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Zambia Author Andrew Sardanis
ISBN-10 9781780768212
Release 2014-08-30
Pages 336
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On 24 October 1964, the Republic of Zambia was formed, replacing the territory which had formerly been known as Northern Rhodesia. Fifty years on, Andrew Sardanis provides a sympathetic but critical insider’s account of Zambia, from independence to the present. He paints a stark picture of Northern Rhodesia at decolonisation and the problems of the incoming government, presented with an immense uphill task of rebuilding the infrastructure of government and administration - civil service, law, local government and economic development. As a friend and colleague of many of the most prominent names in post-independence Zambia - from the presidencies of founding leader Kenneth Kaunda to the incumbent Michael Sata - Sardanis uses his unique eyewitness experience to provide an inside view of a country in transition.


Patchwork Author Ellen Banda-Aaku
ISBN-10 9780143528661
Release 2012-09-28
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Everyone calls me Pumpkin. Firstly, because I was a fat, chubby-cheeked baby. And, secondly, because when Ma was pregnant with me, no matter how much pumpkin she ate, she just couldn't get enough ...'. Lusaka. 1978. Pumpkin is nine years old. Her fashionable mother is the queen of Tudu Court, but underneath the veneer of respectability that her father's money provides lies a secret that threatens their whole world - the tall, elegant Totela Ponga is a drunk. And when Pumpkin's father - the wealthy businessman JS - discovers her mother's alcoholism it sets in motion a chain of events that come to define the rest of her life. Weaving together the stories of three generations of women, this novel is a patchwork of love, jealousy and human frailty set against a backdrop of war and political ambition. It is a remarkable journey that takes us deep into the heart of a family both fractured and bound together by their love for one man.

A History of Zambia

A History of Zambia Author Andrew Roberts
ISBN-10 0841904901
Release 1976-12-01
Pages 288
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A definitive history of Zambian social and economic development begins in the Stone Age and extends through the first ten years of independence

Zambia in Pictures

Zambia in Pictures Author Bella Waters
ISBN-10 9781575059556
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 80
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Describes the geography, climate, wildlife, natural resources, history, politics, culture, economy, and government of Zambia.

Zambia Stole My Heart

Zambia Stole My Heart Author Merfyn Morley Temple
ISBN-10 095303691X
Release 2010-01
Pages 224
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Fired with the vision of missionary work in Africa, Merfyn Temple trained as a Methodist minister and sailed for Northern Rhodesia in 1943. Yet he soon came to reject the classic colonial-missionary mould. He joined the campaign for Zambian independence and became a close friend of President Kenneth Kaunda, working for the new Zambia in its struggles and mistakes. In his seven years of grass-roots life in the village of Chipapa, Merfyn combined the roles of rural development manager, outspoken advocate for justice, and local community worker, encouraging self-reliance and organic agriculture. He tells of his persistent belief in the people, and in their capacities to build their lives and livelihoods: attitudes that are gaining a wider currency, forty years after his pioneering work. "He is a major prophet of the modern Church, and to crown his other gifts he has absorbed the African skill for enthralling story-telling." Author and broadcaster Dr Colin Morris

Bemba A Learner s Guide to Zambia s Largest Language

Bemba  A Learner s Guide to Zambia s Largest Language Author Andrew Gray
ISBN-10 9781326253813
Release 2015-05-05
Pages 87
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A practical guide to modern Bemba, Zambia's most widely spoken language. Includes everyday phrases, an introduction to the sounds and grammar of the language, and English-Bemba and Bemba-English A-Z vocabulary.

Africa in the Time of Cholera

Africa in the Time of Cholera Author Myron Echenberg
ISBN-10 9781139498968
Release 2011-02-28
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This book combines evidence from natural and social sciences to examine the impact on Africa of seven cholera pandemics since 1817, particularly the current impact of cholera on such major countries as Senegal, Angola, Mozambique, Congo, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Myron Echenberg highlights the irony that this once-terrible scourge, having receded from most of the globe, now kills thousands of Africans annually - Africa now accounts for more than 90 percent of the world's cases and deaths - and leaves many more with severe developmental impairment. Responsibility for the suffering caused is shared by Western lending and health institutions and by often venal and incompetent African leadership. If the threat of this old scourge is addressed with more urgency, great progress in the public health of Africans can be achieved.

