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Within Darkness and Light a Collection of Poetry

Within Darkness and Light   a Collection of Poetry Author Paul Morris
ISBN-10 1975631307
Release 2017-09-28
Pages 202
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A collection of poetry reflecting upon the darkness and light of life that exists within this world of ours.What makes you want to shout out and share your emotions? Express your darkest times or your happiest moments? Let this book release your feelings through verse. Allow the words to set you free.Proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to a leading UK mental health charity.

Words of Darkness and Light

Words of Darkness and Light Author Carol Robson
ISBN-10 1479317063
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 60
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Collection of 50 poems which include 5 Haiku's and a Fleetwood Mac Sestina. This collection of poems reflects the darkness and light of human nature and life in general. In this book Carol's poetry covers Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Gender, Social Comment, Yorkshire, LGBT (Sapphic) Humour and Demons. "Carol has had a fantastic life journey, overcoming battles within herself and with prejudices in Society and her poetry which she only started to write again in 2010 reflects this in shovel loads" http: //

Dark Secrets A Collection of Poetry

Dark Secrets  A Collection of Poetry Author Mahinour Tawfik
ISBN-10 1943270783
Release 2016-04-20
Pages 112
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"Into the abyss of darkness, I had to choose between falling forever and clutching the thorns. Notwithstanding their blazes breaking through my bones to be lifted to where no woundless can ever go. Making my shield from the encountered obstacles, wounded tears and broken heart all through the journey. Since darkness reveals what the sun probably doesn't know. He who has seen the darkness shall create his own light." - Mahinour Tawfik Mahinour Tawfik's debut is a venture into poetry that is beautiful, dark, and heartfelt. There is a romance within the words that show a battle between the dark and light deep inside her soul. It is hard to not feel this multitude of emotions with her as she speaks of depression, hurt, romance, longing, karma, war, love, and life. You feel her pain but also see her journey into the light in many of these poems. Her poetry is epic, breathtaking, and emotional. This is an incredible first collection for Tawfik and proves that her poetry will be a gift to the world for years to come.

Seeing in the Dark

Seeing in the Dark Author Pauline Butling
ISBN-10 9780889208698
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 198
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Poet Phyllis Webb initiated new ways of seeing into the cultural “dark” of Western thought. By blurring the axis between “light” and “dark,” she redefined in positive terms women’s subjectivity and sexuality, which are traditionally assigned “dark” negative values. Seeing in the Dark includes perceptive discussions on a number of Webb’s collections, specifically Naked Poems, Wilson’s Bowl, Water and Light and Hanging Fire. Butling shows how Webb uses strategies of subversion, reversal and re-vision of prevailing traditions and tropes to facilitate “seeing in the dark.” She also provides a fascinating analysis of Webb criticism — tracing it over the past thirty years and revealing a shift in critical paradigms. A chapter on biography includes intriguing archival material. Pauline Butling offers important new ways of reading one of Canada’s finest poets. Seeing in the Dark is essential introductory material for the general reader and provides provocative penetrating analysis for literary scholars.

Darkness Holding Light

Darkness Holding Light Author David Rosen
ISBN-10 9781498282000
Release 2016-03-18
Pages 52
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Eugene Friends of Jung is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the evolution of consciousness, to the pursuit of meaning in life through psychological insight and creative expression, and to the continuing education for the human spirit through psychology, spirituality, and the arts and humanities. EFJ works to fulfill its mission of expanding the relationships between the Depth Psychology of C. G. Jung, art, nature, and humanity through lectures, seminars, and film discussions that bridge cultures.

Wildly Into the Dark

Wildly Into the Dark Author Tyler Knott Gregson
ISBN-10 9780399176012
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 144
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The most intimate and eclectic poetry collection yet from bestselling author and online sensation Tyler Knott Gregson a With loyal fans around the world and across the internet, Tyler Knott Gregson is reinventing poetry for a new generation, using Instagram and Tumblr to reach readers where they are. a Tyler's third collection includes more of his popular Typewriter Series poems (featured in his first book, Chasers of the Light) as well as never-before-published scenes that paint the world as only Tyler sees and experiences it. Filled with vivid photographs and even more vivid emotions, Wildly Into the Darkis a must-have for longtime fans as well as newcomers to Tyler's unique brand of passionate, intimate, and playful words and images.

