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Raymond Williams on Television Routledge Revivals

Raymond Williams on Television  Routledge Revivals Author Raymond Williams
ISBN-10 9781136447563
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 266
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First Published in 1989, this work is based around a monthly TV column which Raymond Williams wrote for The Listener between 1968 and 1972. Those were the years of the Prague Spring, of anti-Vietnam war demonstrations, of fighting in Cambodia and Northern Ireland, of hope for McGovern in the United States and attacks on the Wilson Labour Government in Britain. In The Listener articles Williams comments on all of these events, providing a rare glimpse not only into the events of his daily life but also into the continuing development of a personal sociology of culture. The articles also discuss such television forms as detective series, science programmes and sports, travelogue, education, gardening, and children’s programming. The book also includes Williams’ key lecture "Drama in a Dramatised Society", which sets a framework for his analysis; a London Review of Books piece on the Falklands/Malvinas adventure as a "tele-war"; and an interview with Williams on television and teaching. Cited by The Guardian as "The foremost political thinker of his generation", Williams’ writing amounts to a primer on ways of watching television and of critiquing its profound social and political impact.

Subject to Others Routledge Revivals

Subject to Others  Routledge Revivals Author Moira Ferguson
ISBN-10 9781317634874
Release 2014-08-01
Pages 466
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First published in 1992, Subject to Others considers the intersection between late seventeenth- to early nineteenth-century British female writers and the colonial debate surrounding slavery and abolition. Beginning with an overview that sets the discussion in context, Moira Ferguson then chronicles writings by Anglo-Saxon women and one African-Caribbean ex-slave woman, from between 1670 and 1834, on the abolition of the slave trade and the emancipation of slaves. Through studying the writings of around thirty women in total, Ferguson concludes that white British women, as a result of their class position, religious affiliation and evolving conceptions of sexual difference, constructed a colonial discourse about Africans in general and slaves in particular. Crucially, the feminist propensity to align with anti-slavery activism helped to secure the political self-liberation of white British women. A fascinating and detailed text, this volume will be of particular interest to undergraduate students researching colonial British female writers, early feminist discourse, and the anti-slavery debate.

Still Crazy After All These Years

Still Crazy After All These Years Author Rachel Bowlby
ISBN-10 9781134883851
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 200
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One of feminism's most dynamic critics brings together psychoanalysis, critical theory and cultural studies to look at how texts construct possibilities and limits for thinking what a woman is, and where women might be going.

Inside Family Viewing Routledge Revivals

Inside Family Viewing  Routledge Revivals Author James Lull
ISBN-10 9781317908128
Release 2014-04-23
Pages 190
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First published in 1990, this title presents a rich account of how television intersects with family life in American and other world cultures. From an analysis of the political and cultural significance of China’s most important television series to detailed descriptions of how families in the United States interpret and use television at home, James Lull’s ethnographic work marks an important stage in the study of the role of the mass media in contemporary culture. This title will be of interest not only to those in media and communications, but also to those in the broader fields of cultural anthropology and sociology.

Routledge Revivals Radio Broadcasting from 1920 to 1990 1991

Routledge Revivals  Radio Broadcasting from 1920 to 1990  1991 Author Diane Foxhill Carothers
ISBN-10 9781351983884
Release 2016-11-10
Pages 580
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First published in 1991, this book presents a comprehensive annotated bibliography of radio broadcasting. Its eleven chapter-categories cover almost the entire range of radio broadcasting — with the exception of radio engineering due to its technical complexity although some of the historical volumes do encompass aspects, thus providing background material. Entries are primarily restricted to published books although a number of trade journals and periodicals are also included. Each entry includes full bibliographic information, including the ISBN or ISSN where available, and an annotation written by the author with the original text in hand.