The Garden of Burning Sand

The Garden of Burning Sand Author Corban Addison
ISBN-10 9781623651305
Release 2014-05-06
Pages 400
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The New York Times bestselling author John Hart raved that "If you like stories of good people struggling to do right in the world's forgotten places, there is no one better suited than Corban Addison to take you on the ride of your life." In The Garden of Burning Sand, Addison, the bestselling author of A Walk Across the Sun, creates a powerful and poignant novel that takes the reader from the red light areas of Lusaka, Zambia, to the gilded chambers of the Washington, D.C. elite, to the splendor of Victoria Falls and Cape Town. Zoe Fleming, an accomplished young human rights attorney, has made a life for herself in Zambia, far from her estranged father--an American business mogul with presidential aspirations--and from the devastating betrayals of her past. When a young girl with Down syndrome is sexually assaulted in a Lusaka slum, Zoe joins Zambian police officer Joseph Kabuta in investigating the rape. Piecing together clues from the victim's past, they discover an unsettling connection between the girl--Kuyeya--and a powerful Zambian family who will stop at nothing to bury the truth. As they are drawn deeper into the complex web of characters behind this appalling crime, Zoe and Joseph forge a bond of trust and friendship that slowly transforms into love. Opposed on all sides, they find themselves caught in a dangerous clash between the forces of justice and power. To successfully prosecute Kuyeya's attacker and build a future with Joseph, Zoe must risk her life and her heart--and confront the dark past she thought she had left behind.

Dead Aid

Dead Aid Author Dambisa Moyo
ISBN-10 0374139563
Release 2009-03-17
Pages 188
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Describes the state of postwar development policy in Africa that has channeled billions of dollars in aid but failed to either reduce poverty or increase growth, offering a hopeful vision of how to address the problem.

History of the Left in South Africa

History of the Left in South Africa Author Baruch Hirson
ISBN-10 1850434549
Release 2005-09-17
Pages 268
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Baruch Hirson--historian and political scientist--was a towering figure of the intellectual Left in South Africa for much of the twentieth century. Yael Hirson has collected and edited his writings to produce a comprehensive picture which includes the role of trade unions, the Communist Party, Trotyskist groups, aspects of workers's resistence to oppression by the state and big business--so often closely linked--and the vital questions of race, color and class in the struggle against the apartheid state. This book provides a unique insight into the formative influences which helped to guide the South African resistance movement and will prove an essential reference point to those interested in the early political career of Nelson Mandela.

The History of Africa

The History of Africa Author Molefi Kete Asante
ISBN-10 9781135013493
Release 2014-10-10
Pages 418
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There is a paradox about Africa: it remains a subject that attracts considerable attention yet rarely is there a full appreciation of its complexity. African historiography has typically consisted of writing Africa for Europe—instead of writing Africa for itself, as itself, from its own perspectives. The History of Africa redresses this by letting the perspectives of Africans themselves take center stage. Authoritative and comprehensive, this book provides a wide-ranging history of Africa from earliest prehistory to the present day—using the cultural, social, political, and economic lenses of Africa as instruments to illuminate the ordinary lives of Africans. The result is a fresh survey that includes a wealth of indigenous ideas, African concepts, and traditional outlooks that have escaped the writing of African history in the West. The new edition includes information on the Arab Spring, the rise of FrancAfrica, the presence of the Chinese in Africa, and the birth of South Sudan. The chapters go up to the present day, addressing US President Barack Obama's policies toward Africa. A new companion website provides students and scholars of Africa with access to a wealth of supporting resources for each chapter, including images, video and audio clips, and links to sites for further research. This straightforward, illustrated, and factual text allows the reader to access the major developments, personalities, and events on the African continent. This groundbreaking survey is an indispensable guide to African history.

A Venture in Africa

A Venture in Africa Author Andrew Sardanis
ISBN-10 9780857717726
Release 2007-01-26
Pages 288
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A vivid personal history of an international business career. _x000D_ _x000D_ 'A Venture in Africa' takes the reader through the twists and turns of doing business with African states and leaders in the turbulent 1970s and later. Drawing on his long experience of modern Africa and international business, Sardanis portrays the crises, disasters and personalities he has encountered in the contintent. He shows how the old Africa of corruption, despotism and nepotism is being replaced by a new Africa in which a rising generation of business leaders is emerging - with practical technical and professional skills and free from the post-colonial mentality. _x000D_ _x000D_ A hugely intriguing and entertaining story which shows that Africa, despite the bad press, presents an immensely important and a rich source of commercial opportunities for the successful businessman.

