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Cherry Buried Cake

Cherry Buried Cake Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1986026361
Release 2018-02-27
Pages 218
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Stuck in a snowstorm is a nightmare . . . caught with a killer is deadly! With the roads impassable and the power out, real trouble arrives at the Blackbird Bed and Breakfast. The shocking discovery of a body pits the stranded pastry workshop guests against each other as they eye one another with a hefty dose of suspicion and fear. While whipping up delicious desserts with the guests, Annie examines every morsel of information that points toward a murderer. She follows the smallest drop of chocolate frosting, hoping it will lead to the killer. But the killer is clever. When Annie finds herself sandwiched between the murderer and no place to hide, there's a chance that she won't escape from this sticky mess alive. ***Cherry Buried Cake is volume 13 in the Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Blueburied Muffins

Blueburied Muffins Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 150588862X
Release 2015-01-02
Pages 204
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Annie Fisher is scared. She's scared of the mess her boyfriend, Max Parker, is in the middle of and she has to get out of his house. She puts a whole state between them and drives like a madwoman from Cooper, NY to her hometown of Catfish Cove, NH where she hopes she'll be safe. She decides to start a new life, a life she ran away from two years ago but is finding herself missing as soon as she gets home. Annie immediately has a place to live, a job at her Aunt Leona's new cafe-Black Cat Cafe-and plenty of boyfriend prospects. Unfortunately, she also has plenty of bad things follow her. Like Max Parker. Only the next time she sees him he's dead. Suddenly everyone she runs into turns into a potential suspect. There are ghosts from her past and new neighbors that make her hair stand on end. And right in the middle of everything is Annie with Max's last warning to her-Don't trust anyone. Will those words prove to keep her safe or put too much distance between Annie and those trying to help her? ***Blueburied Muffins is approx. 200 pages and is volume 1 in the Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

The Gypsy s Parson His Experiences and Adventures

The Gypsy s Parson  His Experiences and Adventures Author George Hall
ISBN-10 9781465611680
Release 2016-12-01
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A TANGLE of sequestered streets lying around a triple-towered cathedral; red roofs and gables massed under the ramparts of an ancient castle; a grey Roman arch lit up every spring-time by the wallflower’s mimic gold; an old-world Bailgate over whose tavern yards drifted the sleepy music of the minster chimes; a crooked by-lane leading down to a wide common loved by the winds of heaven—these were the surroundings of my childhood’s home in that hilltop portion of Lincoln which has never quite thrown off its medieval drowsiness. Not far from my father’s doorstep, as you looked towards the common, lay a narrow court lined with poor tenements, and terminating in a bare yard bounded by a squat wall. Every detail of this alley stands out in my memory with the sharpness of a photograph; the cramped perspective of the place as you entered it from our lane, the dreary-looking houses with their mud-floored living-rooms fronting upon the roadway, the paintless doors and windows, the blackened chimneys showing rakish against the sky, all combined to make a picture of dun-coloured misery. There were, it is true, a few redeeming features gilding the prevailing drabness of the scene. The entrance to the court had a southerly outlook upon green fields stretching up to the verge of the Castle Dyking, or, to revive its more gruesome name, “Hangman’s Ditch,” so called from the grim associations of a bygone day. From these fields a clean air blew through the court, rendering it a less unwholesome haunt for the strange folk who dwelt within its precincts; while not half a mile distant lay the breezy common, a glorious playground for the children of Upper Lincoln.

Strawburied in Chocolate

Strawburied in Chocolate Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1507763034
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 206
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Annie Fisher wakes up on Friday the thirteenth, but she reminds herself she's not superstitious. The Black Cat Cafe is loaded up with special Valentine's Day goodies, the most popular being Annie's chocolate covered strawberries. She is so looking forward to a romantic weekend with current flame, landlord and neighbor, Jason Hunter. But when her Aunt Leona finds a body in Jason's house, all plans for that romantic weekend are scrapped. All Annie, Leona, Mia and Jason can think about is who killed Lacy McGuire and why. With more and more clues pointing toward Leona as the killer, they need to work fast to figure out who the real killer is before Leona ends up in jail for good. To complicate matters for Annie, information surfaces about her birth parents, a mystery she's been working on for the past few years. She thinks she wants to find the answers, but will it destroy her world? Now, Annie must struggle to save her aunt, but as she questions neighbors and relatives, will she put herself in danger with the real killer? Will she save her aunt but get herself killed in the process? ***StrawBuried in Chocolate is approx. 200 pages and is volume 2 in the Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Cranburied Coffee Cake