The Second Wave Routledge Revivals

The Second Wave  Routledge Revivals Author John Russell Taylor
ISBN-10 9781317917083
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 242
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In the 1970s the revolution that had swept the British theatre in the 1950s had already become accepted as the new establishment. Areas that had been previously regarded as remote ideals - including permanent repertory companies, a lively provincial theatre and an extensive spread of avant-garde and fringe theatrical activities - were now considered commonplace. In this title, first published in 1971, John Russell Taylor assesses the prospects of the British theatre at the start of the 1970s and indicates its points of weakness and its strengths. In this context are placed the key figures among the Second Wave of dramatists, and detailed critical commentaries on the work of writers such as David Mercer, Tom Stoppard and Peter Terson. This is an indispensable introduction for any student with an interest in the history and development of the British theatre and the people who have played instrumental roles in this.

Society and Literature 1945 1970 Routledge Revivals

Society and Literature 1945 1970  Routledge Revivals Author Alan Sinfield
ISBN-10 9781135021382
Release 2013-12-17
Pages 266
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First published in 1983, this book focuses on the twentieth-century writer as both a product, and an interpreter, of his or her society. It explores the social basis of our conceptions of literature and the ways in which writing is affected by the media, institutional and technical, through which it reaches readers. The text looks at experiences of the period in terms of domestic and world affairs, sexuality, and philosophical and religious attitudes. It discusses the social and economic structures which specifically affect the act of writing, and considers the dominant developments of the period in three genres: novels, poetry and writing for theatre.

And There was Television

  And There was Television Author Ernest Cashmore
ISBN-10 0415091314
Release 1994
Pages 222
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"Why all the fuss over television? It is blamed for an assortment of evils, including violence, shortened attention spans, the decline of literacy and political indoctrination. In this scintillating and approachable book, Ellis Cashmore weighs up the theories and the evidence. He argues that much of the panic is without foundation and that the single most important danger posed by tv is that it encourages us to spend too much. Cashmore agrees with many writers that television is an elemental force in today's culture, but he offers us a completely different account of how and why this has come about. It is an evaluation that will surprise, provoke and delight. In essence, Cashmore argues that television is the central apparatus of consumer society and its success is measured not in terms of whether we enjoy programs, but how much we spend as a result of watching them. It is a book that should be read by anyone who watches television and wants to know what it is doing to them."--BOOK JACKET.

The World Television Industry

The World Television Industry Author Peter Dunnett
ISBN-10 9780415615198
Release 2011-01-26
Pages 246
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First published in 1990, The World Television Industry uses economic analysis to examine recent changes in the television industry. It uses the theory of public good and a model of industrial organization to identify the major forces determining the nature of the television product in the late twentieth century. The forces of supply and demand for an unusual product - often requiring a 'double' sale, to a consumer and to an advertiser - are examined, as are alternative methods of financing. The all-pervading role of government is discussed at length.

Bestsellers Routledge Revivals

Bestsellers  Routledge Revivals Author John Sutherland
ISBN-10 9781136830631
Release 2010-10-04
Pages 282
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First published in 1981, this book offers a study of British and American popular fiction in the 1970s, a decade in which the quest for the superseller came to dominate the lives of publishers on both sides of the Atlantic. Illustrated by examples of the lurid incidents that catapult so many books into the bestseller charts, this comprehensive study covers the work of Robbins, Hailey and Maclean, the 'bodice rippers', the disaster craze, horror, war stories and media tie-ins such as The Godfather, Jaws and Star Wars.

Revival Stories by Contemporary Japanese Women Writers 1983

Revival  Stories by Contemporary Japanese Women Writers  1983 Author Noriko Mizuta Lippit
ISBN-10 9781351716482
Release 2017-09-29
Pages 221
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This title was first published in 1982. The authors deal with the experiences of modern women with penetrating sincerity and honesty, but their philosophic profundity in understanding modern life, their intellectual capacity to view their experience in a historical and social context, and their mastery of the art of fiction render the traditional category of 'female school literature' totally inadequate to characterize their works. Indeed, they stand at the core of modern Japanese literature as a whole.

The Rise and Fall of the Well Made Play Routledge Revivals

The Rise and Fall of the Well Made Play  Routledge Revivals Author John Russell Taylor
ISBN-10 9781317917205
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 174
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First published in 1967, this title considers the idea of the ‘well-made play’ in the context of how and why it has been devalued and how far, in allowing it to be devalued, we have lost sight of certain important elements of the theatre. The focus of the book is largely on the development of British theatre and those who have been instrumental to it. This is an indispensable introduction for any student with an interest in the history and development of the British theatre.

