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Women s Political Participation in Bangladesh

Women   s Political Participation in Bangladesh Author Pranab Kumar Panday
ISBN-10 9788132212720
Release 2013-05-30
Pages 204
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This volume offers an understanding of institutional reforms, gender-related policy dynamics, the role of different actors in the policy process, and the impact of a particular policy on the state of women’s political participation in Bangladesh. The discussion is set against the background of the Fourth World Conference on Women, 1995, in Beijing, in which a Platform for Action signed by heads of governments expressed their countries’ commitment to achieve ‘gender equality and empowerment of women’ through ensuring integration of the gender perspective at all levels. In Bangladesh, notable among the initiatives undertaken was the enactment of the Local Government (Union Parishads) (Second Amendment) of 1997, through which one-third of seats were reserved for women in the Union Parishad (UP) and the system of direct election was introduced to elect women members in reserved seats. The Act of 1997 is considered to be a milestone, since it has enhanced women’s participation in the local government politics significantly. Against this background, the specific research questions that have been addressed in this volume include: the necessity of reform for enhancing women’s participation in politics; the context against which the Government of Bangladesh enacted the Act and the reasons such an initiative was not taken earlier; the actors behind the reforms and their role in the reform process; and the impact of the reform on the state of women’s participation at the local level in Bangladesh.

Reforming Urban Governance in Bangladesh

Reforming Urban Governance in Bangladesh Author Pranab Panday
ISBN-10 9783319495989
Release 2017-01-26
Pages 139
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This book provides an analysis of the urban government system in Bangladesh, focusing on its upper tier, the City Corporation (CC), and the institutional and legal frameworks within which it operates. Along with a discussion of the scale and magnitude of urbanization, the book presents a comprehensive analysis of the reform agendas of CCs including their functional assignments, local political leadership, local control over administration and service delivery, local fiscal autonomy and local financial management, and local participation and accountability mechanisms. Very few efforts have been taken to analyze the comprehensive reform agenda required to make the CCs effectively discharge their duties and responsibilities in the context of Bangladesh. This book therefore not only fills this gap in the literature, but also provides recommendations on each reform agenda.

Public Administration in South Asia

Public Administration in South Asia Author Meghna Sabharwal
ISBN-10 9781439869130
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 517
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A state-of-the-art, one-stop resource, Public Administration in South Asia: India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan examines public administration issues and advances in the Indian subcontinent. The book fulfills a critical need. These nations have the largest public administration programs in South Asia, yet existing knowledge on them is fragmented at best. Bringing together leading scholars from these countries, this book provides both an insider perspective and a scholarly look at the challenges and accomplishments in the region. Focusing on the machinery of government, the book explores questions such as: What is the history of public administration development? How are major decisions made in the agencies? Why are anti-corruption efforts so much a challenge? What is the significance of intergovernmental relations? What is the success of administrative reform? What are examples of successful social development programs? How successful is e-government, and what are its challenges? Why is civil service reform difficult to achieve? How is freedom of information being used as a means to combat corruption and invoke grassroots activism? What can be learned from the successes and failures? While public administration practice and education have become considerably professionalized in the last decade, a sufficiently in-depth and well-rounded reference on public administration in these countries is sorely lacking. Most available books tackle only aspects of public administration such as administrative reforms, civil service, economic developments, or public policy, and are country specific. None provide the in-depth analysis of the sphere of public action in South Asia found in this book. It supplies an understanding of how public administration can be either the source of, or solution to, so many of the problems and achievements in the Indian subcontinent.

Public Policy and Governance in Bangladesh

Public Policy and Governance in Bangladesh Author Nizam Ahmed
ISBN-10 9781317218777
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 250
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Good policies are an important prerequisite of good governance, and any effort to change one is likely to affect the other. In emerging democracies, such as Bangladesh, a redefinition of roles and responsibilities of different actors in the policy and governing process can be noticed. This book identifies and analyses issues related to the making and implementation of public policies in Bangladesh over the last four decades (1972-2012). It explores the implications of the change that has taken place in policy and governance environment in Bangladesh. Focusing on several important sectoral and sub-sectoral polices, it examines the impact and limitations of the change. Chapters are structured into four parts: Public Policy, Bureaucracy and Parliament; Cases of Public Policy; Women in Governance and Public Administration; Ethics, Innovations, and Public Service Delivery, and the book is a valuable resource for researchers in the field of development studies, public policy and South Asian politics.

