrutiny of the way young people’s educational experiences unfold as they consider—and indeed in some cases reject—one of science’s strongest and most cogent theoretical constructs. Inevitably, open discussion and consideration of the theory of evolution can chip away at the mental framework constructed by Creationists, eroding the foundations of their faith. The conceptual battleground is so fraught with logical challenges to Creationist dogma that in a number of cases students’ exposure to such dangerous ideas is actively prevented. This book provides a detailed map of this astonishing struggle in today’s America—a struggle many had thought was done and dusted with the onset of the Enlightenment.

Why Intelligent Design Fails

Why Intelligent Design Fails Author Matt Young
ISBN-10 0813538726
Release 2006
Pages 238
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Is Darwinian evolution established fact, or a dogma ready to be overtaken by intelligent design? This is the debate raging in courtrooms and classrooms across the country. Why Intelligent Design Fails assembles a team of physicists, biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and archaeologists to examine intelligent design from a scientific perspective. They consistently find grandiose claims without merit. Contributors take intelligent design's two most famous claims - irreducible complexity and information-based arguments - and show that neither challenges Darwinian evolution. They also discuss thermodynamics and self-organization, the ways human design is actually identified in fields such as forensic archaeology, how research in machine intelligence indicates that intelligence itself is the product of chance and necessity, and cosmological fine tuning arguments. Intelligent design turns out to be a scientific mistake, but a mistake whose details highlight the amazing power of Darwinian thinking and the wonders of a complex world without design.

Evolution and Creationism in the Public Schools

Evolution and Creationism in the Public Schools Author Angus M. Gunn
ISBN-10 0786427175
Release 2004-09-10
Pages 199
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In United States public schools, the content being taught in all subjects is determined by specialists who have the expertise necessary for the task. Parents don't insist on their opinions being part of curricular decisions. History, mathematics and literature classes, for example, generally enjoy full acceptance by parents and others. The science curriculum, however, is unique in that it has faced long-time opposition that shows little sign of lessening. Most notably, a controversy has arisen around biological evolution. Part history and part handbook, this carefully neutral work examines the origins of the opposition to biological evolution, its long and deep-seated history, and the reasons why it hasn't been resolved. Key terms--including creationism, evolution, intelligent design, and theory, among others--are defined at length, and erroneous understandings are addressed. Solutions are suggested so that the energies of school administrators and teachers may focus on their main task, the improvement of learning. State-by-state science standards are covered, and several models for biological science curricula are offered. Presented in a highly readable style, this study is intended for use by students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and community leaders alike, as well as others interested in the controversy.

Approaching God Enns

Approaching God  Enns Author Paul Enns
ISBN-10 0825493625
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Approaching God Enns has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Approaching God Enns also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Approaching God Enns book for free.

Biological Evolution

Biological Evolution Author Auletta Gennaro
ISBN-10 9788878391802
Release 2011
Pages 747
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As a well-established scientific fact, biological evolution still provokes heated debates all over the world about its compatibility with religious beliefs. Moreover, the Darwinian theory, although remaining the general framework of life sciences, is in itself undergoing a sort of evolution by virtue of recent advancements in different biological disciplines, which lead to better assess the ideas that Darwin introduced more than 150 years ago. Finally, both the scientific fact of evolution and the Darwinian theory are concerns of philosophy and theology in relation to difficult issues such as the teleology ascribable to the realm of life, the meaning and relevance of ontological emergence, the mechanist and reductionist view of living beings, the level of complexity peculiar to biological systems, the relationships between evolution and Creation, the presence of contingency in nature, the ontological discontinuity between animals and the human being, and so on. The Conference held at the Pontifical Gregorian University represented a multidisciplinary attempt at dealing with such a cluster of intellectual problems, and this volume of proceedings testifies not only the event in its uniqueness but also the efforts made in order to establish a true dialogue beyond any kind of cheap agreement or ideological closure. The volume gathers the contributions provided by 37 prominent scholars - scientists, philosophers and theologians - coming from major academic institutions like the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Stanford University, the College de France, the University of California, the University of Arizona, the Institute Catholique de Toulouse, the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences, and the University of Notre Dame that also participated to the organization of the Conference. Even if a lot of work is still to be done, this volume shows that important steps have been made towards a critical view of biological evolution, in which an appropriate philosophical mediation allows scientific knowledge and theological reflection to profitably interact. This seems crucial for establishing a culture that is both updated and an appropriate context for the human development of future generations.

Theos kai monterna physik

Theos kai monterna physik  Author Paul Charles William Davies
ISBN-10 OCLC:220500192
Release 198?
Pages 382
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Theos kai monterna physik has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Theos kai monterna physik also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Theos kai monterna physik book for free.

Evolution and Dogma

Evolution and Dogma Author John Augustine Zahm
ISBN-10 UOM:39015065975222
Release 1896
Pages 461
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Evolution and Dogma has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Evolution and Dogma also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Evolution and Dogma book for free.

Impeaching Mere Creationism

Impeaching Mere Creationism Author Philip Frymire
ISBN-10 1469731061
Release 2000-04-11
Pages 116
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Creationism has made a comeback recently by becoming supposedly more sophisticated. There is, however, nothing new in the arguments of recent intelligent design creationists. There is no substance to their claims and evolutionary biologists do not take them seriously. Nevertheless, creationists have recently made news by stealthily taking over the Kansas State Board of Education and the Oklahoma State Textbook Committee. They have used this power to remove evolution from the science standards in Kansas and to require that textbooks used in Oklahoma include an evolution disclaimer. Similar efforts are being made in many states. Creationists often use the arguments of the apparent leader of the new creationism, University of California at Berkeley law professor Phillip E. Johnson. Johnson has written several books aimed at the general public which are highly critical of Darwinism. Impeaching Mere Creationism provides a concise, non-technical, common sense rebuttal to the claims of Johnson and other intelligent design creationists.


