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Word Author Mariam Motamedi Fraser
ISBN-10 1783481439
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 224
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Explores the epistemological, experiential and political implications that follow when words are lifted out of language and discursive meaning.


Painscapes Author EJ Gonzalez-Polledo
ISBN-10 9781349952724
Release 2017-10-13
Pages 254
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This book brings into dialogue approaches from anthropology, sociology, visual art, theatre, and literature to question what kinds of relations, frames and politics constitute pain across disciplines and methodologies. Each chapter offers a unique window onto the notoriously difficult problem of how pain is defined and communicated. The contributors reimagine the value of images and photography, poetry, history, drama, stories and interviews, not as ‘better’ representations of the pain experience, but as devices to navigate the complexity of pain across different physical, social, and intersubjective domains. This innovative collection provides a new access point to the phenomenon of pain and the materialities, affects, structures and institutions that constitute it. This book will appeal to readers seeking to better understand pain’s complexity and the social and affective ecologies through which pain is known, communicated and lived.

Ethics Aesthetics and the Beyond of Language

Ethics  Aesthetics  and the Beyond of Language Author Robert Hughes
ISBN-10 9781438431956
Release 2010-08-02
Pages 243
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Explores why American Romantic writers and contemporary continental thinkers turn to art when writing about ethics.

Language beyond Words The Neuroscience of Accent

Language beyond Words  The Neuroscience of Accent Author Ignacio Moreno-Torres
ISBN-10 9782889451074
Release 2017-03-23
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Language learning also implies the acquisition of a set of phonetic rules and prosodic contours which define the accent in that language. While often considered as merely accessory, accent is an essential component of psychological identity as it embodies information on origin, culture, and social class. Speaking with a non-standard (foreign) accent is not inconsequential because it may negatively impact communication and social adjustment. Nevertheless, the lack of a formal definition of accent may explain that, as compared with other aspects of language, it has received relatively little attention until recently. During the past decade there has been increasing interest in the analysis of accent from a neuroscientific perspective. This e-book integrates data from different scientific frameworks. The reader will find fruitful research on new models of accent processing, how learning a new accent proceeds, and the role of feedback on accent learning in healthy subjects. In addition, information on accent changes in pathological conditions including developmental and psychogenic foreign accent syndromes as well as the description of a new variant of foreign accent syndrome is also included. It is anticipated that the articles in this e-book will enhance the understanding of accent as a linguistic phenomenon, the neural networks supporting it and potential interventions to accelerate acquisition or relearning of native accents.

Beyond Words

Beyond Words Author Kathlyn Conway
ISBN-10 9780826353252
Release 2013-05-15
Pages 184
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“Kathlyn Conway opens primordial questions about the shattering events of illness through close readings of selected illness narratives, proposing that only writing of a daring kind can utter the knowledge of the self-telling body. Wielding her ferocious intellect and braving exposure to self and other, Conway makes original discoveries about writing and illness and, more stunningly, about writing and life. Not a book about illness, this is a book about writing and being. It is taut, brave, unequalled in our scholarship, and true. Conway joins our most powerful investigators of the human predicament of mortality, helping us to see, helping us to live.”—Rita Charon, Columbia University, Program in Narrative Medicine Published accounts of illness and disability often emphasize hope and positive thinking: the woman who still looked beautiful after losing her hair, the man who ran five miles a day during chemotherapy. This acclaimed examination of the genre of the illness narrative questions that upbeat approach. Author Kathlyn Conway, a three-time cancer survivor and herself the author of an illness memoir, believes that the triumphalist approach to writing about illness fails to do justice to the shattering experience of disease. By wrestling with the challenge of writing about the reality of serious illness and injury, she argues, writers can offer a truer picture of the complex relationship between body and mind.

