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You Must Write a Book

You Must Write a Book Author Honoree Corder
ISBN-10 0996186182
Release 2016-09-11
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THE SINGLE BEST TOOL EVERY ENTREPRENEUR NEEDS TO BUILD, BOOST, AND GROW THEIR BUSINESS. Beyond technology, software, social media networks, even advertising and marketing campaigns, the biggest and best tool you'll ever have in your belt is a book with your name on the cover. Authority and Credibility-Nothing establishes your authority faster or better, making it easier to attract investors, clients, and customers. Brand recognition-Nothing makes your name and your brand easier to recognize, giving you greater reach with no additional overhead. The ultimate business card-We're hard-wired to hold on to books, to keep and care for them, and to share them with others. When's the last time someone did that with your business card? You Must Write a Book introduces you to these concepts, and digs further-revealing not only the benefits of how a book can help you to build and grow your business and your brand, but how you can put your ideas on the page. You'll learn: Why a book matters to your business Pre-planning and strategic thinking, before putting even the first word on the page How to write your book by committing to only a few words per day How to hire ghostwriters or other professionals to get your ideas on the page, without writing a word The steps for launching your book like a champ Marketing plans-both for your book, and using your book to market yourself and your business You'll also learn from the masters-gain insight from some of the most advanced thinkers in publishing, so that you can skip level one and build from their success. Get in on the wisdom from thought leaders such as Hal Elrod, Bryan Cohen, Pat Petrini, J.A. Huss, Steve Scott, James Altucher, Kevin Tumlinson, and many more. Honoree Corder is the author of Tall Order!, Prosperity for Writers, and many more volumes, and Hal Elrod's business partner in The Miracle Morning series. She is a coach and consultant working with high profile entrepreneurs and businesses, guiding them into some of the best decisions they've ever made. In You Must Write a Book, she has culled together some of the finest examples of publishing and marketing wisdom available, from some of today's most successful and influential masters. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SINGLE TOOL TO ACHIEVE NEXT-LEVEL SUCCESS, PICK UP YOUR COPY OF 'YOU MUST WRITE A BOOK' RIGHT NOW!"

I Must Write My Book

I Must Write My Book Author Honoree Corder
ISBN-10 099807313X
Release 2017-02-28
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The single best tool every entrepreneur needs to build, boost, and grow their business.You Must Write a Book introduced you to these concepts and got you excited to write your own book. I Must Write My Book is the companion workbook you need to get your book written ? in record time!

You Don t Have to Write a Book

You Don t Have to Write a Book Author Hal Stone, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 156557060X
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 158
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In this brilliantly conceived and executed book, they erase forever the guilt and self criticism of non-doing that has plagued western civilization. If you have ever aspired to write a book, or if you are identified with doing rather than being, this book will change your life. Prepare for a great adventure!

You Should Really Write a Book

You Should Really Write a Book Author Regina Brooks
ISBN-10 9781250015662
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 304
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Even if you don't happen to be a celebrity, this book will teach you methods for striking publishing gold—conceptualizing, selling, and marketing a memoir—while dealing with the complicated emotions that arise during the creation of your work. If you've ever been told that "You should really write a book" and you've decided to give it a try, this book is for you. It hones in on the three key measures necessary for aspiring authors to conceptualize, sell, and market their memoirs. Written especially for those who don't happen to be celebrities You Should Really Write a Book reveals why and how so many relatively unknown memoirists are making a name for themselves. With references to more than four hundred books and six memoir categories, this is essential reading for anyone wanting to write a commercially viable memoir in today's vastly changing publishing industry. The days are long gone when editors and agents were willing to take on a manuscript simply because it was based on a "good" idea or even because it was well written. With eyes focused on the bottom line, they now look for skilled and creative authors with an established audience, too. Brooks and Richardson use the latest social networking, marketing, and promotional trends and explain how to conceptualize and strategize campaigns that cause buzz, dramatically fueling word-of-mouth and attracting attention in the publishing world and beyond. Full of current examples and in-depth analysis, this guide explains what sells and why, teaches writers to think like publishers, and offers guidance on dealing with complicated emotions—essential tools for maximizing memoir success.