Resource Nationalism in International Investment Law

Resource Nationalism in International Investment Law Author Sangwani Patrick Ng’ambi
ISBN-10 9781317360131
Release 2015-11-06
Pages 202
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Foreign direct investment in the natural resource industries is fostered through the signing of concession agreements between the host State and the investor. However, such concessions are susceptible to alteration by the host State, meaning that many investors now require the insertion of stabilization clauses. These are provisions that require the host State to agree that they will not take any administrative or legislative action that would adversely affect the rights of the investor. Arguing that it is necessary to have some form of flexibility in concession agreements while still offering protection of the legitimate expectations of the investor, Resource Nationalism in International Investment Law proposes the insertion of renegotiation clauses in order to foster flexible relationships between the investor and the host State. Such clauses bind the parties to renegotiate the terms of the contract, in good faith, when prevailing circumstances change. However these clauses can also prove problematic for both State and investor due to their rigidity. Using Zambia as a case study, it highlights the limitations of the efficient breach theory to emphasise the need for contractual flexibility.

Scribbling the Cat

Scribbling the Cat Author Alexandra Fuller
ISBN-10 1101118806
Release 2005-04-26
Pages 272
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When Alexandra ("Bo") Fuller was home in Zambia a few years ago, visiting her parents for Christmas, she asked her father about a nearby banana farmer who was known for being a "tough bugger." Her father's response was a warning to steer clear of him; he told Bo: "Curiosity scribbled the cat." Nonetheless, Fuller began her strange friendship with the man she calls K, a white African and veteran of the Rhodesian war. With the same fiercely beautiful prose that won her acclaim for Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight, Fuller here recounts her friendship with K. K is, seemingly, a man of contradictions: tattooed, battle scarred, and weathered by farm work, he is a lion of a man, feral and bulletproof. Yet he is also a born-again Christian, given to weeping when he recollects his failed romantic life, and more than anything else welling up inside with memories of battle. For his war, like all wars, was a brutal one, marked by racial strife, jungle battles, unimaginable tortures, and the murdering of innocent civilians—and K, like all the veterans of the war, has blood on his hands. Driven by K's memories, Fuller and K decide to enter the heart of darkness in the most literal way—by traveling from Zambia through Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and Mozambique to visit the scenes of the war and to meet other veterans. It is a strange journey into the past, one marked at once by somber reflections and odd humor and featuring characters such as Mapenga, a fellow veteran who lives with his pet lion on a little island in the middle of a lake and is known to cope with his personal demons by refusing to speak for days on end. What results from Fuller's journey is a remarkably unbiased and unsentimental glimpse of men who have killed, mutilated, tortured, and scrambled to survive during wartime and who now must attempt to live with their past and live past their sins. In these men, too, we get a glimpse of life in Africa, a land that besets its creatures with pests, plagues, and natural disasters, making the people there at once more hardened and more vulnerable than elsewhere. Scribbling the Cat is an engrossing and haunting look at war, Africa, and the lines of sanity.

Secrets of the Savanna

Secrets of the Savanna Author Mark James Owens
ISBN-10 0547527152
Release 2007-07-17
Pages 256
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In this riveting real-life adventure, Mark and Delia Owens tell the dramatic story of their last years in Africa, fighting to save elephants, villagers, and -- in the end -- themselves. The award-winning zoologists and pioneering conservationists describe their work in the remote and ruggedly beautiful Luangwa Valley, in northeastern Zambia. There they studied the mysteries of the elephant population’s recovery after poaching, discovering remarkable similarities between humans and elephants. A young elephant named Gift provided the clue to help them crack the animals’ secret of survival. A stirring portrait of life in Africa, Secrets of the Savanna is a remarkable record of the Owenses' unique passions.

Africa s Freedom Railway

Africa s Freedom Railway Author Jamie Monson
ISBN-10 9780253002815
Release 2009-03-12
Pages 216
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The TAZARA (Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority), or Freedom Railway, from Dar es Salaam on the Tanzanian coast to the Copperbelt region of Zambia, was instrumental in fostering one of the most sweeping development transitions in postcolonial Africa. Built during the height of the Cold War, the railway was intended to redirect the mineral wealth of the interior away from routes through South Africa and Rhodesia. Rebuffed by Western aid agencies, newly independent Tanzania and Zambia accepted help from China to construct what would become one of Africa's most vital transportation corridors. The book follows the railroad from design and construction to its daily use as a vital means for moving villagers and goods. It tells a story of how transnational interests contributed to environmental change, population movements, and the rise of local and regional enterprise.


Bulu Author Dick Houston
ISBN-10 9780375847240
Release 2011-05
Pages 323
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Describes how Bulu, a Jack Russell terrier who was born on a crocodile farm in Zambia, became a foster parent for orphaned baby animals after being adopted by Anna and Steve Tolan, former police officers who left England to live in the African bush.