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Wings Like Eagles

Wings Like Eagles Author Tracie Peterson
ISBN-10 9781607429265
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 155
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A Truly Yours Digital Edition. . .All men are just the same. And Christy Conners can give plenty of real-life examples! She's seen her own father betray her mother, and she's seen her own heart broken into little pieces. No, Christy has decided never to trust a man again. A former fashion model, Christy has decided love only exists in fairy tales, and for those who believe in fairy-tale endings. That's why she's pouring all her energy into creating the exclusive, one-of-a-kind wedding gowns that she will never wear. But when Curt Kyle enters Christy's clear-eyed world, her icy resolve begins to melt. Is Curt the man he seems to be, a man she can really trust? Christy's very life may depend on him.

Logan s Lady

Logan s Lady Author Tracie Peterson
ISBN-10 9781607425748
Release 2016-01-01
Pages 320
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Lady Amelia Amhurst has left her regal home in England to travel throughout America on holiday in 1875, but true adventure is hampered by her father, her sisters, and her intended fiancé. That is until she meets their guide to Estes Park, Colorado—the rugged Logan Reed. Will the man and the land change Amelia’s beliefs about the existence of God, the purpose of life, and the possibility of true love? Readers will enjoy this classic from bestselling author Tracie Peterson—along with the bonus historical romance from Amy Rognlie.

On Wings of Eagles

On Wings of Eagles Author Ken Follett
ISBN-10 9780451213099
Release 2004-11
Pages 384
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Recreates the harrowing, real-life adventure of the successful prison break engineered by Col. Bull Simons, a World War II and Vietnam commando, who rescued two Texans imprisoned in a Teheran jail on behalf of Ross Perot. Reprint.

Forever Yours

Forever Yours Author Tracie Peterson
ISBN-10 9781620293034
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 176
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At twenty-three, Daughtry Lucas knows she will end up an old maid unless she can somehow escape her overprotective father. He refuses to trust her out of his sight, keeping all prospective suitors at a distance. A newspaper advertisement for a wife seems to offer Daughtry her only hope of escape. In a marriage by proxy, she becomes Mrs Nicholas Dawson and flees her father's ranch. Can this marriage between strangers succeed? Or will the dark strangers from Nick's past prevent Daughtry from truly being his forever?

Soar on Wings Like the Eagle

Soar on Wings Like the Eagle Author Andrew Choi
ISBN-10 1462712304
Release 2011-12
Pages 152
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In this life, each person is destined to contend with trials and tribulations, but many anticipate that one day, after our journeys on Earth are over, we will live with our Father in heaven for eternity. Even though we are forced to face these issues, we are not alone. In Soar on Wings Like the Eagle, author Andrew Choi presents us with a Bible study that shares the hope of the Lord, discussing the fact that Satan is a tempter and deceiver; Jesus's true interpretation of the laws and what they really mean; and many more subjects that affect Christians today. In this five-chapter study, Choi takes us through the Scriptures and shows us how to further our Christian lives and fellowship with our Lord. Each chapter focuses on a unique aspect of issues Christians face on a daily basis from redemption to daily trials, the Lord's unconditional love to God's power that gives us all strength, and how to live a hopeful life, focused on our eternal home in heaven. If you have ever wondered how to find hope in the Lord during times of struggle or how to forgive others and receive strength through the power of the Lord, Soar on Wings Like the Eagle will show you the way.

With Wings as Eagles

With Wings as Eagles Author Andrew Murray
ISBN-10 9781603746205
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 84
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Why Walk When You Can Soar? Christian, are you tired? Discouraged? Overwhelmed? Ready to throw in the towel? A feeling of defeat was not God's true design for serving Him. Andrew Murray provides refreshing insights on the power of effective prayer and the strength to be found in waiting on God. With wise counsel from the Word of God, he emphasizes the solutions for the ageless problem of spiritual exhaustion. As you grasp these simple biblical truths and effectively incorporate them into your life, you will find yourself able to soar with eagles' wings.

On the Wings of Eagles

On the Wings of Eagles Author Robin Croom
ISBN-10 0692744320
Release 2016-06-23
Pages 180
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Have you ever wondered about the private lives of people you know? How did they get where they are? What challenges did they face? What failures did they overcome? What demons did they defeat? Take a journey with us as we share our challenges, defeats, triumphs, and failures. A journey paved with faith, hope, and love that has forever changed our lives. We pray that our experiences in life and with God will encourage you and cause you to draw closer to Jesus. God has been preparing us from the day we were born to share ourselves with you. We hope you will come to understand that God is preparing you as well... preparing you for something great, preparing you to fulfill the purpose that he has pre-ordained for your life! The road to your destiny may take you places you never thought you would travel.