How to Write a Book in a Week

How to Write a Book in a Week Author Marie Stern
ISBN-10 153995451X
Release 2016-11-13
Pages 94
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Is this the year you are finally going to share your message with the world? Don't let the idea of having to write a book hold you back. It's easier than you think, and you don't even have to actually write the book yourself... Never thought about writing a book? Maybe you should consider it! Publishing a book will give you expert status, help spread your message and increase sales of your other products and services. It may even kick-start or boost your public speaking career. Writing, publishing and promoting a book has never been easier. You can do it in a week. This guide will teach you: The best kept secrets to a quick start for writing, promotion and sales Smart writing process hacks Alternatives to writing the book yourself Self-publishing The keys to launching a successful book, superfast "I just published my book. What I haven't been able to achieve in the past three years I did in just 7 days!" Chris About the authors Esther Jacobs (The Netherlands, 1970) is an international (TEDx) speaker and author. Esther has given over 1000 keynotes and is (co)author of 21 books. Her workshops have helped over 400 entrepreneurs to write their book. The NO EXCUSES LADY helps leaders and entrepreneurs to transform their challenges into opportunities. Marie Stern (Germany, 1982) is an "Amazon Self-Publishing Ninja." She authored 7 bestselling Amazon books, even though she wasn't even good at writing in school. However, she spent many hours browsing and reading in bookstores, discovering the secret behind successful books. As a former data mining analyst, she knows how important research is and how to find structure in any process. Marie helped many non-writers have their book written and likes to share her best knowledge on how to self-publishing and sell books. Esther and Marie met at a conference, where they were giving a book writing workshop. They decided to write this book in just one day, using their own tested method. And now they're inviting you to try it, too!

Write A Thon

Write A Thon Author Rochelle Melander
ISBN-10 9781599633930
Release 2011-09-20
Pages 240
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Find the focus, energy, and drive you need to start—and finish—your book Everyone has dreamed of writing a book, but so many start writing only to stall out due to writer’s block, mental fatigue, and other challenges. Write-A-Thon helps you overcome those stumbling blocks and complete your book once and for all. And you don’t have to type away for years on end. Here’s a plan that’ll help you write your book—in twenty-six days! Write-A-Thon gives you the tools, advice, and inspiration you need to succeed before, during, and after your writing race. Solid instruction, positive psychology, and inspiration from marathon runners will give you the momentum to take each step from here to the finish line. Start out well prepared: Learn how to train your attitude, your writing, and your life—and plan your novel or nonfiction book. Maintain your pace: Get advice and inspiration to stay motivated and keep writing. Bask in your accomplishment: Find the best ways to recover and move forward once the marathon is over and you have a completed manuscript in hand. Writing a book in twenty-six days may seem impossible—especially if you don’t write full time—but in Write-A-Thon, Rochelle Melander will teach you the life skills, performance techniques, and writing tools you need to finish your manuscript in less than a month—guaranteed!

You Should Write a Book

You Should Write a Book Author Barry R. Parker
ISBN-10 0976407620
Release 2008-11
Pages 176
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A book for writers and people who would like to write and publish a book. It shows you how to write your book with style and clarity, how to set it up on a computer so that it looks like any other published book, how to set up a website to sell it, and how to use many other methods to sell it.

How to Write a Book That Sells You

How to Write a Book That Sells You Author Robin Colucci
ISBN-10 9781480802056
Release 2013
Pages 250
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More than eighty percent of Americans believe they should write and publish a book, but less than one percent actually does so. In How to Write a Book That Sells You, author Robin Colucci guides coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs in writing and publishing a book that can become a power tool in their businesses. The steps presented in this guide seek to help you avoid or handle most of the blocks, distractions, and misunderstandings that prevent people from becoming authors. It teaches you how to excavate your most radical, leading-edge ideas and write a book that excites your audience and expands your impact. "If you are serious about creating a book that doesn't limp across the finish line, you need Robin Colucci's How to Write a Book That Sells You. It is the perfect launching pad to craft and create a book that generates superb credibility, connects you with your target audience, and seeds your financial empire. This is a title that delivers what it says. Judith Briles, Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms "Robin Colucci's How to Write a Book That Sells You shows readers the steps to write a book that builds credibility, influence, and drives readers to buy. A must read for anyone who wants to profit beyond book sales." Jill Lublin, 3x best selling author. Visit "Whether you're just a beginner or a seasoned author, How to Write A Book that Sells You is required reading for success in today's electronically evolving market. Michael R. Drew, Promote A Book, 79 Consecutive Wall Street Journal, USA Today & New York Times best-sellers

The Nifty 15

The Nifty 15 Author Honoree Corder
ISBN-10 0998073113
Release 2016-10-30
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The Nifty 15 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Nifty 15 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Nifty 15 book for free.

How to Write a Book Proposal

How to Write a Book Proposal Author Michael Larsen
ISBN-10 9781440348174
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 336
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"The Insider's Step-by-Step Guide to Proposals that Get You Published."--Cover.