Cranburied Coffee Cake Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1523612401
Release 2016-01-21
Pages 300
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Annie Fisher can't believe she's at her father's funeral. A freak accident has changed the course of her family's life forever, but little does she know that a secret from his past is about to make things even more complicated when another body is discovered just after Roy's funeral. Wanting to focus on her bridal shower and upcoming wedding, Annie is pulled in way too many different directions. What should be a relaxing weekend with her future husband turns into a murder mystery solving party with her mother and aunt. It doesn't help that her mother is the prime suspect with opportunity and motive. Annie struggles with her mother's possible guilt while trying to find out the truth. She doesn't even consider that she might be wearing blinders and the truth is right in front of her-in the form of her mother. Will Annie come out of this one alive? And is her mother really as innocent as she hopes? CranBuried Coffee Cake will keep you guessing and reading late into the night! ***CranBuried Coffee Cake is approx. 300 pages and is volume 7 in the Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Easter Buried Eggs

Easter Buried Eggs Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1544231784
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 266
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The smell of burnt cake is not a good omen for Annie when she arrives at the Black Cat Cafe. But little does she know that her Aunt Leona's cooking disaster is only the first of many problems she'll be served in a big basket of cracked Easter eggs. Annie quickly learns that being in charge at the Black Cat Caf� isn't all chocolate-covered strawberries and carrot cakes. In addition to the variety of tasty pastries she needs to make for Easter, she stumbles on a body and what appears to be a robbery.With money disappearing from bank accounts, snooping seniors appearing out of the blue, and clues turning up in the most unlikely places, Annie's problems sizzle more than Leona's hot cross buns. Determined to help her new friends, Annie and her therapy dog land in the middle of a murder investigation. Clues pile higher than a basket of Easter eggs, all pointing to one of the seniors. Annie searches for something to keep her friend from landing in a jail cell but instead, Annie ends up right in the killer's crosshairs. ***Easter Buried Eggs is volume 10 in the Black Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Boo Buried Cupcakes

Boo Buried Cupcakes Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1977708382
Release 2017-09-27
Pages 204
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There is one thing Annie Hunter hates more than surprises and costumes . . . and it's the last thing she expects to stumble on.When a Halloween party turns deadly, Annie's glow in the dark costume lights the path to a blood-soaked body. With killer frosting covering the body and the main suspect, the murder looks like it has solved itself. Unfortunately, clues aren't always what they seem. While rumors spread through the Black Cat Caf� like spilled cake batter, Annie refuses to believe that the main suspect is a cold-blooded killer. But she could be blinded by the frosting and rushing into a ton of trouble. Only a twist of fortune can slice through the ties that bind Annie to a fatal fate!

Merry Buried Christmas

Merry Buried Christmas Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1981217487
Release 2017-11-28
Pages 216
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Murder always ruins the best baked plans . . . Annie Hunter has a lot on her plate just before Christmas, but it's not all sugar and spice and everything nice! With an open house at her aunt's new Blackbird Bed and Breakfast, all Annie hopes for is a drama-free day. Of course, events never go as planned. On top of preparing a whirlwind of food, holiday decorating, and keeping to a tight schedule, a surprise visitor is also on the menu. When that visitor turns up dead, Annie must search for the killer to keep everything from crumbling like a stale Christmas cookie. Annie's plan to flush out the murderer includes one tasty bribe, a pinch of needling, and a heaping tablespoon of accusation. When she is threatened, it's time to put it all on the back burner. But the killer has other ideas. While the snowflakes fly, Annie finds herself caught between a cookie and a crazy person. This time, it looks like she bit off more than she can chew.