Strengthening Local Governance in Bangladesh

Strengthening Local Governance in Bangladesh Author Shuvra Chowdhury
ISBN-10 9783319732848
Release 2018-02-23
Pages 216
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This book explores the impact of Bangladesh's Local Government Act of 2009 on the functioning of the local governments or Union Parishads (UP), with a particular emphasis on people’s participation and accountability. Throughout the chapters, the authors review the existing legal framework of UP and its relation to social accountability, examine how much of the social participation is spontaneous and how much is politically induced, question the success of the Citizen's Charter and Right to Information acts as mechanisms for social accountability, and present suggestions to remedy some of the problems facing people's participation and accountability in the UP. This book fills existing gaps in the discourse by adding new information to the literature on development research and legal reforms in Bangladesh, specifically in how those legal reforms have led to strengthening or weakening people's participation in local government. The target audience for this book are students and researchers in Asian studies , international development studies, and public administration, as well as practitioners working in the local governments discussed.

Country Reviews

Country Reviews Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89128546108
Release 2012
Pages 23
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Country Reviews has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Country Reviews also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Country Reviews book for free.

Local Governance

Local Governance Author Baburao Shravan Baviskar
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D037111100
Release 2012
Pages 193
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Local Governance has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Local Governance also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Local Governance book for free.

Institutional Reform in Central Asia

Institutional Reform in Central Asia Author Joachim Ahrens
ISBN-10 9780415602006
Release 2013
Pages 285
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The countries of Central Asia are increasingly the focus of intense international attention due to their geopolitical and economic importance as well as their unsettled transition processes. The region faced enormous challenges when the Soviet Union disintegrated, and this book focuses on the reforms of the institutional environment that have been largely neglected. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the book explores key aspects of institution building as well as economic and political governance in Central Asia. Contributors from a variety of disciplines, such as economics, political economy, political science, sociology, law, and ethnology, investigate the challenges of institutional transition in a non-democratic region. The book discusses how the lack of effective institution building as well as rule enforcement in the economic and political realms represents one of the key weaknesses and drawbacks of transition, and goes on to look at how crafting market institutions will be of utmost importance in the years ahead. Making an important contribution to understanding of political-economic developments in Central Asia, this book is of interest to students and scholars of political economy, comparative economics, development studies and Central Asian studies.

Women in Parliament

Women in Parliament Author Julie Ballington
ISBN-10 9185391190
Release 2005
Pages 265
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DESCRIPTION FROM 1ST EDITION: Now that women have made some inroads into this political arena, how are they impacting on it? What obstacles impede women from impacting? By what means can women overcome these obstacles? What are the strategies women can and have used to change policies and the political process through parliament? What are some of the changes that have occurred now that women are entering this traditionally male world? This book takes a closer look at these issues. Following extensive consultation with former and present women MPs, this handbook was written with the input of parliamentarians, academics and activists. With a foreword by Frene Ginwala, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa, and case studies covering Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Norway, Russia and South Africa the book gives a global perspective on women's political struggle to impact on parliamentary politics. Also gives a detailed account of ways that the rules of parliaments can be changed to better serve women and to promote issues of concern to women.

The Subjection of Women

The Subjection of Women Author John Stuart Mill
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590680947
Release 1869
Pages 188
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The Subjection of Women has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Subjection of Women also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Subjection of Women book for free.

Electoral Integrity and Political Regimes

Electoral Integrity and Political Regimes Author Holly Ann Garnett
ISBN-10 9781315315102
Release 2017-09-14
Pages 150
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Following a normative approach that suggests international norms and standards for elections apply universally, regardless of regime type or cultural context, this book examines the challenges to electoral integrity, the actors involved, and the consequences of electoral malpractice and poor electoral integrity that vary by regime type. It bridges the literature on electoral integrity with that of political regime types. Looking specifically at questions of innovation and learning, corruption and organized crime, political efficacy and turnout, the threat of electoral violence and protest, and finally, the possibility of regime change, it seeks to expand the scholarly understanding of electoral integrity and diverse regimes by exploring the diversity of challenges to electoral integrity, the diversity of actors that are involved and the diversity of consequences that can result. This text will be of key interest to scholars, students and practitioners of electoral studies, and more broadly of relevance to comparative politics, international development, political behaviour and democracy, democratization, and autocracy.