So You Want to Write a Book

So You Want to Write a Book Author Othniel J. Seiden
ISBN-10 1519496079
Release 2016-01-07
Pages 90
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This book will be especially helpful to anyone in an industry that is in a "Publish or Perish" situation. "If I can write a publishable book., anyone can!" Othniel Seiden (Otti) starts out each class he teaches with this statement. So, it is appropriate to begin his book with this very true statement as well! Otti has published over 20 fiction and non-fiction books in his career and will publish 6 more of both in 2008 alone. Using commercial & partner publishers and going down the self-publishing path as well, gives his unique and contemporary insights amazing value to anyone who wants to write a book or who faces a "publish or parish" situation in their career. Each book is different, each author is different, each path to publishing is different. Find the one that is right for you! Advice To Jumpstart Your Publishing Success Why should you read this book? You picked up this book because of the title. You must want to write a book. Maybe you already have a book started or even finished and are wondering what to do next. This book is for you and for anyone else who wants to write a book, articles, short stories, a family history. "They" Were Wrong! When I first started writing over twenty-five years ago, I took several writing courses from various authors, English teachers, poets, literary agents and people in the publishing industry. The one thing I remember is that they told me that getting published was extremely difficult. They also said that only one in a hundred thousand would succeed. Well, since then I've had well over twenty books published, and that was while I was practicing medicine full time and writing as an avocation. Either I'm really beating the odds - or "they" were wrong! Table of Contents #"They" Were Wrong # My Qualifications as a Writer # Who Should Read This Book # Book Ideas Are Everywhere # Researching Your Idea # Market Research The Idea

So You Want to Write

So You Want to Write Author Marge Piercy
ISBN-10 097289845X
Release 2005-08-01
Pages 324
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Describes the elements that are necessary to write novels, short stories, and memoirs.

The Art of Work

The Art of Work Author Jeff Goins
ISBN-10 9780718022082
Release 2015-03-24
Pages 240
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Jeff Goins, a brilliant new voice counting Seth Godin and Jon Acuff among his fans, explains how to abandon the status quo and live a life that matters with true passion and purpose. The path to your life’s work is difficult and risky, even scary, which is why few finish the journey. This is a book about discovering your life’s work, that treasure of immeasurable worth we all long for. It’s about the task you were born to do. As Jeff Goins explains, the search begins with passion but does not end there. Only when our interests connect with the needs of the world do we begin living for a larger purpose. Those who experience this intersection experience something exceptional and enviable. Though it is rare, such a life is attainable by anyone brave enough to try. Through personal experience, compelling case studies, and current research on the mysteries of motivation and talent, Jeff shows readers how to find their vocation and what to expect along the way.

Prosperity for Writers

Prosperity for Writers Author Honoree Corder
ISBN-10 0996186115
Release 2015-08-03
Pages 158
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Praise for PROSPERITY FOR WRITERS! "Prosperity for Writers is amazing, the only book of its kind that takes the principles of prosperity and abundance and applies them specifically to writing and writers. This is a must read for all who seek to live more creatively and abundantly." "Honoree provides a practical and powerful process for breaking through the blocks getting in our way." You work hard on your writing. Get the earnings and the life you deserve! Writers don't get paid much. At least, that's what you've convinced yourself. You believe that you've taken up the mantle of the starving artist, and that means you have to struggle for every cent you earn. But what if a simple change in beliefs and tactics could lead you to abundance and success? Your time would be better spent and your bank account would finally be full from your creative efforts. Author Honoree Corder is here to help you transform your life. Most books on writing touch on craft or marketing. Prosperity for Writers goes in a different direction entirely, providing you with the techniques, tools, and ideas you need to revolutionize your writing business and beliefs. Based on her innovative course, Honoree and a laundry list of forward-thinking writers will change your mindset for good into one of abundance. Once you've transformed your inner world, you'll be able to boost your bank account with proven action steps that will help you live off your writing. With Honoree's invaluable 100-day plan and daily practices by your side, you'll go from struggling to prosperous faster than you ever thought possible. By sharing her money-changing beliefs, affirmations, and proven success stories, Honoree has elevated writers from every area of the profession to financial success. Don't suffer any longer. Read this book to finally become the person you knew you could be: a financially-successful career writer. Buy the transformative guide to claim your prosperity today!"

Breaking Out

Breaking Out Author John Butman
ISBN-10 9781422172803
Release 2013-05-21
Pages 272
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By highlighting the paths of French lifestyle guru Mireille Guilliano, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, and others, provides a method and a set of best practices for making ideas rise above the rest and impact the world.

Vision to Reality

Vision to Reality Author Honorée Corder
ISBN-10 0984796789
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 122
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Honoree Corder, creator of the phenomenal groundbreaking STMA (Short Term Massive Action) Coaching Program, shares the principles and tools she's studied, coached, and lived for more than 20 years in this practical and inspiring guide that will help any aspiring person get from where they are to where they want to be. Vision to Reality will teach how to increase efficiency and effectiveness, overcome challenges, increase productivity, live with passion and purpose, and turn wildest visions into true reality. Not merely a collection of good ideas, this book spells out the steps used by successful men and women to transform their daily actions into the life of their dreams. With daily practical application, Honoree's formula for success will transform and life beyond wildest dreams "

Perennial Seller

Perennial Seller Author Ryan Holiday
ISBN-10 9780143109013
Release 2017
Pages 248
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Explores how some works and artists achieve longevity when most disappear after initial success.