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Your Gameplan

Your Gameplan Author Sarah Harnisch
ISBN-10 1542659272
Release 2017-01-23
Pages 34
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Based on the best selling business book, Gameplan, this little book is the ultimate recruiting tool to introduce people to the Young Living opportunity. Full of convincing facts and inspiring success stories, this book will help you maximize every opportunity to share Young Living.

Changing the Game Plan

Changing the Game Plan Author Trey Rood
ISBN-10 9781939371508
Release 2014-08-27
Pages 192
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Trey Rood was a young, healthy high school athlete when he received the diagnosis of stage III melanoma, which progressed to stage IV in two short years. With a five-year survival rate of five percent, Trey and his mother Cherie refused to accept the poor odds given by doctors or that the aggressive cancer would prevent Trey from ever attending college. Instead, they chose to fight with everything they had. And fight they did. Their tireless search for treatment led them from home in Georgia, to Germany, and ultimately to Texas, where Trey was a pioneer participant at MD Anderson Cancer Center's adoptive T-cell therapy trial. With Trey's cancer now in remission, Trey, Cherie, and their family share their story here---a story of hope, encouragement, strength, and ultimately triumph. Their story of how, together, they beat cancer.

Losing my virginity

Losing my virginity Author Richard Branson
ISBN-10 9607895061
Release 1999
Pages 547
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Losing my virginity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Losing my virginity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Losing my virginity book for free.

Hook and Shoot

Hook and Shoot Author Jeremy Brown
ISBN-10 9781605426044
Release 2012-10-05
Pages 355
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The scrappy martial arts fighter Aaron "Woodshed" Wallace prepares for his first big break stemming from the legitimate MMA promotion Warrior, Inc., in this second installment of the Woodshed Wallace series. Having fought to survive his entire life, Woodshed thinks such an opportunity will forever change his life for the better, but before he can put his shady past behind him, a band of Japanese mobsters threaten Warrior, Inc., and its president, Banzai Eddie Takanori. Seeking to collect on the debt Eddie owes, the gang wants to take payment in blood. Calling on all of his mixed martial arts skills in and out of the cage, Woodshed attempts to help Eddie and his ex-SAS bodyguard, Mr. Burch, stay alive and keep the company intact.

The Woodshed Wallace Bundle

The Woodshed Wallace Bundle Author Jeremy Brown
ISBN-10 9781942546573
Release 2015-09-07
Pages 911
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The Woodshed Wallace Bundle is cpmprised off the Woodshed Wallace Series. Featuring Suckerpunch, Hook & Shoot, and Anaconda Choke. Suckerpunch: Stuck on no-name cards for tiny organizations, Woody is trying to put his shady past behind him with help from his trainer and mentor, Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Gil Hobbes. When Banzai Eddie Takanori--president of MMA’s largest organization, Warrior Inc.--offers Woody a short-notice fight against a highly favored poster boy, Woody sees his shot at salvation. By the time Woody figures out he’s just a pawn in a high-stakes game between psychopaths, he’s in way too deep. Hook & Shoot: Aaron "Woodshed” Wallace has fought his entire life to survive. He thinks the big break from MMA promotion Warrior Inc. will change all that, and he’s right. But first he has to make sure Warrior’s president, Banzai Eddie Takanori, doesn’t get snuffed out by the Yakuza. If the Japanese mobsters can’t collect on the debt Eddie owes, they’ll take payment in blood--no matter whose. Woody has no choice but to use his mixed martial arts skills in and out of the cage to help Eddie and his ex-SAS bodyguard stay alive and to keep Warrior intact. Serves Woody right for trusting Eddie and thinking he was off the hook for his past. He should know by now what happens with hooks: when you drop back onto them, they go twice as deep. Anaconda Choke: Woodshed Wallace is equally at home in the grittiest alleys and brightest MMA cages of Las Vegas, but none of that prepares him for the war that awaits him in Rio de Janeiro. Woody is in Brazil to reunite with his past flame Marcela and the Arcoverde clan and to fight in Banzai Eddie Takanori’s first international Warrior Inc. event. Marcela and the Arcoverdes do their best to let Woody focus on the fight, but his instincts are too sharp. The family is in trouble. Carrasco, crime lord of the notorious, sprawling Rio slum Axila da Serpente, has taken a liking to Marcela. Carrasco believes he is the embodiment of an Exu, a spirit driven by lust, vice, and crime, and the spirit has demanded ownership of Marcela. Under the burning MMA spotlights and within the brutal labyrinths of Rio’s slums, Woody must realize what he cherishes most--and what he must fight for--before it is gone forever.

