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Women and New Reproductive Technologies

Women and New Reproductive Technologies Author Judith Rodin
ISBN-10 9781134764051
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 176
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Although major breakthroughs in reproductive technology have created dramatic opportunities for many people, they are not without problems. More significant than the question of whether the technologies are "good" or "bad," however, is for whom they are good, in what instances, and to whom they should be made accessible. These issues can be debated at multiple levels; from the ethical implications, to the social and psychological consequences for society and for the individual, to the legal and medical outcomes. Each chapter highlights a different array of problems and benefits, while emphasizing four major themes: the impact of technology on women's lives; the role of women; the individual versus society; and the fetus as patient.

Social Issues in America

Social Issues in America Author James Ciment
ISBN-10 9781317459712
Release 2015-03-04
Pages 2055
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Truly comprehensive in scope - and arranged in A-Z format for quick access - this eight-volume set is a one-source reference for anyone researching the historical and contemporary details of more than 170 major issues confronting American society. Entries cover the full range of hotly contested social issues - including economic, scientific, environmental, criminal, legal, security, health, and media topics. Each entry discusses the historical origins of the problem or debate; past means used to deal with the issue; the current controversy surrounding the issue from all perspectives; and the near-term and future implications for society. In addition, each entry includes a chronology, a bibliography, and a directory of Internet resources for further research as well as primary documents and statistical tables highlighting the debates.

Regulating Reproduction

Regulating Reproduction Author Emily Jackson
ISBN-10 9781847311450
Release 2001-10-10
Pages 376
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This new book provides a clear and accessible analysis of the various ways in which human reproduction is regulated. A comprehensive exposition of the law relating to birth control,abortion, pregnancy, childbirth, surrogacy and assisted conception is accompanied by an exploration of some of the complex ethical dilemmas that emerge when one of the most intimate areas of human life is subjected to regulatory control. Throughout the book, two principal themes recur. First, particular emphasis is placed upon the special difficulties that arise in regulating new technological intervention in all aspects of the reproductive process. Second, the concept of reproductive autonomy is both interrogated and defended. This book offers a readable and engaging account of the complex relationships between law, technology and reproduction. It will be useful for lecturers and students taking medical law or ethics courses. It should also be of interest to anyone with a more general interest in women's bodies and the law, or with the profound regulatory consequences of new technologies.

Issues in the Psychology of Women

Issues in the Psychology of Women Author Maryka Biaggio
ISBN-10 9780306463211
Release 2000-08-31
Pages 303
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This text brings together in a single volume a broad sampling of research and theory applying a feminist perspective to the study of psychology. The editors have assembled a distinguished roster of contributors to address such topics as historical and scientific foundations, social issues and problems, relationships and sexuality, and psychological and health issues from a social constructionist viewpoint. Discussions of diversity and development are integrated into each chapter.

Ethical Dilemmas in Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Ethical Dilemmas in Assisted Reproductive Technologies Author Joseph G. Schenker
ISBN-10 9783110240214
Release 2011-08-29
Pages 412
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Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) include the artificial or partially artificial methods to achieve pregnancy. These new technologies lead to substantial changes regarding of ethical and legal aspects in reproductive medicine. The book focuses on current hot topics about ethical dilemmas in ART, e.g. about the duties of ethical committees, guidelines regarding informed consent, ethical and legal aspects of sperm donation, embryo donation, ethics of embryonic stem cells, therapeutical cloning, patenting of human genes, commercialization.

Ethical Dilemmas in Fertility Counseling

Ethical Dilemmas in Fertility Counseling Author Judith E. Horowitz
ISBN-10 1433807602
Release 2010
Pages 242
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Ethical Dilemmas in Fertility Counseling addresses the many quandaries encountered by mental health professionals who practice in the field of reproductive medicine. This book sets the standard for psychologists who work with donors and recipients of gametes and embryos, gestational surrogates, intended parents, and children conceived through assisted reproduction. Through a series of thoughtfully analyzed case vignettes, readers will learn a template that can help them navigate with their clients issues such as: access to assisted reproductive technology, what to do with unused embryos, whether to risk initiating or reducing a multifetal pregnancy, whether to disclose information about the use of collaborative reproductive technologies, balancing law compliance, practice guidelines, and ethical principles within the context of values held by the patients' culture, religion, society, and family. As background to their step-by-step strategy for resolving ethical dilemmas in fertility counseling, the authors provide reviews of medical, psychological, sociological, and bioethical literature in relation to assisted reproductive technologies, as well as a comparison of international and religious approaches. This book will help psychologists already working in the field as well as those wishing to develop a niche practice in the area of reproductive medicine and health to base their practices on empirical evidence and to consistently work in an ethical manner.

Genetic Governance

Genetic Governance Author Robin Bunton
ISBN-10 9781134258895
Release 2005-03-18
Pages 10
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Ethical and practical issues around genetic research are of major international concern, both in academia and in the public domain. Questions concerning what interventions are possible and appropriate with the increasing amount of genetic information available, challenge our understandings of ourselves, our health and wellbeing, and the role of medical ethics, public health, surveillance and risk. However there has been little reflection on the socio-political effects of this new genetic knowledge and the changes in practice that are currently impacting on our lives. Containing contributions from key international researchers, this book examines the broader issues of genetic debates and looks at how prediction and risk assessment is being changed in the arenas of health, medicine and reproduction, bringing new insight on the dangers of surveillance, regulation and increased inequality. Developed out of the Taylor and Francis journal Critical Public Health, the book considers the implications of developments in genetics for contemporary liberal governance, as well as for the future of healthcare and public health.