Voice and Power in Africa s Democracy

Voice and Power in Africa s Democracy Author Said Adejumobi
ISBN-10 9781317184058
Release 2017-08-16
Pages 220
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Africa has made notable progress in its nascent democracy but with uneven performance across countries. However, across the board, challenges abound. Central to Africa’s checkered democratic narrative is the weakness of its democratic institutions, participatory mechanisms and accountability platforms. This book interrogates these elements with the role and capacity of the parliament, political parties, media, freedom of information law, trade union movements, gender empowerment mechanisms and accountability methods and processes all under examination. The weakness of democratic institutions has had a corrosive effect on political accountability and limits the scope for popular participation in governance. In many countries, innovative practices, and new social and political encounters are emerging that challenge old institutional cultures, promote reforms and demand accountability from the governing elite. The book captures these varied, innovative patterns of democratic change. With first hand knowledge and expertise of the continent, the contributors analyze the issues, trends, problems and challenges in these critical areas of Africa’s democratic growth. The conclusion is that strengthening democratic institutions, opening up the political space for enhanced political participation and ensuring political accountability will determine the course, prospects and quality of Africa’s budding democracy.

Understanding Policy Change

Understanding Policy Change Author Cristina Corduneanu-Huci
ISBN-10 9780821395394
Release 2012-11-09
Pages 380
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This book provides the reader with the full panoply of political economy tools and concepts necessary to understand, analyze, and integrate how political and social factors may influence the success or failure of their policy goals.

Youth in a Suspect Society

Youth in a Suspect Society Author H. Giroux
ISBN-10 9780230100565
Release 2009-09-14
Pages 237
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Through the lens of education, this book attempts to situate young people within a number of theoretical and political considerations that offer up a new 'analytic of youth', one that posits not only the emergence of a new way to talk about youth but also a new language for understanding the politics that increasing frame their lives.

Feminist Activism Women s Rights and Legal Reform

Feminist Activism  Women s Rights  and Legal Reform Author Mulki Al Sharmani
ISBN-10 9781780329659
Release 2013-12-12
Pages 256
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This ground-breaking collection investigates the relationship between feminist activism and legal reform as a pathway to gender justice and social change. Since the advent of feminist movements legal reform has been a popular and yet contentious vehicle for seeking women’s rights and empowerment. This important book looks at comparative insights drawn from field-based research on the processes, the challenges, and the outcomes of legal reform and feminist activism. Feminist Activism, Women's Rights, and Legal Reform brings together cases from Middle East, Latin America, and Asia of the successes and failures of reform efforts concerning the promulgation and implementation of new family laws and domestic violence codes.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2009

The Global Gender Gap Report 2009 Author
ISBN-10 9789295044289
Release 2009
Pages 196
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"The Index benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, political, education- and health-based criteria, and provides country rankings that allow for effective comparions across regions and income groups, over time"-- Page 3.

Reshaping the Holy

Reshaping the Holy Author Elora Shehabuddin
ISBN-10 0231141572
Release 2008
Pages 285
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Through extensive field research, Elora Shehabuddin explores the profound implications of women's political and social mobilization for reshaping Islam. Specifically, she examines the lives of Muslim women in Bangladesh who have become increasingly mobilized by the activities of predominantly secular NGOs, yet who desire to retain, reclaim, and reshape-rather than reject-their faith. In their employment and in their interactions with the legal system, the state, NGOs, and political and religious groups, women are changing state practices, views of women in the public sphere, and the nature of lived Islam itself. In contrast to most work on Islam and Muslims, which has focused on the Middle East and has privileged the study of religious and legal texts, this book redirects our attention to South Asia, home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, and emphasizes the actual experiences of Muslims. Women and gender, as well as Bangladesh's formally democratic context, are central to this inquiry and analysis.