Scribbled in the Dark

Scribbled in the Dark Author Charles Simic
ISBN-10 9780062661197
Release 2017-06-13
Pages 96
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From the Pulitzer Prize–winning former poet laureate, a collection of elegiac, irreverent new poems—an American master at the height of his talent The latest volume of poetry from Charles Simic hums with the liveliness of the writer’s pen. Scribbled in the Dark brings the poet’s signature sardonic sense of humor, piercing social insight, and haunting lyricism to diverse and richly imagined landscapes. Peopled by policemen, presidents, kids in Halloween masks, a fortune-teller, and a fly on the wall of the poet’s kitchen; set on crowded New York streets, on park benches, and under darkened skies; the pages within toy with the end of the world and its infinity. Simic continues to be an inimitable voice in modern American poetry and one of its finest chroniclers of the human condition.

Songs of Light and Dark

Songs of Light and Dark Author Yol Swan
ISBN-10 0986365408
Release 2015-04-30
Pages 86
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Songs of Light and Dark is a poetic exploration of the contradictory journey of the soul in search of itself. How can we transcend the mundane if our longing for truth is veiled time and again by shadows of sadness and regret? And yet, behind a spiritual seeker's yearning for the Self lies the inexorable clarity that there is nothing but the Self orchestrating our existence. In the same manner that our eyes need to adjust when going from the light into darkness and from darkness into the light, these poems reflect the unfolding transparency of spiritual experience.

Discovering Darkness in the Light

Discovering Darkness in the Light Author Dana DeSimon
ISBN-10 1440162379
Release 2009-11-24
Pages 248
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Light in the darkness...and darkness in the light. ... From the gloom of dark shadows to the shimmer of sunlight, and back again. ... From the explosions of passion, to the quiet, tender glow of serenity....From despair and agony, to hope and love....From sorrow and anguish, back once again, to a world of love and hope; awakening to a fresh and joyful beginning....From indescribable beauty, to incomprehensible ugliness and pain; and then onward, to a new vision of breathtaking beauty, born anew....You are invited to experience the world in a way that you may never have seen or felt before. Stimulate the mind and the senses. Experience a different sort of poetry book. How can this be? Read on—taste and see. ... Learn about all these things ... and yes...still more. ... A few things that were never quite envisioned before. ...

The Darkness the Light

The Darkness   the Light Author Angel Power
ISBN-10 9781524622473
Release 2016-10-07
Pages 256
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This book is a collection of poetry written throughout the journey of a youth caught up in the dark side that exists in our society. It is written from various times of her life and reflects each perspective. The addict, the stripper, the victim of domestic violence, these are just some of the views she writes from. During times when no one would listen to her spoken words or outcries, she wrote to cope, and this book was born. There are two parts to this book though. It is not all darkness. Somehow, miraculously, this young woman escaped the darkness and found the light. In the final section she reflects on lessons learned and coping mechanisms, as well as her hopes for a better society and a better world.

Finding Light in the Darkness

Finding Light in the Darkness Author Michael Nyers
ISBN-10 0936014245
Release 2017-12
Pages 196
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'Finding Light in the Darkness' is a collection of blackout poetry through a journey of depression, love, loss, life and starting over. A mixture of poetry and art made by taking any form of printed text and blacking out the unwanted words to create a poem or statement, it's a form of therapy that promotes overall well-being and mental health.

The Darkness and the Light

The Darkness and the Light Author Anthony Hecht
ISBN-10 9780307483591
Release 2012-02-08
Pages 80
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The poetry of Anthony Hecht has been praised by Harold Bloom and Ted Hughes, among others, for its sure control of difficult material and its unique music and visual precision. This new volume is the fruit of a mellowing maturity that carries with it a smoky bitterness, a flavor of ancient and experienced wisdom, as in this stanza from “Sarabande on Attaining the Age of Seventy-seven”: A turn, a glide, a quarter-turn and bow, The stately dance advances; these are airs Bone-deep and numbing as I should know by now, Diminishing the cast, like musical chairs. Hecht’s verse—by turns lyric and narrative, formal and free—is grounded in the compassion that comes from a deep understanding of every kind of human depredation, yet is tempered by flashes of wry comedy, and still more by innocent pleasure in the gifts of the natural world. Followers of his poetry will recognize an evolution of style in many of these poems—a quiet and understated voice, passing through darkness toward realms of delight. From the Hardcover edition.

Light the Dark

Light the Dark Author Joe Fassler
ISBN-10 9780143130840
Release 2017
Pages 352
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What inspires you? That's the simple, but profound question posed to 46 renowned authors in LIGHT THE DARK, each one revealing what gets them started and what keeps them going with the creative work they love. Collects the best of The Atlantic's much-acclaimed 'By Heart' series and adds brand new pieces from writers like Marilynne Robinson and Junot Diaz. Contributors include Neil Gaiman, Roxane Gay, Elizabeth Gilbert, Mary Gaitskill, Nell Zink, Michael Chabon and many more.

