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Workforce Restructuring in Europe

Workforce Restructuring in Europe Author Eversheds
ISBN-10 9781847667007
Release 2015-07-30
Pages 1032
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Covering all 27 EU Member states and Norway and Sweden, each chapter is devoted to a different jurisdiction and follows a template for easy comparison of how to approach the same issue in different jurisdictions. Chapters cover: Individual redundancies; Collective Redundancies; Outsourcing; Use of temporary workers; Business sale (asset transfer) within country; Business sale (asset transfer) to another EU country; Business sale (asset transfer) outside the EU; Business sale (share sale); Case study: Key issues in a site closure or business transfer in country.

Restructuring Work and Employment in Europe

Restructuring Work and Employment in Europe Author Sian Moore
ISBN-10 9781848442832
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 424
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This collection of essays offers a survey of restructuring processes in Europe and their outcomes. . . Given the likelihood of increased dislocation in labor markets, the book is a timely contribution. Recommended. R.L. Hogler, Choice This detailed, comprehensive study on downsizing in Europe is underpinned by cross-national, interdisciplinary empirical research on restructuring management in five European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. It contains systematic national comparative overviews, and transversal analyses of more than 30 in-depth case studies, taking into account a broad range of perspectives across professional human resources managers, unions representatives, local and national civil servants, social workers and physicians. The authors examine strategic choices and practices in national and local contexts, showing that the practice of restructuring is not as heterogeneous as many previous studies have indicated or predicted. Systematic policy proposals for better economic and social management of restructuring are also prescribed. This team of well-known economists and social scientists have prepared a book that will appeal to consultants and human resource managers and employees, especially in transnational firms, as well as to students in industrial relations, in labour economics, and in sociology. It will also be of special interest to members of the European Commission and policymakers involved in employment and social affairs.

Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies

Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies Author United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe. Committee for Trade, Industry, and Enterprise Development
ISBN-10 9211168678
Release 2003
Pages 44
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Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies book for free.

Key Issues in Women s Work

Key Issues in Women s Work Author Catherine Hakim
ISBN-10 1904385168
Release 2004
Pages 258
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Women's employment is one of the most widely-discussed and often-misunderstood issues of modern society. Are women today oppressed, or do they have the best of both worlds? Do women have to go out to work to gain equality with men, or do they already do more than their share of domestic work, caring work and voluntary work as well as work in the informal economy? Do women seek careers on the same terms as men, or are they content to be dependent wives or secondary earners taking jobs on a short-term basis? How important is job segregation in explaining the 20% pay gap between men and women? Have equal opportunities laws had any real impact? Are women in Europe lagging behind, or are they at the forefront of developments in modern societies? This new updated edition of Catherine Hakim's classic text addresses all the key issues currently debated in relation to women's work - in the domestic sphere, as well as paid employment. Dr Hakim tests the power of patriarchy theory and preference theory against economic theories. Sex discrimination, work-life balance, part-time work, flexible hours, homeworking, career patterns across the life cycle, labour mobility, labour turnover, the returns to education, occupational segregation, the pay gap, the glass ceiling, and the impact of European Union policies are all considered. Analysis of historical developments over the twentieth century, based on censuses, is complemented by case studies of people working in occupations undergoing dramatic change. Throughout the book, comparisons are drawn between the USA, Britain, other European countries, Canada, Australia, and also China, Japan and other Far Eastern societies. The analysis draws on sociology, economics, psychology, labour law, history and social anthropology to conclude that the diversity of women's life goals and lifestyle preferences is increasing. This explains the growing polarisation of women's employment and many contradictory recent research results.

Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies

Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies Author United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe. Committee for Trade, Industry, and Enterprise Development
ISBN-10 9211168104
Release 2002
Pages 44
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Industrial restructuring is one of the key challenges facing the countries of central and eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States at their current stage of transition towards a market economy. This publication contains papers presented at a meeting held in Geneva in February 2002 to discuss both the progress made to date and future challenges.

Large Firms and Institutional Change

Large Firms and Institutional Change Author Bob Hancké
ISBN-10 019925205X
Release 2002
Pages 222
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This book analyses the revival of the French economy at the end of the twentieth century and shows how large firms took the lead in that process becoming the drivers of economic adjustment. Hancké provides the reader with a critique of neo-institutionalist perspectives on firms. By demonstrating how large firms in France changed their institutional environment to fit their own needs, he offers an important new perspective on the political economy of industrial and economic change.