Fast Metabolism Food Rx

Fast Metabolism Food Rx Author Haylie Pomroy
ISBN-10 9780804141086
Release 2016-02-23
Pages 288
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Want to feel great, disease-proof your body, and live at your ideal weight? Then, eat your medicine. Haylie Pomroy, celebrated nutritionist, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fast Metabolism Diet, shares a food prescription for the 7 most common ways your metabolism misfires and leads to exhaustion, excess weight, and illness. With her targeted eating plans you can feed your body back to a vibrant, energetic, and thriving state. When multiple health challenges threatened the author’s life, it set her on an investigative journey that was life-changing—and lifesaving. In this book, she shares her personal story for the first time, as well as the powerful food programs she created based on the methods and philosophies that saved her life and helped her thrive. For decades now, these same food therapies have provided profound clinical results in her clinics where she’s treated thousands of others. Our bodies are always talking, communicating their needs. We just need to learn how to listen. Sometimes they whisper to us—our energy is off, we just don't feel right, we have indigestion or IBS, or our body shape is morphing in ways we don’t recognize or like. Sometimes our bodies speak up and change our biochemistry in order to get our attention, by pushing our cholesterol a little higher, making us irritable, reactive, or ‘foggy.’ At other times our bodies are screaming for help, we have become pre- or full-blown diabetic and our immune systems are confused and attacking us. Every one of these health signals hides a specific problem, and for which food, not drugs, is the answer. So, if you’re suffering from GI issues, fatigue, out of whack hormones, mood and cognition difficulties, elevated cholesterol, blood sugar control problems, or an autoimmune problem, Food Rx has the solution for you.

3 Strokes In 3 Weeks Saved My Life

3 Strokes In 3 Weeks Saved My Life Author Leo Costa Jr.
ISBN-10 9781634176682
Release 2016-04-29
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At the age of 56, competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer Leo Costa, Jr. suffered three strokes over the course of three weeks. His amazing recovery defied doctors’ expectations, but the real surprise was what Leo learned about himself during this journey. He shares these insights in Three Strokes in Three Weeks Saved My Life, a compelling and transformative story about Leo’s rediscovery of himself. He uses the wake-up call of having three strokes in three weeks to ask himself, “What was I doing wrong, and why was I doing it?” Looking back over his life, Leo recalls how his scrappy childhood on a family dairy farm allowed him to excel in a variety of competitive sports, which led to a successful career as a bodybuilder, fitness professional, entrepreneur, and spokesperson. Along the way, he learns how to question his choices to better understand his own behavior. Throughout the process, he shares the tools he himself used to bounce back from failure and adversity. Three Strokes in Three Weeks will help you learn how to rebound from failure, bolster your ability to believe in yourself, and teach you how to harness your thoughts to change your behavior for the better.

Winning Plays

Winning Plays Author Matt Mayberry
ISBN-10 9781455568260
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 288
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No one goes undefeated when playing the game of life. Matt Mayberry is no exception. He's faced setbacks beyond his control and lots more he created himself. But even after conquering addiction, realizing his lifelong dream to play in the NFL, and then having it taken away from him in an instant, he came from behind yet again to achieve more success than ever before. Sometimes we are knocked down-and even out-by circumstances within or beyond our control. That's life. But these moments can be opportunities to tap into inner strength and start over. By sharing how he treated failure as a way to start over, Matt is now a nationally sought-after speaker and success coach to audiences of more than 100,000 people per year for Fortune 500 companies, NFL and NBA teams, government and nonprofit groups, professional associations, and universities. In WINNING PLAYS, he presents his strategies to survive and thrive in the real world, no matter what gets thrown your way. Just as no football team can be successful without a solid game plan, you can't be successful without one either. This book is full of Matt's inspirational, motivational, and prescriptive advice, such as: be authentic, create opportunities, power through adversity, reaffirm your goals, rebuild, and many other strategies for developing your own personal game plan to succeed in business and in life.

