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Why Market Socialism Voices from Dissent

Why Market Socialism   Voices from Dissent Author Frank Roosevelt
ISBN-10 9781315286679
Release 2016-09-16
Pages 412
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A collection of essays on market socialism, originally published in Dissent between 1985 and 1993. Among other topics, they take issue with the traditional view that socialism means rejecting the use of markets to organise economic activities, and question the reliance upon markets.

Economy Difference Empire

Economy  Difference  Empire Author Gary Dorrien
ISBN-10 9780231526296
Release 2010-10-22
Pages 496
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Sourcing the major traditions of progressive Christian social ethics-social gospel liberalism, Niebuhrian realism, and liberation theology-Gary Dorrien argues for the social-ethical necessity of social justice politics. In carefully reasoned essays, he focuses on three broad subjects: the ethics and politics of economic justice; racial and gender justice; and anti-militarism, and makes a constructive case for economic democracy, a liberationist understanding of racial and gender justice, and an anti-imperial form of liberal internationalism. In Dorrien's view, the three major discourse traditions of progressive Christian social ethics share a fundamental commitment to transform the structures of society in the direction of social justice. His reflections on these topics feature extensive and innovative analyses of major figures, such as Walter Rauschenbusch, Reinhold Niebuhr, James Burnham, Norman Thomas, and Michael Harrington, and contemporary intellectuals, such as Rosemary R. Ruether, Katie Cannon, Gregory Baum, and Cornel West. Dorrien also weaves his personal experiences into his narrative, especially his involvement in social justice movements. The volume features a special chapter on Dorrien's published work during the 2008 presidential campaign and historic candidacy of Barack Obama.

Hayek s The Road to Serfdom

Hayek s The Road to Serfdom Author Bruce Caldwell
ISBN-10 9780226146744
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 16
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The Road to Serfdom, F. A. Hayek’s 1944 warning against the dangers of government control, continues to influence politics more than seventy years after it was turned down by three American publishers and finally published by the University of Chicago Press. A classic work in political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history, and economics, the definitive edition of The Road to Serfdom included this essay as its Introduction. Here, acclaimed Hayek biographer and general editor of the Collected Works of F. A. Hayek series, Bruce Caldwell explains how Hayek came to write and publish the book, assesses misunderstandings of Hayek’s thought, and suggests how Hayek’s fears of Socialism lead him to abandon the larger scholarly project he had planned in 1940 to focus instead on a briefer, more popular and political tract—one that has influenced political and economic discourse ever since.

Why Not Socialism

Why Not Socialism Author G. A. Cohen
ISBN-10 140083063X
Release 2009-08-24
Pages 96
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Is socialism desirable? Is it even possible? In this concise book, one of the world's leading political philosophers presents with clarity and wit a compelling moral case for socialism and argues that the obstacles in its way are exaggerated. There are times, G. A. Cohen notes, when we all behave like socialists. On a camping trip, for example, campers wouldn't dream of charging each other to use a soccer ball or for fish that they happened to catch. Campers do not give merely to get, but relate to each other in a spirit of equality and community. Would such socialist norms be desirable across society as a whole? Why not? Whole societies may differ from camping trips, but it is still attractive when people treat each other with the equal regard that such trips exhibit. But, however desirable it may be, many claim that socialism is impossible. Cohen writes that the biggest obstacle to socialism isn't, as often argued, intractable human selfishness--it's rather the lack of obvious means to harness the human generosity that is there. Lacking those means, we rely on the market. But there are many ways of confining the sway of the market: there are desirable changes that can move us toward a socialist society in which, to quote Albert Einstein, humanity has "overcome and advanced beyond the predatory stage of human development."