Restructuring in the New EU Member States

Restructuring in the New EU Member States Author Marie-Ange Moreau
ISBN-10 9052014566
Release 2008
Pages 232
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This book presents a series of extremely stimulating analyses of the process of corporate restructuring in the new Member States of the EU. Particularly noteworthy is the book's focus on the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) that have joined the EU since 2004, an area which has not been prominent in the research on corporate restructuring conducted in Western Europe in the last twenty years. As with their Asian counterparts, these States have generally been perceived as a threat to employment in Western Europe due to the former's benefiting from outsourcing away from the latter. By moving east, the book allows for a different perspective on the restructuring process, by placing it in the context of both Europe and the numerous changes affecting the CEECs. The book seeks to understand the impact of European- and national-level policies on the concept of restructuring, the role of the acquis communautaire, and the place of social and political actors in the process of change in the context of new Member States, where multinational firms have developed mobility and establishment strategies within the context of broader European and global ones. The density of this collection, its wealth in terms of substantive teachings, and its use of a comparative and multidisciplinary approach that links law, political science, sociology and economics make it an essential resource for those wishing to understand restructuring in the European space after the enlargements of 2004 and 2007 and the impact of European policies and the European Social Model.

The Oxford Handbook of Employment Relations

The Oxford Handbook of Employment Relations Author Adrian Wilkinson
ISBN-10 9780191651496
Release 2014-03-13
Pages 760
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There have been numerous accounts exploring the relationship between institutions and firm practices. However, much of this literature tends to be located into distinct theoretical-traditional 'silos', such as national business systems, social systems of production, regulation theory, or varieties of capitalism, with limited dialogue between different approaches to enhance understanding of institutional effects. Again, evaluations of the relationship between institutions and employment relations have tended to be of the broad-brushstroke nature, often founded on macro-data, and with only limited attention being accorded to internal diversity and details of actual practice. The Handbook aims to fill this gap by bringing together an assembly of comprehensive and high quality chapters to enable understanding of changes in employment relations since the early 1970s. Theoretically-based chapters attempt to link varieties of capitalism, business systems, and different modes of regulation to the specific practice of employment relations, and offer a truly comparative treatment of the subject, providing frameworks and empirical evidence for understanding trends in employment relations in different parts of the world. Most notably, the Handbook seeks to incorporate at a theoretical level regulationist accounts and recent work that link bounded internal systemic diversity with change, and, at an applied level, a greater emphasis on recent applied evidence, specifically dealing with the employment contract, its implementation, and related questions of work organization. It will be useful to academics and students of industrial relations, political economy, and management.

Japan and Central Europe Restructuring

Japan and Central Europe Restructuring Author Winfried Flüchter
ISBN-10 3447035315
Release 1995
Pages 271
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Japan and Central Europe Restructuring has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Japan and Central Europe Restructuring also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Japan and Central Europe Restructuring book for free.

Between Market Institutions Is there leeway for local actors in shaping restructuring in Europe

Between Market   Institutions Is there leeway for local actors in shaping restructuring in Europe  Author
ISBN-10 9782875580689
Release 2012-07-15
Pages 180
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Mnemosyne, o la costruzione del senso è la rivista annuale dell'Osservatorio scientifico della memoria scritta, orale, filmica e del patrimonio autobiografico, un gruppo di ricerca internazionale e interdisciplinare che studia la forma delle espressioni e la retorica del discorso in prima persona. A questa pubblicazione danno il loro contributo storici, linguisti, specialisti di narratologia e di letteratura, antropologi ed esperti dei media. I soggetti trattati sono le arti della scena, il racconto e la corrispondenza, il patrimonio materiale, il saper-fare. Rivista pubblicata con l'aiuto finanziario del Fonds national de la recherche scientifique (Belgio).

Restructuring for Corporate Success

Restructuring for Corporate Success Author International Labour Office
ISBN-10 9221154300
Release 2005
Pages 141
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This publication explores the use of socially sensitive enterprise restructuring (SSER) approaches by companies to help minimise the social costs for workers of downsizing, drawing on examples of good practice and case studies from different countries. Issues discussed include the importance of good labour management relations; communication strategies; the use of counselling, training and job searching strategies; early retirement, mobility and severence packages; alternative work schedules; and the various stages of the workforce reduction process.

Restructuring Territoriality

Restructuring Territoriality Author Christopher K. Ansell
ISBN-10 0521532620
Release 2004-07-12
Pages 300
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The bundling of political authority into mutually exclusive territorial boundaries - territoriality - is a fundamental principle of modern political organization. Indeed, it provides the foundation for other cherished institutions - national sovereignty, citizenship, the modern welfare state, and democracy. Are globalization, internationalization, and Europeanization conspiring to unbundle territoriality? If so, are sovereignty, citizenship, the welfare state, and democracy unravelling as well? Is a new post-national, non-territorial form of political organization, heralded by the European Union, being born? With a focus on Europe, this volume explores these issues from various substantive and theoretical perspectives. The authors find evidence of the diffusion of authority both within and beyond the state, producing novel institutional arrangements and new modes of governance. But the United States may provide more useful insights into the new dispensation than the idea of a post-national, non-territorial politics. Interest in contemporary challenges to democracy run throughout this volume.