New reproductive technologies

New reproductive technologies Author Canada. Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4526779
Release 1993
Pages 408
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New reproductive technologies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from New reproductive technologies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full New reproductive technologies book for free.

Embryos Ethics and Women s Rights

Embryos  Ethics  and Women s Rights Author Elaine Baruch
ISBN-10 9781317714255
Release 2014-04-23
Pages 278
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Will procreation become just another commodity in the marketplace with “designer” sperm, ova, and embryos offered for sale? Will the attention and monies focused on the new reproductive technologies take away resources from infertility prevention, prenatal care, and adoption? If states move to regulate such practices, will this encourage widespread governmental interference in reproductive choice? How will society look at the biologically unique children who are the products of genetic manipulation--and more importantly, how will these children view themselves? This controversial book explores the answers to these questions that are frequently being asked as the battles over reproductive technologies and freedoms become more heated and touch more people’s lives. Embryos, Ethics, and Women’s Rights examines both the clinical and personal perspectives of reproductive technologies. Experts explain and debate the growing number of procreative possibilities--in vitro fertilization, genetic manipulation of embryos, embryo transfer, surrogacy, prenatal screening, and the fetus as patient. Some of the leading authorities in the field, including John Robertson, Ruth Hubbard, and Gena Corea, address the ethical, legal, religious, social, and psychological concerns that are inherent in the issues. Essential reading for every person concerned with control over basic issues of human destiny, Embryos, Ethics, and Women’s Rights provides unique and comprehensive coverage on the subject of technologically controlled childbearing and particularly its effects on mothers and their unborn children.

New reproductive technologies and the health care system

New reproductive technologies and the health care system Author Canada. Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
ISBN-10 0662213858
Release 1993
Pages 808
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New reproductive technologies and the health care system has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from New reproductive technologies and the health care system also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full New reproductive technologies and the health care system book for free.

Reproduction Ethics and the Law

Reproduction  Ethics  and the Law Author Joan C. Callahan
ISBN-10 UOM:39076001639975
Release 1995-01
Pages 427
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Courts have assigned legal parenthood to genetic parents of children carried to term by women genetically unrelated to them, and courts have also passed over genetic progenitors to assign parenthood to individuals socially related to children. This title addresses moral and legal quandaries in society - those revolving around human reproduction.

Human Reproduction Emerging Technologies and Conflicting Rights

Human Reproduction  Emerging Technologies  and Conflicting Rights Author Robert H. Blank
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105016221231
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 269
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Examines the policy conflicts that have arisen as a result of advancing technologies in the area of human reproduction, discussing abortion, sterilization, assisted reproduction, surrogate motherhood, prenatal intervention, fetal and embryo research, and the care of critically ill newborns.

Gender and Social Life

Gender and Social Life Author Roberta Satow
ISBN-10 032103421X
Release 2001
Pages 410
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This engaging collection of readings presents a wide variety of ideas about how gender structures our feelings and our expectations about ourselves and others, how gender influences the "choices" we make, and what opportunities are available to us. Organized around eleven topics and containing 39 readings, the selections represent a variety of sources, scholarly articles, a short story, journalistic accounts, and personal narratives. They are representative of many different theoretical perspectives as well. The accompanying workbook and data disk give readers the opportunity to test their assumptions about gender and racial differences. For anyone interested in the sociology of gender.

Understanding health and social care

Understanding health and social care Author Margaret Allott
ISBN-10 UOM:39015042135601
Release 1998-03
Pages 318
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This introductory text provides a wide-ranging collection of key readings in the field of health and social care. The book features classic readings alongside articles reflecting the most recent theoretical and empirical work. Cutting across the conventional divide between health care and social care, the Reader sets out to link policy to practice in a tangible way, juxtaposing the voices of a range of carers and service users with insights from academic debate and research. The Reader is divided into five sections focusing on: the experience of caring or being cared for; the environment in which care takes place; the ways in which care has been conceptualized; issues of abuse in care settings; and the pol

Our Bodies Ourselves

Our Bodies  Ourselves Author Boston Women's Health Book Collective
ISBN-10 0784828091
Release 2009-07-01
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An informative reference that thoroughly details women's health issues.

Feminist Utopias in a Post Modern Era

Feminist Utopias in a Post Modern Era Author Alkeline van Lenning
ISBN-10 UVA:X006048557
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 197
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There is a respectable feminist tradition in utopian thought. Dreams and fantasies about gender-equal, women-friendly or female-dominated worlds have been formulated abundantly. However, utopian thinking has also met with severe criticism. By definition, utopias were said to be too idealistic, and of little use in the process of societal change. More recently, it has been stressed that the concept of utopia has been superseded by postmodern awareness, in which general explanations of gender inequality (and, along with them, general utopian views) are disqualified to the benefit of more local and more specific theories. In this book, the reader will find not one general, broadly defined utopia, but instead, a wide array of more or less specific, feminist utopias. Utopias are viewed as preliminary and imaginary goals from which present situations can be revalued and from which strategies for change can be developed. As such, utopias have not lost their significance.

Health Care Ethics

Health Care Ethics Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032746581
Release 1994
Pages 447
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Health Care Ethics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Health Care Ethics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Health Care Ethics book for free.