The Challenge of Liberty

The Challenge of Liberty Author E. C. Pasour
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105063838291
Release 2006
Pages 384
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Great political and philosophical debates regarding the problematic results of central planning in the 20th century are presented in this collection of essays from classical liberal thinkers such as Adam Smith, John Locke, and modern liberals of various persuasions. After discussing such issues as constitutionalism and security, freedom and the moral society, and cognitive individualism, modern upholders of classical liberalism are allowed to respond to their critics, making this contemporary articulation of the tenets of classical liberalism of interest to politicians, scientists, philosophers, and historians.

Unions and economic competitiveness

Unions and economic competitiveness Author Lawrence R. Mishel
ISBN-10 0873328272
Release 1994
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Unions and economic competitiveness has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Unions and economic competitiveness also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Unions and economic competitiveness book for free.

Journal of Economic Literature

Journal of Economic Literature Author
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822022938997
Release 1998
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Journal of Economic Literature has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of Economic Literature also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of Economic Literature book for free.

Voices of Dissent

Voices of Dissent Author Dissent Staff
ISBN-10 PSU:000019680330
Release 1969
Pages 384
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Voices of Dissent has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Voices of Dissent also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Voices of Dissent book for free.

Markets for Managers

Markets for Managers Author Anthony J. Evans
ISBN-10 9781118867952
Release 2014-08-12
Pages 272
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An accessible text that provides managers with a well-rounded economic awareness Successful managers possess an understanding of economic and market principles as they relate to business itself. Markets for Managers presents managerial economics in a casual, accessible format that will help management professionals take economic realities into account when running their companies or divisions. The book takes a global perspective while covering the full range of micro- and macroeconomic principles that managers around the world need to know. Complete with online resources that include further reading and a YouTube playlist, this guide puts business management practice within its economic context to produce a practical tool for managers. By understanding market operation and what might cause market failure, management professionals can lead companies that respond to market pressures and align operating strategies with economic realities. Monetary and fiscal policies affect businesses of all sizes, and in Markets for Managers, business leaders can learn how to read the ever-shifting fiscal landscape. Delivers market information tailored to managers and the managerial decision-making process Comprehensively explains macro- and microeconomic ideas in language that's accessible Provides concrete suggestions for utilizing market knowledge to improve internal operations and align incentives Helps managers build a global view of business for optimal decision making The practical format of Markets for Managers is perfect for professionals and students who want to gain an applied perspective on today's most pressing economic issues.


Dissent Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105072095842
Release 1991
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Dissent has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dissent also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dissent book for free.

Markets in the Name of Socialism

Markets in the Name of Socialism Author Johanna Bockman
ISBN-10 9780804778961
Release 2011-07-26
Pages 352
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The worldwide spread of neoliberalism has transformed economies, polities, and societies everywhere. In conventional accounts, American and Western European economists, such as Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek, sold neoliberalism by popularizing their free-market ideas and radical criticisms of the state. Rather than focusing on the agency of a few prominent, conservative economists, Markets in the Name of Socialism reveals a dialogue among many economists on both sides of the Iron Curtain about democracy, socialism, and markets. These discussions led to the transformations of 1989 and, unintentionally, the rise of neoliberalism. This book takes a truly transnational look at economists' professional outlook over 100 years across the capitalist West and the socialist East. Clearly translating complicated economic ideas and neoliberal theories, it presents a significant reinterpretation of Cold War history, the fall of communism, and the rise of today's dominant economic ideology.

Crimes of Dissent

Crimes of Dissent Author Jarret S. Lovell
ISBN-10 0814752497
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 256
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From animal rights to anti-abortion, from tax resistance to anti-poverty, activists from across the political spectrum often deliberately break the law to further their causes. While not behaviors common to hardened or self-seeking criminals, the staging of civil disobedience, non-violent resistance, and direct action can nevertheless trigger a harsh response from law enforcement, with those arrested risking jail time and criminal records. Crimes of Dissent features the voices of these activists, presenting a fascinating insider’s look at the motivations, costs and consequences of deliberately violating the law as a strategy of social change. Crimes of Dissent provides readers with an in-depth understanding of why activists break the law, and what happens to them when they do. Using dynamic examples, both historic and recent, Jarret Lovell explores how seasoned protesters are handled and treated by the criminal justice system, shedding light on the intersection between the political and the criminal. By adopting the unique vantage of the street-level activist, Crimes of Dissent provides a fascinating view of protest from the ground, giving voice to those who refuse to remain silent by risking punishment for their political actions.