Focus Author
ISBN-10 UCBK:C072551232
Release 1998
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Focus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Focus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Focus book for free.

Professional Knowledge and Educational Restructuring in Europe

Professional Knowledge and Educational Restructuring in Europe Author I.F. Goodson
ISBN-10 9789460913792
Release 2011-07-23
Pages 124
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European welfare institutions such as education and health care are restructuring their organisations in terms of decentralisation, deregulation, privatization and so forth. As a consequence professional positions and demands on professional competencies in these institutions are in transition. At the same time European societies are changing in different ways, e.g. in terms of a "knowledge society" as well as in demographic and cultural changes. Professionals such as teachers and nurses are meeting such changes in their work with students and clients.Thus, there is a need to study these transitions and changes. Here we are doing this from a "bottom-up" perspective where we are comparing experiences in different institutional and national contexts. This study combines two kinds of narrative research; a study of the systemic narratives produced by governments who are restructuring educational systems and the life history narratives of those professionals working within those systems and their perspectives on ongoing restructuring.

Health in Restructuring HIRES

Health in Restructuring  HIRES Author Thomas Kieselbach
ISBN-10 9783866185982
Release 2010
Pages 273
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Restructuring has become a daily practice in both private and public sectors in the EU. But often restructuring processes fail to produce the intended effects of secured or increased organizational profi tability. On the contrary restructuring puts the physical and psychosocial health of all organizational members at risk. To limit the risks of enterprise restructuring effectively, several groups of actors at the individual, enterprise and societal level have to collaborate towards the implementation of healthier change procedures and to create a “social convoy” in occupational transitions for workers affected by dismissal. The European Expert Group HIRES on Health in Restructuring was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Kieselbach from the University of Bremen and supported by DG Employment of the European Commission. It presented with its report a concise overview of the effects of enterprise restructuring and the social frameworks and change procedures that should be considered for “healthier restructuring”. With its policy recommendations and the case studies of innovative approaches on a company and regional level the report addresses policy makers, governmental structures like labour inspectorates or federal institutes, unions, managers, occupational health and safety personnel, shareholders and workers alike. The public reception of the HIRES recommendations on Health in Restructuring was impressive all over Europe and across different institutions, stakeholders and professions. They were conceived before the economic crisis started but the development of the economies increased public awareness for the problems addressed in the HIRES report. It was disseminated on an international level within several scientifi c communities as well. The success of HIRES led to the follow-up project HIRES Plus (co-ordinated by Dr. Claude Emmanuel Triomphe (ASTREES, Paris) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kieselbach, Bremen), which organized in 13 EU countries national workshops in order to increase awareness of main actors, discuss HIRES conclusions and to test them in the light of the national consultation process, discuss possible ways to include health as an issue when restructuring takes place and to develop networks at national and European levels.

Reconstructing Solidarity

Reconstructing Solidarity Author Virginia Doellgast
ISBN-10 9780192509659
Release 2018-01-11
Pages 288
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Work is widely thought to have become more precarious. Many people feel that unions represent the interests of protected workers in good jobs at the expense of workers with insecure employment, low pay, and less generous benefits. Reconstructing Solidarity: Labour Unions, Precarious Work, and the Politics of Institutional Change in Europe argues the opposite: that unions try to represent precarious workers using a variety of creative campaigning and organizing tactics. Where unions can limit employers' ability to 'exit' labour market institutions and collective agreements, and build solidarity across different groups of workers, this results in a virtuous circle, establishing union control over the labour market. Where they fail to do so, it sets in motion a vicious circle of expanding precarity based on institutional evasion by employers. Reconstructing Solidarity examines how unions build, or fail to build, inclusive worker solidarity to challenge this vicious circle and to re-regulate increasingly precarious jobs. Comparative case studies from fourteen European countries describe the struggles of workers and unions in industries such as local government, retail, music, metalworking, chemicals, meat packing, and logistics. Their findings argue against the thesis that unions act primarily to protect labour market insiders at the expense of outsiders.

Responsible Restructuring Creative and Profitable Alternatives to Layoffs Large Print 16pt

Responsible Restructuring  Creative and Profitable Alternatives to Layoffs  Large Print 16pt Author Wayne Cascio
ISBN-10 9781459626355
Release 2011-08
Pages 258
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Using real - life illustrations of successful, responsible restructurings at companies such as Charles Schwab, Cisco, Motorola, and Intel, this book provides alternatives to downsizing.