Drowning in Dahlias

Drowning in Dahlias Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1500704245
Release 2014-08-01
Pages 122
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The business is heating up at Beautiful Blooms and Lily's flower arrangements can be found all over Misty Valley at any type of event. And to add to the chaos, she's lost the full time help of her sister, Daisy, who has started a specialty cake making business on the side. Together, they make the perfect team, especially when wealthy estate owner, Walter Nash, enlists both of them to cater and decorate for the 55th birthday party for his wife. But when they show up with their deliveries and find the love of his life, Harriet Nash, dead on the floor, the dynamic duo is suddenly threatened. With a house full of family and friends to celebrate her birthday, there are too many suspects to keep straight. Lily's biggest challenge now is to find the killer before the killer finds her. But without a murder weapon at the crime scene, the questions continue to pile up without any answers. Who would have wanted Harriet dead the most? She had plenty of money, but would someone have been so greedy? As Lily and Daisy get closer to solving the murder, things take a turn for the worse with a threat on Lily's life. ***Drowning in Dahlias is approx. 30K words and is volume 4 in the Lily Bloom Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Gunpowder Chowder

Gunpowder Chowder Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1519272766
Release 2015-11-13
Pages 328
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Hannah Holiday is new to Hooks Harbor, Maine. With the inheritance of her Great Aunt Caroline's café and cottages, she faces a challenge of turning it into a modern business. A challenge she is ready for-until a body turns up in an unexpected place. With her own insecurities rising when she becomes a suspect, Hannah must decide who in Hooks Harbor she can trust, and who is really out to get her-Her elderly neighbor? The handsome carpenter? A former employee of the café? The list grows. Hannah's life-and reputation-depends on her ability to make quick decisions. Will she get herself out of this nightmare and get her business moving forward before time runs out? If you love a good culinary cozy mystery, grab Gunpowder Chowder and get hooked on Hannah Holiday's adventures.

Enrique Esparza and the Battle of the Alamo

Enrique Esparza and the Battle of the Alamo Author Susan Taylor Brown
ISBN-10 9780761363453
Release 2010
Pages 48
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In 1836 eight-year-old Enrique Esparza witnesses the battle at the Alamo between Texas and Mexico for the independence of Texas. Includes a script for reader's theater.

Enslaved by a Warrior Sold 1 Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic Manlove

Enslaved by a Warrior  Sold  1   Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic Manlove Author Anitra Lynn McLeod
ISBN-10 162242249X
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 132
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[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA] Krase warriors have a unique form of punishment... Plucked from his planet and sold to the highest bidder, Tyler Stewart thinks it's all a dream until he realizes his new owner is an eight-foot-tall, maroon-colored alien who expects him to follow his every command. Tyler is willing to a point, but he's nobody's doormat. Blessed Despair has conquered five worlds, but when he retires he finds his biggest opponent is mind-numbing boredom. When Tyler manages to engage him fully, Blessed is pleased with his purchase, but soon he discovers that Tyler's alien ways push him well beyond sexual gratification. In a desperate attempt to keep their relationship strictly sexual, Blessed uses pleasure as a source of punishment, but all he's done is dig himself in deeper. Will they be able to overcome their physical and psychological differences, or will Tyler be thrust onto the auction block once more? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

A Fishy Dish

A Fishy Dish Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1535199032
Release 2016-07-10
Pages 310
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With the sudden disappearance of a local teen in Hooks Harbor, an odd mix of guests arrives at Holiday Hideaway. And to turn a fishy situation even worse, a new gourmet seafood restaurant opens in downtown Hooks Harbor, putting pressure on Hannah's snack bar, The Fishy Dish. While guests send deadly glares at each other and the owner of the new restaurant threatens Hannah's business, she tries to juggle everything. But when she discovers a body, and many of the people searching for the missing teen are hiding important information, Hannah gets caught up in trying to untangle the lies. It quickly becomes clear that she can trust no one. Despite Hannah's concerns for her safety, she digs deeper and deeper to uncover the truth about the missing girl and the murdered victim. Her fears only grow as she gets closer to putting all the pieces together-her life might be the next to be extinguished. A Fishy Dish will keep you reading all night as each new path Hannah follows runs into a more dangerous problem. ***A Fishy Dish is approx. 310 pages and is volume 3 in the Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Crook Line and Sinker