An Eagle Named Freedom

An Eagle Named Freedom Author Jeff Guidry
ISBN-10 9780061992414
Release 2010-05-04
Pages 224
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“A hauntingly beautiful story of rescue and rehabilitation….[A] gorgeous tale of redemption.” —Susan Richards, New York Times bestselling author of Chosen by a Horse “I could not put this book down.” —Stacey O'Brien, New York Times bestselling author of Wesley the Owl In the tradition of A Lion Called Christian and Alex and Me comes An Eagle Named Freedom, Jeff Guidry’s remarkable story of how he rehabilitated a severely damaged bald eagle back to health—and how the majestic bird later inspired the author to triumph over cancer. Animal lovers and readers fascinated by the spiritual ties between animals and humans will not soon forget this beautiful, inspiring true tale of an extraordinary friendship.

To Soar on Eagle s Wings

To Soar on Eagle s Wings Author Renee Blare
ISBN-10 1514775387
Release 2015-07-05
Pages 210
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Spring's in the air. While the sun shines in Timber Springs, snow falls on the Snowy Range, and trouble's brewing in the meadows. The area's new game warden, Steve Mitchell launches his first wildlife investigation of the season but the trouble follows him-straight to town. Rachel Fitzgerald's on Spring Break. Or at least she's trying. Between paperwork, and harassing phone calls, she may as well have stayed in her classroom. So much for relaxation. A 'chance' meeting with her brother's old roommate offers her weary soul a shred of hope, but she discovers love, like life, isn't easy. He talks with the wisdom of the Lord but rejects the future. She wants to soar with the eagles but walks alone. And trusting God proves to be more of a challenge than ever before...

On Wings Like Eagles Journal

On Wings Like Eagles Journal Author Ellie Claire
ISBN-10 1633261719
Release 2017-10-31
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On Wings Like Eagles Journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from On Wings Like Eagles Journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full On Wings Like Eagles Journal book for free.

Wings of the Eagle

Wings of the Eagle Author W. T. Grant
ISBN-10 0345470338
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 360
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This is the story of rescue in the steamy, bloody jungles of Vietnam. First as peter pilot and then as full-fledged aircraft commander, W.T. Grant routinely flew McGuire rig extractions under enemy fire, inserts into combat zones exploding with mortar shells, and night operations in the enemy-infested A Shau Valley. Though the 17th Assault Helicopter Company eventually became B Compnay, 101st Aviation Battalion, the Kingsmen will always be remembered for their courage.... From the Paperback edition.

The Eyes of the Heart

The Eyes of the Heart Author Tracie Peterson
ISBN-10 9781441270764
Release 1992-09-01
Pages 192
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Grasp God's Presence in Everyday Life Bestselling fiction author Tracie Peterson turns her storytelling talent to this enlightening devotional that will open the eyes of your heart to God's ever-present love. Discover the Abundance of God's Eternal Presence Like a conversation with a dear friend, these intimate devotions will help you feel a rare bond with Tracie. Using quiet moments from her own life, she reassures you that God can and will be found in the details of life. From this simple, discovery she'll help lead you to a more vital, overflowing relationship with Him.

Wings of Fury

Wings of Fury Author Robert K. Wilcox
ISBN-10 1439139563
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 368
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They are America's best fighter pilots -- from the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Heroes who push the envelope with their machines, their bodies, and the will to fight and win on their... WINGS OF FURY Here, these airborne warriors reveal themselves as never before. Ride shotgun with TOPGUN pilot Dale "Snort" Snodgrass as he becomes the first student pilot ever to land an F-14 Tomcat on an aircraft carrier. Silver Star winner Rob Graeter recalls a Cold War close call as he flew his F-15 Eagle over Soviet waters -- almost triggering World War III. Feel the adrenaline as Brian "Rocky" Fitzpatrick remembers test-flying the F/A-18 Hornet when it suddenly went haywire, leaving him with a crippled plane, a faulty parachute -- and a very long way down.... From the training grounds of Miramar to combat in Vietnam and Desert Storm, these are the stories of those who defend our skies -- and the dramatic evolution of modern air warfare.