The Rise of the Image the Fall of the Word

The Rise of the Image  the Fall of the Word Author Mitchell Stephens
ISBN-10 9780199880072
Release 1998-10-08
Pages 272
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For decades educators and cultural critics have deplored the corrosive effects of electronic media on the national consciousness. The average American reads less often, writes less well. And, numbed by the frenetic image-bombardment of music videos, commercials and sound bites, we may also, it is argued, think less profoundly. But wait. Is it just possible that some good might arise from the ashes of the printed word? Most emphatically yes, argues Mitchell Stephens, who asserts that the moving image is likely to make our thoughts not more feeble but more robust. Through a fascinating overview of previous communications revolutions, Stephens demonstrates that the charges that have been leveled against television have been faced by most new media, including writing and print. Centuries elapsed before most of these new forms of communication would be used to produce works of art and intellect of sufficient stature to overcome this inevitable mistrust and nostalgia. Using examples taken from the history of photography and film, as well as MTV, experimental films, and Pepsi commercials, the author considers the kinds of work that might unleash, in time, the full power of moving images. And he argues that these works--an emerging computer-edited and -distributed "new video"--have the potential to inspire transformations in thought on a level with those inspired by the products of writing and print. Stephens sees in video's complexities, simultaneities, and juxtapositions, new ways of understanding and perhaps even surmounting the tumult and confusions of contemporary life. Sure to spark lively--even heated--debate, The Rise of the Image, the Fall of the Word belongs in the library of millennium-watchers everywhere.

Forms of Disruption

Forms of Disruption Author Neil H. Donahue
ISBN-10 UVA:X002153786
Release 1993
Pages 257
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Forms of Disruption has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Forms of Disruption also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Forms of Disruption book for free.

Discourse Theory and Practice

Discourse Theory and Practice Author Margaret Wetherell
ISBN-10 0761971564
Release 2001-05-25
Pages 406
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Discourse Theory and Practice is much more than a collection of key classic articles and papers in the field of discourse analysis. The aim of the book is to introduce students to the major figures in the field, and to some of their writings which, combined with the interspersed editorial commentaries, should allow students to understand the key epistemological and methodological issues of discourse theory and practice. The Reader is organized into four coherent Parts, namely: Foundations and Building Blocks; Social Interaction; Minds, Selves and Sense-Making; and Culture and Social Relations. Key readings include works by Stuart Hall, Jonathan Potter, David Silverman, Erving Goffman, Teun van Dijk, Derek Edwards and Michael Billig. Chapters introduce the student to each individual and their reading, contextualizing each in terms of their contribution to the field, theoretical standpoint and individual method of doing discourse analysis. The many didactic elements of the book make it ideal as an introduction to the study of discourse for all students of psychology, sociology, linguistics or cultural studies.

Beyond disruption

Beyond disruption Author Jean-Marie Dru
ISBN-10 PSU:000050052127
Release 2002
Pages 304
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The sequel to the best-selling Adweek book, Disruption, this book shows the wider application of the concept as it affects vision, strategy, creativity and media marketing. Jean Marie-Dru describes disruption as a universal language of change that allows advertisers from all over the world to form a common strategy. In this book, Dru explores the wide-reaching ramifications of disruption: for instance, how disruption can be seen at work in emerging, rebellious or unreceptive markets; how disruption can transform vision into insight; how disruption can affect communication and lead to cross-fertilization of ideas; how disruption relates to design; examples of disruptive companies and campaigns; and how disruption can lead to connectedness.

Meta and Inter Images in Contemporary Visual Art and Culture

Meta  and Inter Images in Contemporary Visual Art and Culture Author Carla Taban
ISBN-10 9789058679574
Release 2013-10-14
Pages 352
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Exploring the epistemological potential of meta- and inter-images Since the 1990s, when the question of the visual became central in various arts and humanities disciplines, images that refer to themselves as such or to other images have enjoyed an increasing interest. Meta- and Inter-Images in Contemporary Visual Art and Culture partakes in, enriches and updates these debates. It investigates what meta- and inter-images can make known about the visual, in its own terms, by its own means. Written by scholars in aesthetics, art history, and cultural, film, literary, media, and visual studies, the essays gathered here tackle meta- and inter-images in an array of creative artefacts, practices, and media. They unfold the epistemological potential of every meta- and inter-image discussed to raise questions such as: What are images? How do they work? By whom, to what purpose, to what effect and in what context/s are they used? How are they created and understood? And how do they challenge our (pre)conceptions of images and the ways we study them? Contributors Maaheen Ahmed (Université catholique de Louvain), Vangelis Athanassopoulos (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), Sotirios Bahtsetzis (Hellenic Open University), Concepción Cortés Zulueta (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Mafalda Dâmaso (Goldsmiths, University of London), Elisabeth-Christine Gamer (University of Bern), Amanda Gluibizzi (Ohio State University), Stella Hockenhull (University of Wolverhampton), Anaël Lejeune (Université catholique de Louvain), Fabrice Leroy (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Johanna Malt (King’s College London), Olga Moskatova (IKKM, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), Magdalena Nowak (The Graduate School for Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences), Jorgelina Orfila (Texas Tech University), Fran Pheasant-Kelly (University of Wolverhampton), Raphaël Pirenne (School of Graphic Research, E.R.G. Brussels), Abigail Susik (Willamette University)