Point of View Routledge Revivals

Point of View  Routledge Revivals Author Susan L. Ehrlich
ISBN-10 9781317674849
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 132
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The purpose of Point of View, first published in 1990, is twofold: from the perspective of linguistics, to analyse the discourse structure of texts; from the perspective of literary studies, to explain certain non-linguistic aspects of the texts in terms of linguistic form. This study therefore aims to provide a balanced and sufficiently comprehensive account of the relationship between linguistic form and point of view. It will be of particular value to literature students with an interest in linguistics, and literary style.

Dictionary of Jargon Routledge Revivals

Dictionary of Jargon  Routledge Revivals Author Jonathon Green
ISBN-10 9781317908180
Release 2013-10-02
Pages 616
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First published in 1987, the Dictionary of Jargon expands on its predecessor Newspeak (Routledge Revivals, 2014) as an authoritative reference guide to specialist occupational slang, or jargon. Containing around 21, 000 entries, the dictionary encompasses a truly eclectic range of fields and includes extensive coverage of both British and U.S. jargon. Areas dealt with range from marketing to medicine, from advertising to artificial intelligence and from skiing to sociology. This is a fascinating resource for students of lexicography and professional lexicographers, as well as the general inquisitive reader.

Kipling and Orientalism Routledge Revivals

Kipling and  Orientalism   Routledge Revivals Author B. J. Moore-Gilbert
ISBN-10 9781317629375
Release 2014-07-11
Pages 240
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First published in 1986, this book sets Kipling firmly in the historical context not only of contemporary India but of prior Anglo-Indian writers about India. Despite his enthusiastic reception in England as ‘revealer of the East’, in India he seems to have been regarded as just one more Anglo-Indian writer. The author demonstrates the traditionalism of Kipling’s use of the themes of Anglo-Indian fiction – themes such as the ‘White Man’s grave’, domestic instability, frustration and loneliness. In particular, Kipling is shown to be writing in a strongly conservative idiom, concentrating on the role of the British hierarchy as the determining factor in a response to India, on British insecurity and fears of a repeat of the 1857 mutiny, and regarding Indian institutions only in so far as they represented a threat to British rule. Conservative critiques of liberalism are also discussed.

In the Active Voice

In the Active Voice Author Mary Douglas
ISBN-10 9780415667081
Release 2011
Pages 306
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First published in 1982, this collection of essays is a reproach to a form of the sociology of religion that treats people as the passive objects of impersonal social influences. In opposition to this, the author seeks to assert an active voice style of thinking about the relations between individuals and their cultural environment, whether in economics, history or literary criticism. This collection is assembled with the guiding principle that all the essays touch upon the borderland between economic values and personal judgements of quality. Several essays illustrate the theme from the place of economics in anthropology and the place of economic behaviour in sociological and cultural criticism. The essay on 'Cultural bias' suggests a systematic method of analysis for investigating social influences on judgement and choice.

Philip Roth

Philip Roth Author Hermione Lee
ISBN-10 0415567998
Release 2010
Pages 95
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On its original publication in 1982 this book was the first full-length study of Philip Roth as a major twentieth-century writer. As well as setting the novelist’s work in the context of Jewish-American writing (and Jewish-American families) and twentieth-century American politics, the book explores the characteristic paradoxes in Roth: self-disgust and self-consciousness, restraint and letting go, nausea and appetite, energy and frustration, stylishness and vulgarity, surrealism and the mundane. Roth is a highly literary and referential character and an assessment is made of the conflicting influnces on his work of Kafka, Chekov, Gogol, Henry James, Melville and Henry Youngman, a Jewish nightclub and Vaudeville comic. In addition a close examination of his anxious, revolting, garrulous heroes, their mothers, their marriages, their shrinks, and their shiksas is undertaken and a deep seriousness is discovered, co-existing with Roth’s comic brashness and bravura.