Billions of Entrepreneurs

Billions of Entrepreneurs Author Tarun Khanna
ISBN-10 9781422163276
Release 2008-02-01
Pages 353
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China and India are home to one-third of the world's population. And they're undergoing social and economic revolutions that are capturing the best minds--and money--of Western business. In Billions of Entrepreneurs, Tarun Khanna examines the entrepreneurial forces driving China's and India's trajectories of development. He shows where these trajectories overlap and complement one another--and where they diverge and compete. He also reveals how Western companies can participate in this development. Through intriguing comparisons, the author probes important differences between China and India in areas such as information and transparency, the roles of capital markets and talent, public and private property rights, social constraints on market forces, attitudes toward expatriates abroad and foreigners at home, entrepreneurial and corporate opportunities, and the importance of urban and rural communities. He explains how these differences will influence China's and India's future development, what the two countries can learn from each other, and how they will ultimately reshape business, politics, and society in the world around them. Engaging and incisive, this book is a critical resource for anyone working in China or India or planning to do business in these two countries.

Democracy s Prisoner

Democracy s Prisoner Author Ernest Freeberg
ISBN-10 9780674027923
Release 2008
Pages 380
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An eye-opening narrative shows that the campaign to send socialist leader Eugene V. Debs from an Atlanta jailhouse to the White House was part of a wider national debate over the right to free speech in wartime.

Dissent on Development

Dissent on Development Author Péter Tamás Bauer
ISBN-10 0674212827
Release 1976-01
Pages 320
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With style and imagination, this iconoclastic work covers the major issues in development economics. In eight carefully reasoned essays, P. T. Bauer challenges most of the accepted notions and supports his views with evidence drawn from a wide range of primary sources and direct experience. The essays were selected on the basis of their interest to students and general readers from Bauer's book, Dissent on Development: Studies and Debates in Development Economics. Reviewing the previous work, the Wall Street Journal wrote: "It could have a profound impact on our thinking about the entire development question... Quite simply, it is no longer possible to discuss development economics intelligently without coming to grips with the many arguments P. T. Bauer marshalled in this extraordinary work."

The Verso Book of Dissent

The Verso Book of Dissent Author Andrew Hsiao
ISBN-10 9781784783082
Release 2015-03-03
Pages 400
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Fully updated compendium of revolt and resistance Throughout the ages and across every continent, people have struggled against those in power and raised their voices in protest-rallying others around them or, sometimes, inspiring uprisings many years later. Their echoes reverberate from Ancient Greece, China and Egypt, via the dissident poets and philosophers of Islam and Judaism, through to the Arab slave revolts and anti-Ottoman rebellions of the Middle Ages. These sources were tapped during the Dutch and English revolutions at the outset of the Modern world, and in turn flowed into the French, Haitian, American, Russian and Chinese revolutions. More recently, resistance to war and economic oppression has flared up on battlefields and in public spaces from Beijing and Cairo to Moscow and New York City. This anthology, global in scope, presents voices of dissent from every era of human history: speeches and pamphlets, poems and songs, plays and manifestos. Every age has its iconoclasts, and yet the greatest among them build on the words and actions of their forerunners. The Verso Book of Dissent should be in the arsenal of every rebel who understands that words and ideas are the ultimate weapons.

The Dissenting Voice

The Dissenting Voice Author Flann Campbell
ISBN-10 UOM:39015024783576
Release 1991
Pages 513
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The Dissenting Voice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Dissenting Voice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Dissenting Voice book for free.