The Asshole Survival Guide

The Asshole Survival Guide Author Robert I Sutton
ISBN-10 9780241980187
Release 2017-09-07
Pages 168
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From the international bestselling expert on dealing with assholes 'With cutting-edge research and real-life examples that are thought-provoking and often hilarious, thisis an indispensable resource' Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project 'At last someone has provided clear steps for rejecting, deflecting, and deflating the jerks who blight our lives. Better still, that someone is the great Bob Sutton, which ensures that the information is useful, evidence-based, and fun to read' Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Pre-Suasion 'If only Bob Sutton's book had been available to help me deal with the full complement of 1st-class assholes I've encountered in my 50-year professional life. No names shall be mentioned' Tom Peters, co-author of In Search of Excellence Being around assholes, whether at work or elsewhere, can damage performance and affect wellbeing: having one asshole in a team has been shown to reduce performance by 30 to 40%. And social media has only given rise to further incivility -- 40% of people have experienced harassment online. In The Asshole Survival Guide, Stanford professor Robert Sutton offers practical advice on identifying and tackling any kind of asshole -- based on research into groups from uncivil civil servants to French bus drivers, and 8,000 emails that he has received on asshole behaviour. With expertise and humour, he provides a cogent and methodical game-plan. First, he sets out the asshole audit, to find out what kind of asshole needs dealing with, and asshole detection strategies. Then he reveals field-tested, sometimes surprising techniques, from asshole avoidance and asshole taxes to mind-tricks and the art of love bombing. Finally, he explains the dangers of asshole blindness -- when the problem might be yours truly. Readers will learn how to handle assholes - in the workplace and beyond - once and for all!

Christianity Today

Christianity Today Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X000463889
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Christianity Today has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Christianity Today also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Christianity Today book for free.

                                   Author Στιβεν Πρεσσφιλντ
ISBN-10 9601600612
Release 2002
Pages 35
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has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full book for free.

Game Plan Selling

Game Plan Selling Author Marc Wayshak
ISBN-10 0985411317
Release 2014-01
Pages 186
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In today's technology-saturated world, information is cheap. The Internet has changed everything for prospects--not to mention for the salespeople who hope to win their business. Prospects no longer need that big sales pitch touting all the features and benefits of a product. What's more, they have come to resent old-school selling techniques. As Marc explains in Game Plan Selling, winning the business of well-informed prospects is very similar to winning in sports. Consistent success--both in sales and on the field--requires a distinct strategy, a repeatable process and a clear plan to execute with commitment and passion. In this highly practical book, you will learn how to: *Separate yourself from the competition; *Use a simple system to close sales more quickly and with greater frequency; and *Create a personal selling plan to virtually guarantee success.

The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause

The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause Author Nisha Jackson
ISBN-10 9780974206707
Release 2004-05-01
Pages 192
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Explaining why women between the ages of 35 and 50 often experience significant changes in mood, weight, sex drive, and general well-being due to hormonal imbalances, this guide shows women how to regain control of their hormones—and their lives—and feel good again through natural means. Women who have had long-standing physical and emotional complaints written off by doctors as normal or genetic are provided with step-by-step solutions to such hormone-related problems as weight gain, fibroids, sex-drive doldrums, adult acne, depression, anxiety, irritability, chronic fatigue, and facial hair. Perimenopausal women will be able to regain control of their health by putting together a game plan for renewal—including hormone balancing and weight management plans that will help them feel better—with dramatic, life-changing results.