Evolution Author Donald R. Prothero
ISBN-10 9780231511421
Release 2007-11-22
Pages 408
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Over the past twenty years, paleontologists have made tremendous fossil discoveries, including fossils that mark the growth of whales, manatees, and seals from land mammals and the origins of elephants, horses, and rhinos. Today there exists an amazing diversity of fossil humans, suggesting we walked upright long before we acquired large brains, and new evidence from molecules that enable scientists to decipher the tree of life as never before. The fossil record is now one of the strongest lines of evidence for evolution. In this engaging and richly illustrated book, Donald R. Prothero weaves an entertaining though intellectually rigorous history out of the transitional forms and series that dot the fossil record. Beginning with a brief discussion of the nature of science and the "monkey business of creationism," Prothero tackles subjects ranging from flood geology and rock dating to neo-Darwinism and macroevolution. He covers the ingredients of the primordial soup, the effects of communal living, invertebrate transitions, the development of the backbone, the reign of the dinosaurs, the mammalian explosion, and the leap from chimpanzee to human. Prothero pays particular attention to the recent discovery of "missing links" that complete the fossil timeline and details the debate between biologists over the mechanisms driving the evolutionary process. Evolution is an absorbing combination of firsthand observation, scientific discovery, and trenchant analysis. With the teaching of evolution still an issue, there couldn't be a better moment for a book clarifying the nature and value of fossil evidence. Widely recognized as a leading expert in his field, Prothero demonstrates that the transformation of life on this planet is far more awe inspiring than the narrow view of extremists.

Breaking the Spell

Breaking the Spell Author Daniel C. Dennett
ISBN-10 110121886X
Release 2006-02-02
Pages 464
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For all the thousands of books that have been written about religion, few until this one have attempted to examine it scientifically: to ask why—and how—it has shaped so many lives so strongly. Is religion a product of blind evolutionary instinct or rational choice? Is it truly the best way to live a moral life? Ranging through biology, history, and psychology, Daniel C. Dennett charts religion’s evolution from “wild” folk belief to “domesticated” dogma. Not an antireligious screed but an unblinking look beneath the veil of orthodoxy, Breaking the Spell will be read and debated by believers and skeptics alike.

Christ and the Cosmos

Christ and the Cosmos Author E. H. Andrews
ISBN-10 0852342209
Release 1986-01-01
Pages 128
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The evolutionary scenario for the origin of life is almost universally accepted and taught. Yet against this stands the Christian contention for a biblical view of origins. In this, Professor Andrews' last work, he moves on from the basic evolution/creation debate to examine our whole concept of the creationist position. Can creationism be proved by scientific evidence? Indeed, how much weight should we give to scientific findings in relation to biblical teaching? Professor Andrews contends that if our concept of the cosmos is to be a true one, then the Christ of the Bible must be at the centre of our thinking. Nay theory of origins, whether scientific creationism or evolution, that fails at this point is equally false. Only in Christ, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, can Christian faith find its ultimate and glorious fulfilment.

The Species Problem

The Species Problem Author David N. Stamos
ISBN-10 073910778X
Release 2003
Pages 380
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Stamos squarely confronts the problem of determining what a biological species is, whether species are real, and the nature of their reality. He critically considers the evolution of the major contemporary views of species and also offers his own solution to the species problem.

The Creation Hypothesis

The Creation Hypothesis Author James Porter Moreland
ISBN-10 0830816984
Release 1994-04-19
Pages 335
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P.J. Moreland and a panel of scholars examine arguments and evidence from astronomy, physics, bio-chemistry, paleontology, and linguistics as they evaluate the creation hypothesis.

Biblical Creation Truth

Biblical Creation Truth Author Joaozinho Da S. F. a. Martins
ISBN-10 9781619965690
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 490
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"BIBLICAL CREATION TRUTH" differs from the traditional and recent controversial theories of creationism. Contrary to the prevailing confusing theories of creation, the "heavens and earth" of Genesis 1:1 were perfect (Deuteronomy 32:4) and beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Genesis 1:1, in just one short blessed sentence, covers within its grasp the 'totality of a perfect creation'. This fact is corroborated by Proverbs 8:22-31 narrating the primeval creation. In no way, Proverbs 8:27-31 are 'parallel' with Genesis1:3-31 but actually complement Genesis 1:1 with additional details. Next, Proverbs 8:27- 31 does not mention chaos on the primeval earth thereby proving that the chaos of Genesis 1:2 was of later occurrence. Moreover, Proverbs 8:26c -31 prove that the original earth was teemed with life, including pre-adamic 'sons of men' in whom Wisdom delighted. This could not be the case after Adam's fall. Undoubtedly, a faulty interpretation of Genesis 1:1-31 and Exodus 20:11 lies behind the 'battle for a true view of the beginning'. If these Scriptures, along with Proverbs 8:22-31, were objectively interpreted, taking into account Genesis 2:4a relating to beginnings, it would be clear that there were two beginnings of God's creative works; one, in the eternity past (2 Peter 3:5) and the other, in the realm of time (2 Peter 3:7), leaving no room for any debate relating to the origins or the age of the universe. It's time we admit our failure to consider all the Scriptures relating to creation and interpret the biblical creation accounts appropriately! And next, with faith, come to grips with the actual revealed Biblical Creation Truth, for 'His Name's sake'; even as we look forward to the creation of new heavens and earth in the eternity future (2 Peter 3:13)!