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With God in the Crucible

With God in the Crucible Author Peter Storey
ISBN-10 9781426721182
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 175
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Often the church is accused of being so embedded in the culture that effective prophecy leveled at the culture is impossible. But this book illustrates that there was a time and a place where the church community was faithful to its mission as the body of Christ, as church leaders led, people lifted high the cross, and they marched into the uncertainty that still prevails. Here is a time and place where the call to risky discipleship was answered not with whimpers, whines, and excuses, but with the power of faithful Christians living out their call. This book illustrates what it can mean to faithfully answer the call to discipleship and God's service. Many people wonder if they would be able to stand up for their faith if it meant great personal sacrifice or the sacrifice of people they love. They wonder what they would risk for their faith, if anything. In the United States where cost/benefit analysis is a popular way to assess risk, many Christians wonder if they might not have to stand alone, because too many see the risks as too costly. As suggested by the title, this book draws upon a collection of sermons and addresses given by Peter Storey in a variety of contexts between 1966 and 1993. The original audiences ranged from the all-white Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg, to the South African Council of Churches, to the nation of South Africa, and to the world. All of these sermons and addresses are directly related to specific historical events: security police confrontations, beatings, and tear-gassings in churches around the country of South Africa; an imposed State of Emergency; the murder of 14-year-old Stompie Sepie by Winnie Mandela's thugs; and the violent jockeying for power between Mandela's African National Congress, Chief Mangosutho Buthelizi's Inkatha Movement, and F. W. de Klerk's regime. The book offers the full perspective of what it means to speak truth, empower people to stand for the truth, and to pastor souls during times when living truth seems almost impossible. Key Features: 1. Foreword by Desmond Tutu 2. 15 chapters, each including a brief description of the original context, the sermon and its connection with the present, and a prayer 3. Epilogue by Will Willimon

The Call to Discipleship

The Call to Discipleship Author Karl Barth
ISBN-10 1451412223
Release 2003-11-01
Pages 88
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In this brief essay, drawn from Church Dogmatics, Barth articulates what it means to follow Jesus in faith. He emphasizes that discipleship involves a detachment from the authority of possessions, foregoing the pursuit of personal glory, challenging the fear and use of force, the dissolution of self-evident personal attachments, and a "better righteousness," which goes beyond actions to intentions and practices piety in secret. "The command of Jesus . . . is issued with all the freedom and sovereignty of grace against which there can be no legitimate objections, of which no one is worthy, for which there can be no preparation, which none can elect, and in the face of which there can be no qualification."

Preaching Prophetic Care

Preaching Prophetic Care Author Phillis-Isabella Sheppard
ISBN-10 9781532643392
Release 2018-06-25
Pages 340
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Preachers often think of prophetic preaching in the caricature of the prophet as the lonely outsider confronting the congregation, often angrily, with the congregation’s complicity in social injustice and with a bracing call for repentance. The twenty-seven essays and sermons in this book offer a different perspective by viewing prophetic preaching specifically—and ministry, practical theology, and theological education more broadly—as pastoral care for the community in prophetic perspective. Such preaching does indeed bring a critical theological analysis of justice concerns to the center of the sermon, but in such a way as to invite the congregation to consider how the move toward justice is a pastoral move— that is, a move that seeks to build up community. Rather than contributing to the polarization so rampant in today’s social world, the preacher seeks to help the congregation build bridges along which concern for justice can travel. The contributions honor the work of the late Dale Andrews, a scholar of preaching and practical theology at the Divinity School, Vanderbilt University, whose seminal work inspires the notions of prophetic care and building bridges to justice. With contributions from: Donna Allen L. Susan Bond Teresa Fry Brown Gennifer Brooks Teresa Eisenlohr Anna Carter Florence Kenyatta Gilbert R. Mark Giuliano David Schnasa Jacobsen John McClure Mary Elizabeth Moore Mary Alice Mulligan Debra Mumford Peter Paris Luke Powery Shelly Rambo Lee Ramsey Robert London Smith Amy Steele Frank A. Thomas Lisa Thompson Scott Williamson Sunggu Yang Ted A. Smith William B. McClain

Practicing Discipleship

Practicing Discipleship Author Nicole L. Johnson
ISBN-10 9781498274760
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 160
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Despite a plurality of doctrinal statements on war, peace, and nonviolence, some United Methodists sustain a commitment to nonviolence. Through qualitative research, Practicing Discipleship draws out lived theologies of nonviolence in order to understand how nonviolent United Methodists define, ground, and practice nonviolence, and to give that voice opportunity to challenge church doctrine and thereby the wider church. An analysis of statements from the Book of Disciplines and the Book of Resolutions reveals the plurality of Methodist teachings on moral issues related to war and peace. While such plurality is indicative of the inclusive tradition of United Methodism, Johnson shows that it also causes confusion, thus hindering the vitality and authority of the church's witness. This study's qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews with twelve nonviolent United Methodists reveals a lived theology rooted in Scripture and theological reflection: it points particularly to a christocentrism that posits nonviolence as central to Christ's teachings and example. While study participants affirm the tradition of openness in the United Methodist Church, they also call for more tangible and extensive support for and education about nonviolence as a faithful option for Christians. Through amicable and constructive practical-theological dialogue, doctrinal plurality, and ecclesial openness are affirmed as appropriate and possible only within the context of the church's profound commitment to serious discipleship, which includes transformation toward nonviolence. Implications of this interaction include developing and adopting a more truthful conception of a nonviolent ethics, moving toward broadly conceived Christian formation in nonviolence, and fostering ongoing ecclesial dialogue about difficult moral issues of war, peace, and nonviolence.