Writing and the Modern Stage

Writing and the Modern Stage Author Julia Jarcho
ISBN-10 9781107132351
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 306
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This book presents a new argument that reimagines modern theater's critical power and places innovative writing at the heart of the experimental stage.

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders Author Jennifer Rahim
ISBN-10 9766402167
Release 2009
Pages 267
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Beyond Borders is a multidisciplinary collection of essays with a focus on contemporary issues in Caribbean cultural studies. Culture and cultural identification are without a doubt highly charged political Goliaths with local and global ramifications. This is one of the reasons for the virtual boom the discipline has enjoyed, and the Caribbean is no exception. As a result, there is a growing demand for information in the field for both research and teaching purposes. The essays in this collection provide such a resource. They explore cross-cultural themes and issues across a range of disciplines that include literature, language, education, history and popular culture. They will interest a broad cross-section of regional and international readers, including a wide range of scholars, professional teachers, students and members of the general public wishing to understand the complex dynamics of Caribbean culture.The issues of cultural survival and negotiation with which most of these essays deal, serve to foreground a history of domination, resistance and marvellous transformations within and beyond the borders of this archipelago. It is no longer possible to pass culture off as simply a matter of commonalities, interests and values, as if politics and power were innocent of influencing what gets defined and consumed as culture. Beyond Borders: Cross-culturalism and the Caribbean Canon offers a forum for contemporary debates on Caribbean culture in its ongoing process of evolution.

New Literature and Philosophy of the Middle East

New Literature and Philosophy of the Middle East Author J. Mohaghegh
ISBN-10 9780230114418
Release 2010-11-08
Pages 234
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Mohaghegh tracks the idea of 'chaos' into the contemporary philosophical and cultural imagination of the postcolonial world, exploring its vital role in the formation of an emergent avant-garde literature in the Middle East, concentrating on the writings of the twentieth-century Iranian new wave.

Images and Words

Images and Words Author Ioannis K. Stavrianos
ISBN-10 155164150X
Release 2000
Pages 139
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Reveals the underside of American nineteenth century culture through linguistic, artistic or photographic conventions.

Beginnings beyond

Beginnings   beyond Author Ann Miles Gordon
ISBN-10 0827384203
Release 2000
Pages 640
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Beginnings & Beyond focuses on the important concepts & critical functions in early childhood education, including curriculum, developmentally appropriate practice, multicultural issues, & special needs. This new edition emphasizes a multicultural approach to teaching & learning to help children & teachers & caregivers respond more sensitively to different cultural practices & values. * New photographs illustrate a wide variety of age groups, cultures, & early childhood settings * Updated coverage of demographics & changing populations to reflect social & political realities of today * Highlights content that relates to cultural diversity, antibias curriculum, & children with special needs * Insights into developmentally appropriate practice resulting from NAEYC's research.

Paul Celan

Paul Celan Author Amy Diana Colin
ISBN-10 UOM:39015021844637
Release 1991-07
Pages 211
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Paul Celan, one of the greatest poets of the post-Holocaust decades, strove to utter the unspeakable. In his literary struggle to respond to the Holocaust, he exploded literary traditions and, out of their residue, created a new poetry.


Images Author Sunil Manghani
ISBN-10 1412900441
Release 2006-12-04
Pages 352
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Images: A Reader provides a key resource for students, academics, practitioners and other readers engaged in the critical, theoretical, and practical study of images. The Reader is concerned with the notion of the ‘image’ in all its theoretical, critical and practical contexts, uses and history. It provides a map of the differences and similarities between the various disciplinary approaches to images, breaking the ground for a new interdisciplinary study of images, in the arts and humanities and beyond. The selection of over 80 key readings, across the domains of philosophy, art, literature, science, critical theory and cultural studies tells the story of images through intellectual history from the Bible to the present. By including both well-established writings and more recent, innovative research, the Reader outlines crucial developments in contemporary discourses about images.