Bike for Life

Bike for Life Author Roy M. Wallack
ISBN-10 9780738217567
Release 2015-03-10
Pages 384
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Do You Want to Ride to 100—and Beyond? BIKE FOR LIFE! Now with training plans, worldwide adventures, and more than 200 photos Ride a century when you turn a century: that was the promise Bike for Life offered when it was first published. A decade later, this blueprint for using cycling to achieve exceptional longevity, fitness, and overall well-being has helped tens of thousands of cyclists to ride longer and stronger. Now, nationally-known fitness journalist and lifelong endurance road and mountain biker Roy M. Wallack builds upon his comprehensive Bike for Life plan with even more practical tips and strategies to keep you riding to 100—and beyond. Fully updated, revised, and illustrated, Bike for Life features: - Cutting-edge workout strategies for achieving best-ever fitness at any age - Science-based 8- and 16-week Century training schedules - A radical new workout method that'll make you fly up the hills - An anti-aging plan to revive muscularity, strength, and reaction time - An exclusive 10-step Yoga for Cyclists routine - Strategies to fix "cyclist's knee" and "biker's back" - Advice on avoiding cycling-related impotence and osteoporosis - Ways to survive mountain lions, bike-jackers, poison ivy, and headwinds - Handling skills and bike-fit advice from famous coaches - Tips on staying motivated with worldwide adventures and challenges - The Bike for Life hall of fame: stories of amazing riders in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and up With oral-history interviews and profiles of the biggest names of the sport, including: John Howard, Gary Fisher, Rebecca Rusch, Ned Overend, Tinker Juarez, Juli Furtado, Marla Streb, Missy Giove, Johnny G, Eddie B, Mike Sinyard, and Rich "The Reverend" White.

Playing for Real

Playing for Real Author O. Fred Donaldson Ph D
ISBN-10 0692885862
Release 2017-08-12
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This book challenges the most basic of human certainties that fear and aggression are normal, natural, and necessary. We all "know" that the world is a series of contests governed by the fixed and natural laws of survival. Our fear based approach to life"dead wrong." In Playing For Real I argue that we have a choice that makes real peace possible. This is a provocative and revolutionary thesis. Playing For Real is a pioneering book, doing what humans have assumed cannot be done--it demonstrates not only that we can choose love over fear, this much alone would be a profound advancement for human beings, but it is not enough. What makes Playing For Real a truly original book is that it goes beyond being a conceptual leap to presenting an innovative, universal, and tangible practice to achieve peace. By making the choice for peace readily accessible Playing For Real changes everything. This book is a subversive invitation to re-play our lives. I present an ambitious game plan and in doing so radically transform how we play the game of life. Playing For Real proposes a profound and until now unheeded cry for a paradigm shift from a contest world of "won" to a playful world of "one." In pressing the replay button we activate the transformative energies necessary to reconnect with our original sense of belonging to all life and in so doing make conflict obsolete. The book demonstrates that: (1)our contest model of life is a dead-end; (2)an innovative and universal code of peace is encrypted in the original play of life; (3)a paradigm shift based not on surviving but on thriving is required to access this code;(4)this code of peace is child's play. There it is, clear and simple. Peace is child's play. I know it seems absurd. But hold off on your judgments. Playing For Real is a "How-To-Be-So- Play-Will-Happen-With-You" book. Children and animals have invited me to play by heart. Their energy, trust, love, and touch have performed a kind of graceful triage, remaking my brain/mind, heart, body, and spirit. They have made me more real. Their lessons must be experienced to be realized. Children's gifts do not try to coax peace out of war, rather they mentor the skills of giving and receiving love anew each day without hiding in the refuge of fear. This book is about the choice to disengage and replace the contests of our lives and make our human existence the sacrament it is meant to be Make no mistake to play in our world of endless and fearful contests requires courage, the astonishing and hopeful thing is that no matter how harsh and violent are children's lives childhood's dream remains a taproot whose growth is as indestructible as the heart of the child within whom it is hidden.

Business India

Business India Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X004052740
Release 1998
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Business India has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Business India also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Business India book for free.

Annual Editions Marketing 10 11

Annual Editions  Marketing 10 11 Author John Richardson
ISBN-10 0073528595
Release 2010-01-22
Pages 176
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Annual Editions is a series of over 65 volumes, each designed to provide convenient, inexpensive access to a wide range of current articles from some of the most respected magazines, newspapers, and journals published today. Annual Editions are updated on a regular basis through a continuous monitoring of over 300 periodical sources. The articles selected are authored by prominent scholars, researchers, and commentators writing for a general audience. The Annual Editions volumes have a number of common organizational features designed to make them particularly useful in the classroom: a general introduction; an annotated table of contents; a topic guide; an annotated listing of selected World Wide Web sites; and a brief overview for each section. Each volume also offers an online Instructor's Resource Guide with testing materials. Using Annual Editions in the Classroom is offered as a practical guide for instructors and is available in print or online. Visit for more details.