Sermons on the Gospel Readings

Sermons on the Gospel Readings Author Charles L. Aaron, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780788024535
Release 2007
Pages 484
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Five outstanding preachers from diverse denominations skillfully weave together scripture with dynamic stories and illustrations to create eloquent messages for every Sunday and major celebration in the church year. Combining deep biblical grounding with an astute understanding of the meaning of Jesus' message and ministry for contemporary living, these insightful sermons pull readers into God's Word and engage both the mind and the heart. Offering a vision of God's unconditional love and the grace-filled life, this collection of model messages from an experienced group of master preachers passionately proclaims the Good News, provides a wealth of sermon seeds, and revitalizes the faith of anyone who reads them.

The Beatitudes for Today

The Beatitudes for Today Author James C. Howell
ISBN-10 066423545X
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The Beatitudes for Today has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Beatitudes for Today also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Beatitudes for Today book for free.

Feasting on the Word Year B Volume 3

Feasting on the Word  Year B  Volume 3 Author David L. Bartlett
ISBN-10 9781611641134
Release 2009-01-27
Pages 410
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With this new lectionary commentary series, Westminster John Knox offers the most extensive resource for preaching on the market today. When complete, the twelve volumes of the series will cover all the Sundays in the three-year lectionary cycle, along with movable occasions, such as Christmas Day, Epiphany, Holy Week, and All Saints' Day. For each lectionary text, preachers will find four brief essays--one each on the theological, pastoral, exegetical, and homiletical challenges of the text. This gives preachers sixteen different approaches to the proclaimation of the Word on any given occasion. The editors and contributors to this series are world-class scholars, pastors, and writers representing a variety of denominations and traditions. And while the twelve volumes of the series will follow the pattern of the Revised Common Lectionary, each volume will contain an index of biblical passages so that nonlectionary preachers, as well as teachers and students, may make use of its contents.

The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

The Princeton Seminary Bulletin Author Princeton Theological Seminary
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113574813
Release 2003
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Vols. for 1907/1908-1936/1937: no. 1, Commencement issue, no. 2, Necrology report, no. 3, News, no. 4, Catalogue; v. for 1937/1938-1938/1939: no. 1, 3, News, no. 2, Bulletin of courses, no. 4, Catalogue; v. for 1939/1940-1944/1945: no. 1, 4, News, no. 2, Bulletin of courses, no. 3, Catalogue; v. for 1945/1946: no. 1, Bulletin of courses, no. 2, 4, News, no. 3, Catalogue; v. for 1946/1947-1952/1953: no. 1, 3, 4, News, no. 2, Catalogue.

Feasting on the Word Pentecost and season after Pentecost 1 Propers 3 16

Feasting on the Word  Pentecost and season after Pentecost 1  Propers 3 16 Author David Lyon Bartlett
ISBN-10 9780664230982
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 395
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We have been honored to work with a multitude of gifted thinkers, writers, and editors. We present these essays as their offering-and ours-to the blessed ministry of preaching." -From the introduction by David L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor --Book Jacket.

Progressive Christians Speak

Progressive Christians Speak Author John B. Cobb
ISBN-10 0664225896
Release 2003
Pages 341
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In this earnest discussion, revolutionary theologian John Cobb Jr. implores Christian churches to take a more active role in the solution of contemporary issues such as food security and the ever-expanding world population, the welfare system, civil and human rights, the war on drugs, abortion, immigration, and the destruction of ecosystems.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066043129
Release 2003
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.

Listening at Golgotha

Listening at Golgotha Author Peter John Storey
ISBN-10 0835898849
Release 2004
Pages 93
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Hese Meditations on the Seven Last Words of Christ, accompanied by reflection questions and prayer, will deepen Holy Week's meaning for individuals and congregations. Each of Jesus' last words casts light on his saving work and confronts us with our need to receive and act upon the gift offered by his death. Charcoal illustrations by Jan L. Richardson enhance each day's meditation. The meditations were born out of Peter Storey's almost four decades of ministry in South Africa. During that time, the church had to learn a Cross-shaped ministry under the shadow of apartheid. Book jacket.

The North Carolina Historical Review

The North Carolina Historical Review Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015057982830
Release 2004
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The North Carolina Historical Review has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The North Carolina Historical Review also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The North Carolina Historical Review book for free.

Lament for a Son

Lament for a Son Author Nicholas Wolterstorff
ISBN-10 080280294X
Release 1987
Pages 111
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A loving father explores with honesty and intensity all facets of his grief at the death of his 25-year-old son.

Interdisciplinary Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies

Interdisciplinary Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies Author GK Hall
ISBN-10 0783804644
Release 2004-08
Pages 720
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Lists current publications cataloged during the past year by the New York Public Library for the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Library of Congress subject headings are supplemented by special headings developed for the collection.

Anglican and Episcopal History

Anglican and Episcopal History Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113503804
Release 2003
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Includes section "Book reviews".

Ready or Not

Ready or Not Author Drew Moser
ISBN-10 9781631467981
Release 2018-04-03
Pages 224
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Discerning a calling is a messy undertaking. You are already involved in many good things now, even as you are being called to many good things in your future. The good life—good work, good relationships, good citizenship, good faith—is to be enjoyed now and pursued on every horizon. We are living out the Kingdom of God even as we seek it. Ready or Not is a much-needed resource for young people on exploring the complexity of vocation in empowering, not prescriptive, ways. After exploring four foundational questions for emerging adulthood—Who is God? Who am I? How have I been shaped? What are my contexts?—you will work through interactive chapters covering the contours of adulthood, including: spirituality, family, community, and work. Explore the full depths of your twenties with bravery and vulnerability! With insight into life skills, personal growth, and spirituality, Ready or Not will set you on a faithful trajectory for a good and meaningful life.