Crook  Line and Sinker Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1537681826
Release 2016-09-15
Pages 240
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Hannah Holiday can't help herself when a down-and-out guy shows up at The Fishy Dish with his sad-eyed beagle. She offers him a part-time job, even though everyone warns her that he's a cup short of a disaster. When trouble arrives in the form of a mysterious amount of money, everything heats up. To make matters worse, Hannah, with the help of her hunky friend, Cal, stumbles on a body. Any way Hannah slices the unfolding secrets, the biggest riddle of all will make someone richer than rich. And Hannah suspects that someone is the killer. But when evidence piles up and excuses layer on top of motives, Hannah looks like she's the one with the biggest motive for murder. Armed with information she thinks will smoke out the real killer, Hannah walks right into a red hot fire. ***Crook, Line and Sinker is approx. 310 pages and is volume 4 in the Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Mobsters and Lobsters

Mobsters and Lobsters Author Lyndsey Cole
ISBN-10 1530345669
Release 2016-03-04
Pages 284
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Hannah Holiday knew it would be hard to get her great aunt's ocean side cottage business booming again, but she didn't know she would also have to deal with the mob. With guests arriving, Hannah thinks she is headed in the right direction to fulfill her dream. Until everything starts to go wrong. With the disappearance of a guest, Hannah searches for answers to keep her business afloat. Instead, she finds more questions that put her sister, Ruby, and Ruby's daughter, Olivia, in grave danger. It only gets worse with the arrival of many less-than-respectable-but also interesting-guests, who all want to be first to find a buried treasure. Can Hannah, along with her neighbor, Jack, and handsome handyman, Cal, head off the approaching danger to Ruby and Olivia? When Ruby is forced to reveal a secret she's been keeping for years, things look like they're getting worse. Will Hannah be able to solve the buried treasure mystery before someone is buried in the process? Or will Hannah, herself, end up as the real prize for the mob? ***Mobsters & Lobsters is approx. 230 pages and is volume 2 in the Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey's books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Close Relations

Close Relations Author Lynsey Stevens
ISBN-10 9781459252431
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 256
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A family scandal! Georgia had imagined becoming Jarrod Maclean's wife a hundred times—until she'd found him in what seemed like a passionate embrace with his own stepmother…. Devastated by his betrayal, Georgia had convinced herself she was glad when he left town. When Jarrod returned four years later, Georgia still hadn't forgiven him—even though she sensed that he wanted her more than ever. But he insisted any relationship between them would be taboo…was there something he wasn't telling her? What really happened four years ago? The whole family seemed to be in on the secret—everyone except Georgia….

12 Rose Street

12 Rose Street Author Gail Bowen
ISBN-10 9780771024023
Release 2015-03-03
Pages 304
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The indomitable Joanne Kilbourn is back! From beloved author Gail Bowen comes the 15th installment in the nationally bestselling series. For readers of Louise Penny, Ruth Rendell, and Peter Robinson. Joanne's husband Zack is the leading progressive candidate in a neck-and-neck race, with the existing mayor, for Regina's top job. The tough campaigning is well underway when a disturbing threat disrupts the celebration for the opening of the Racette-Hunter Centre -- a project Zack has been spearheading, intended to benefit the impoverished community of North Central Regina. Joanne soon realizes that sinister interests are working behind the scenes of the election, and another savage act makes clear that someone will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo. The Shreve campaign perseveres, but when Zack's opponents share some shocking information about the past, the revelation sends Joanne reeling. As tensions around the election build, Joanne tries to hold herself together, keep her family intact, and get to the bottom of why a series of violent incidents, seemingly related to the mayoral race, all lead back to a mysterious property in North Central, 12 Rose Street. A gripping novel about family and friendship, competition and betrayal, 12 Rose Street confirms why Gail Bowen is indeed the "queen of Canadian crime fiction" (Winnipeg Free Press).