With Wings Like Eagles

With Wings Like Eagles Author Michael Korda
ISBN-10 9780061125355
Release 2009-01-06
Pages 336
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Michael Korda's brilliant work of history takes the reader back to the summer of 1940, when fewer than three thousand young fighter pilots of the Royal Air Force—often no more than nine hundred on any given day—stood between Hitler and the victory that seemed almost within his grasp. Korda re-creates the intensity of combat in "the long, delirious, burning blue" of the sky above southern England, and at the same time—perhaps for the first time—traces the entire complex web of political, diplomatic, scientific, industrial, and human decisions during the 1930s that led inexorably to the world's first, greatest, and most decisive air battle. Korda deftly interweaves the critical strands of the story—the invention of radar (the most important of Britain's military secrets); the developments by such visionary aircraft designers as R. J. Mitchell, Sidney Camm, and Willy Messerschmitt of the revolutionary, all-metal, high-speed monoplane fighters the British Spitfire and Hurricane and the German Bf 109; the rise of the theory of air bombing as the decisive weapon of modern warfare and the prevailing belief that "the bomber will always get through" (in the words of British prime minister Stanley Baldwin). As Nazi Germany rearmed swiftly after 1933, building up its bomber force, only one man, the central figure of Korda's book, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, the eccentric, infuriating, obstinate, difficult, and astonishingly foresighted creator and leader of RAF Fighter Command, did not believe that the bomber would always get through and was determined to provide Britain with a weapon few people wanted to believe was needed or even possible. Dowding persevered—despite opposition, shortage of funding, and bureaucratic infighting—to perfect the British fighter force just in time to meet and defeat the German onslaught. Korda brings to life the extraordinary men and women on both sides of the conflict, from such major historical figures as Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain, and Reichsmarschall Herman Göring (and his disputatious and bitterly feuding generals) to the British and German pilots, the American airmen who joined the RAF just in time for the Battle of Britain, the young airwomen of the RAF, the ground crews who refueled and rearmed the fighters in the middle of heavy German raids, and such heroic figures as Douglas Bader, Josef František, and the Luftwaffe aces Adolf Galland and his archrival Werner Mölders. Winston Churchill memorably said about the Battle of Britain, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." Here is the story of "the few," and how they prevailed against the odds, deprived Hitler of victory, and saved the world during three epic months in 1940.

More Letters of Note

More Letters of Note Author
ISBN-10 9781782114550
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 384
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More Letters of Note is another rich and inspiring collection, which reminds us that much of what matters in our lives finds its way into our letters. These letters deliver the same mix of the heartfelt, the historically significant, the tragic, the comic and the unexpected. Discover Richard Burton's farewell note to Elizabeth Taylor, Helen Keller's letter to The New York Symphony Orchestra about 'hearing' their concert through her fingers, the final missives from a doomed Japan Airlines flight in 1985, David Bowie's response to his first piece of fan mail from America and even Albus Dumbledore writing to a reader applying for the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts. Including letters from: Jane Austen, Richard Burton, Helen Keller, Alan Turing, Albus Dumbledore, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry James, Sylvia Plath, John Lennon, Gerald Durrell, Janis Joplin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Janis Joplin, Hunter S. Thompson, C. G. Jung, Katherine Mansfield, Marge Simpson, David Bowie, Dorothy Parker, Buckminster Fuller, Beatrix Potter, Che Guevara, Evelyn Waugh, Charlotte Brontë and many more.

On Eagle s Wings

On Eagle s Wings Author Gail Parker
ISBN-10 0989918106
Release 2014-06-07
Pages 300
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Pain was her constant companion-but it didn't define her. Meet Annie. Animal lover. Compassionate teacher. Avid sailor. Charity founder. Crohn's fighter. With her soul mate and husband, Glenn, and their menagerie of rescued animals at her side, she lived life to the fullest, in spite of severe Crohn's disease. Throughout her lifetime Annie had twenty-eight surgeries and the majority of her bowels removed, resulting in an ostomy. She endured months at a time of no eating and no drinking, receiving all of her nutrition through an IV. Over one million Americans suffer from some form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a group of chronic, life-long conditions including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. For many, a diagnosis is accompanied by a loss of freedom, loss of sexuality, and loss of hope. But-take it from Annie-it doesn't have to be. Whether you suffer from a chronic medical condition or are the picture of health, Annie's story offers valuable lessons on how to tap into the power found in laughter, love, and faith.

An Eagle Can Fly with a Broken Wing

An Eagle Can Fly with a Broken Wing Author Latonya C Altman, Dr
ISBN-10 0615783384
Release 2013-03-11
Pages 146
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This book is designed to help the hurting; especially women overcome emotional, mental and spiritual setbacks. If you are one who has experienced any of these things I am sure this book will touch some hidden or covered up places in your life all for the benefit of your healing and deliverance. What makes this book as powerful as it is are a few key points, one this book is divinely inspired by God, two its author Dr. Altman uses the transparency of her life to help heal hurting women. While reading this book you will quickly learn that Dr. Altman "gets in your face," while rolling her sleeves up to pull you up out of entrapments that you may not have realized you're in. This book is sure to wow you, motivate you, empower you, it will cause you to think but ultimately arrive at a place of identifying your issues and healing from them. This is also a book you are sure to want to share with every sister in your local congregation that can benefits from this jewel written by Dr. LaTonya Altman, An Eagle Can Fly with a Broken Wing