Book of Light and Darkness A Collection of Poems Reminding Us of Our Spiritual Degrees

Book of Light and Darkness  A Collection of Poems Reminding Us of Our Spiritual Degrees Author LC Bennett
ISBN-10 1468596365
Release 2015-07-21
Pages 40
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This book is a collection of poems that displays the various degrees of human spirituality. In this chap book each level is expressed by a snap shot of light or darkness, that is expressed through a souls evolution. These small snap shots are accompanied with graphic illustration that bring a colorful focus on various levels of the spiritual degrees.

Light in My Darkness

Light in My Darkness Author Linda Kruschke
ISBN-10 150335931X
Release 2014-12-07
Pages 136
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Light in My Darkness is a book of poetry chronicling the author's struggles with major clinical depression and how God was a light in her darkness of depression. This poetry offers hope for others struggling not only with depression but other trials and tribulations that life throws at everyone of us at one time or another. What others are saying about this small volume of poetry: "It won't take very many people to turn their lives around for this book of poetry to be a spiritual success and victory. It will go further than a few people - it is destined to reach many who are in depression and see no hope! Linda describes the depression so well - but she goes way beyond and gives the Answer, the Source of Healing!" Carol J. Wright, Lake Oswego, Oregon. "Reading through Linda's poetry is not a matter of mere lines. Every poem requires a deep breath and a substantial pause." Leanne Forster, Olympia, Washington. "Never underestimate the sheer power of poetry. It is formidable. Linda knows this, and she has compiled this book from direct experience. And that is remarkable. I hope you'll read this with an inquisitive heart and an eager mind. Good poetry should carry a weight of truth wherever it might lead. All that it requires is all of you. Poetry requires your full attention, at least to appreciate it fully. Linda honors God in what she has written. I know her intention is to bring Him glory, and she does it fearlessly. What you read here comes from life's furnace-things will be imparted through these poems. I pray the Lord's blessing on this little book. Read this book. Squeeze out the truth each poem has. I know that the author would appreciate it immensely." Bryan Lowe, Homer, Alaska.

She Has Awaken

She Has Awaken Author Rhonda Kay Hero
ISBN-10 9781452052397
Release 2010-07-19
Pages 140
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She Has Awaken is a memoir of a Long Journey of Hope, Faith, Love, Courage and Healing. e. Rhonda wanted to share this book of her poetry. These poems are written about a child who went through childhood abuse. This is the beginning of her journey and the abuse she went through. Emotional, sexual, physical and the lost of herself. For years the little girl lived in a world of secrets, shame, guilt and total darkness. Her voice came through writing. All the feelings she hid inside came out through those words on the blank pages. Through many years of counseling she has escaped the dark world she once lived. She now lives in a world of light everyday she is healing. Her journey is still ahead one step at a time. She hopes her poems will let those who went through abuse. know there is hope. Stand firm, stand strong and always keep your head up.

From Darkness Into Light

From Darkness Into Light Author Jennifer Lodico
ISBN-10 9781441549884
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 182
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Truth is never a popular concept in any society where mankind lives. Truth is ridiculed and rejected and the bearers of it are often persecuted, even martyred for it. But truth forever stands in the face of all it's adversaries. And truth can never and will never be vanquished. For truth has always existed and truth will never end. For, Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. No man cometh to the Father, but by Him. The poems in this book were inspired by God and are intended to bring glory to His Son, Jesus Christ, while exposing the stark reality of sin and the ravaging effects it is having on mankind. Some of the poems are based on the author's life experiences, while others were created by trying to envision life through the eyes of others. "He Set My Spirit Free" is the testimony of the author's life changing encounter with Jesus Christ. "Mother, I Will Meet You," was written in memory of the author's mother, Winifred Nostrand, who recently passed away in November 2008 at the age of 71. Also, "Daddy, My Heart is Broken," was made in sad memory of her father, who passed away in June 1996. The "Noble Husband," is dedicated to the author's dear husband, James Lodico. It is the author's heartfelt prayer, that the poems in this book will not only move the hearts of Christian men and women into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, but that it would convict the unsaved man of his sins so that he would turn to Jesus Christ, the only One who can save him and provide an entrance into heaven. Any direct quotes from the Bible were taken from the King James Version.